Floral Gift Giving On Sweetest Day

Sweetest Day is only days away, which means that people across the country are finalizing their decisions about the best gifts for the special people in life. Flowers and chocolates are both traditional gifts for this holiday celebrating love, but sometimes people can struggle to determine which flower arrangement would work best. Here are a few ideas that shoppers can use to find the perfect choice for their special someone.

Stargazer lilies and red roses

Red roses are perhaps one of the most commonly known flowers to represent love and affection. The rich color these flowers offer are enough to please anyone. Stargazer lilies are similar associated with showing adoration and passion for that certain person in life. These flowers tend to offer a white background with a gorgeous pink and reddish hue in the middle. They offer a unique beauty that is loved by people everywhere. These flowers can each be given in separate bouquet, or they can even be combined into the ultimate romantic arrangement. The two flowers tend to match each other particularly well, especially when paired with a white accent.


Orchids have become increasingly popular flower, and for good reason. These plants are relatively easy to care for and offer a unique beauty that looks fantastic just about anywhere. Orchids also have incredible diversity, with countless different types available. Orchids also have a strong association with love, making them a great gift for Sweetest Day. White and lavender options for this holiday of love both should work well.

Think fall

Sweetest Day falls in the middle of October, which is when the popular colors of fall commonly can be seen. Many people adore the yellows, oranges, reds, and similar colors that are found this time of year, so maximize their appeal by getting an arrangement that puts them to good use. Orange roses, sunflowers, and similar flowers tend to be well received. An arrangement that comes in a classy and stylish vase that can be reused will help take the gift to the next level. The recipient can use the container for more flowers, stones, and other decorations after the flowers pass.

Sweetest Day is quickly approaching and that means it is time to find the right flower for that special someone. Flowers tell people how much they are loved and appreciated, but finding the right ones can sometimes be a challenge. Use the above suggestions to get started thinking about the relationships and their personal preferences and surely the right arrangement will be found.

How To Give Flowers for National Boss’s Day

When National Boss’s Day arrives each fall, employees across country begin the search for the perfect gift to show their superior how much their hard work is appreciated. There are few gifts that tend to be as universally enjoyed as flowers. Flowers help to dress up any office or professional space, adding a bit of color and life into the area. They can be especially helpful in the fall and winter when people find themselves increasingly spending time inside and with the windows closed. Those looking for the perfect gift should consider the following options.

Go bright

Fall is a time when many people start to feel more tired and restless. They know that winter is coming and the outdoor blooms that were once fantastic sources of joy are beginning to disappear. Counter this feeling of melancholy and adding in some bright yellows, oranges, reds, blues, and purples. These flowers should easily brighten the day of anyone who sees them. Daisies, lilies, and other beautiful blooms tend to work particularly well for this type of arrangement.

Go with the fall theme

Fall colors, the more earthy oranges, yellows, and greens, are also great options for a gift on National Boss’s Day. Many people love the color schemes that come with this time of year, and there are a number of stunning flowers that perfectly capture this essence. Orange roses and sunflowers both perfectly match this type of theme. This arrangement will match any other fall decor, brighten the room, and help to communicate warmth. Just about any employer should enjoy this type of colorful bouquet.

Go permanent

Flowering plants, as opposed to cut flowers, can be another fantastic idea for bosses. A potted plant offers all the beauty and decoration that cut flowers do, but with a greater permanence. Now the boss can keep the plant on their desk, shelf, or table for months or even years. The living plant can help keep the air clean while adding some color all through the winter.

Employees considering going with a potted plant might choose any number of plant options. Plants such as mums are often associated with fall and come in gorgeous fall colors, such as yellows and oranges, making them a good choice. Others might choose to go with more of an arrangement. Adding in a popular orchid and some green plants can be a delicate, stylish choice that will look spectacular just about anywhere.

National Boss’s Day is the perfect time of year to let the employer know that their hard work is appreciated and recognized. Employees can band together to purchase a gift from the department or select solitary presents to give to their boss, but in either situation the above flowering ideas should be appreciated by all.

Why You Should Send Breast Cancer Awareness Flowers

During the month of October, make sure you send pink flowers to breast cancer survivors as well as your friends and family! Why? Because October is known around the world as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Show your support and admiration to those who have suffered with this disease, or send lovely arrangements to the people you love to help raise awareness. If you’re wondering which flowers are the best to send, Billy Heroman’s can help you decide!

Spread Awareness with Roses

No flowers warm the heart quite like pink roses. At Billy Heroman’s we have several options for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. To show your love and admiration, send dark pinks, such as this “Pretty in Pink” cube arrangement. You can also express sentimentality with the classic elegance of the “Delighted” bouquet.

Of course, if you can’t decide whether you’d rather send pale pinks or dark ones, Billy Heroman’s has a solution! Send a beautiful mixture with the attention-grabbing “Pink Elegance” arrangement. Light and dark roses of varying sizes are sure to help you build awareness about breast cancer!

Send Love with Carnations

As a symbol of maternal love, pink carnations are a beautiful way to send a message of warmth and tenderness to someone who has suffered with breast cancer. A simple bouquet of pink carnations against greenery makes a sweet gesture for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Add in cheerful daisies, such as with this “Simply Sweet” bouquet, and your gift is sure to brighten a breast cancer survivor’s day!

Bright, Fragrant Stargazers

The striking appearance of stargazer lilies makes them ideal for raising awareness during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A symbol of success and achievement, a bouquet of stargazers is the perfect gift for someone who has fought against this terrible disease. You can also surprise someone with our “Pink Garden Bowl.” This delightful arrangement surrounds stargazer lilies with hydrangeas, snapdragons, button poms and aster, all in delicate shades of pink.

Joyful Gerberas

With a multitude of brilliant colors, gerbera daisies are known around the world as a symbol of cheerfulness. For this Breast Cancer Awareness Month, spread that cheer around with bouquets of gerberas in pink. Our “Luv U” arrangement blends pink gerberas with green hydrangea in a modern yet meaningful design. We are also happy to craft custom arrangements in bright or dark shades of pink. Send gerberas to friends and family or use these flowers to add a dash of color and style to your breast cancer awareness events!

However you choose to recognize Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Billy Heroman’s has the floral designs you need. Stop in at one of our three locations to see the beautiful pinks we have in stock, or browse our selection online. If you want to do your part to raise breast cancer awareness this October, do it with flowers!

How to Impress with Homecoming Flowers

Few things will help you win the heart of your homecoming date than a gorgeous corsage from Billy Heroman’s. We can help you use the language of flowers to tell her exactly how you feel. From bright and bold to chic and stylish, we have a variety of fresh homecoming flowers that will make your special evening that much more memorable!

Show Your Devotion with Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria – otherwise known as the Lily of the Incas or the Peruvian Lily – is an exotic selection that is sure to delight your date. Interestingly, the leaves of this plant tend to grow upside-down, but they twist as they grow away from the stem. Because of this trait, these flowers represent your devotion to your growing relationship and the twists and turns it will take throughout the years. Available in a variety of colors, alstroemeria is sure to impress with its tropical beauty.

Uphold Timeless Traditions with Roses

The everlasting symbol of love and beauty, roses are a wonderful choice for your homecoming corsage. With so many colors available, it’s easy to find the perfect rose that matches your date’s gown while sending a symbolic message.

  • Red roses say “I Love You.”
  • Pink roses stand for elegance and admiration.
  • White roses represent new beginnings and pure love.
  • Yellow roses represent joy, hope and friendship.
  • Peach roses show your appreciation and gratitude
  • Orange roses signify passion and enthusiasm.

Between rose choices and ribbon selections, you can create a custom corsage that shows your school spirit, your true feelings or any other message you’d like to send.

Other Beautiful Selections

Your choices aren’t limited to alstroemeria and roses. Gerbera daisies are available in a veritable rainbow of colors, and a single daisy makes a bright, cheerful corsage. You can also try beautifully simple calla lilies. A single calla in a corsage or boutonniere will add grace and exotic beauty to your homecoming attire.

Inspired Designs by Our Talented Florists

If you’re looking for something truly stunning, try one of our unique corsage designs. With “The Traci,” roses and orchids are fixed to an eye-catching stone wristlet to create a glamorous corsage. The “Mixed Spring” corsage is another excellent choice. With bright carnations, roses and daisies, your date will be the life of the party!

Whatever your homecoming needs, you can be sure that Billy Heroman’s has the perfect flower. We can craft custom corsages and boutonnieres that will steal the show at your homecoming dance. Stop in at one of our three locations or visit our website to learn how you can make this year’s homecoming events memorable with fresh flowers!

Flowers and Fall, From Floral Gifts to Home Decor

Autumn brings with it those classic fall colors and a crisp, cool autumn feel in the air. It’s a time for raking leaves, heading back to school, the baseball playoffs, and the kickoff of the football season. Autumn has its own style of flowers, too, with beautiful autumn arrangements available in vibrant fall hues. Whether you’re seeking home decor accents, a centerpiece for the dinner table, or the perfect autumn gift to send, this fall season, consider these flower ideas:

Delight with Daisies

Daisies are a lovely flower choice that can enliven the energy in any room. Daisies as well as asters (similar in appearance to the daisy) have bright, radiant petals that bloom in a variety of colors and sizes. A Simple Pleasures bouquet brings the classic white and yellow daisy front and center. Daisies also look amazing blended with other flowers; an Autumn Bouquet combines golden daisies, asters and other autumn blooms for a gorgeous fall effect. Gerbera Daisies in a glass cube offer a more contemporary autumn vibe.

Say it with Sunflowers

Sunflowers are another excellent choice for bridging the seasons of summer and autumn. With bright golden petals and a huge, sunny demeanor, the sunflower brings lots of autumn vibrance. A Fall Sunflower Bouquet is loaded with the big blooms and accented with other autumn flowers. Summer Sunflowers are sunflowers-only (with a bit of greenery) and are a great gift for autumn as well as summer. Billy’s Birthday Wishes combines sunflowers with lilies and other bright blooms, and Basket of Blooms is loaded with country charm and fall colors in a festive wicker basket.

The Lovely Lily

Lilies are another excellent choice for an autumn arrangement, especially when combined with other blooms. Splash of Autumn combines lilies with sunflowers, roses and cattails for a memorable effect. A Bright and Cheery arrangement has bold yellow lilies as the focal point along with a butterfly accent. Bold and Beautiful combines many of autumn’s best flower choices with radiant orange, yellow, red and purple tones.

There’s no shortage of artful autumn-themed arrangements available from Billy Heroman’s specifically created to celebrate the season; an Autumn Trees Wreath can be the perfect autumn accent for your front door this fall. Consider a cute Harvest Table with Roses cube to accent your autumn dinner table; pick up one, or several.

Whether you’re giving a gift or looking to add autumn flair to your home decor, flowers are an uplifting way to bring fresh, new life to any room or situation.

The Flowers To Give During Rosh Hashanah

For those of of the Jewish faith or Jewish heritage, the New Year, or Rosh Hashanah, is quickly approaching on September 24. It is a time of enjoying apples and honey as a wish for a sweet new year while also making resolutions based upon the year past. Many families and friends enjoy getting together to celebrate the holiday and look forward to a year to come together.

There are few better ways to celebrate together than to give the gift of flowers. Flowers are appreciated because they symbolize life and happiness while also being a great way to bring a little of the beauty and light of nature inside for holiday. Here are some fantastic options to chose from when looking for the perfect flower arrangements and gift ideas.

Think fruity

Rosh Hashanah is traditionally a time to enjoy sweets, including fruits, chocolate, and honey. Consider bringing a fruit basket along with a small bouquet of flowers for a very culturally appropriate gift. For example, bring a small bouquet of sunflowers or daisies along with a fruit basket of seasonal fruits and chocolates will please everyone in attendance.

Flowers for the door

Keeping with the tradition of fruit, consider buying some door swag that will incorporate some gorgeous fall colors and also a bit of fall fruit. There are some excellent options that use orange, yellow, and reds to create a fall masterpiece that will let any passerby know about the joyous nature of those who live inside.


Those hosting a Rosh Hashanah meal will also be looking to incorporate flowers into a gorgeous centerpiece that accurately reflects the season and looks welcoming and beautiful for all who come to the table to eat. Consider an autumn bouquet for the centerpiece that brings in many of the rich colors associated with the season along with some popular flowers, such as daisies, sunflowers, and roses.

For another great centerpiece idea, look for an arrangement that has been placed inside a cornucopia. This horn has long been used to symbolize abundance and nourishment, which are wonderful symbols for this particular holiday. The horn might also serve as a reminder of the traditional shofar, the ram’s horn that is blown to symbolize the Jewish New Year in synagogues everywhere.

Rosh Hashanah is a holiday for remembering the year past and seeking a sweet year to come. The traditions that people use have been handed for generations, making them special and close to the hearts of the celebrants. Use some of the above ideas to begin finding some beautiful flowers and arrangements to celebrate the holiday with those who are important.

Orchids! The Wonderful Blooming Plant!

orchidsThe orchid possesses an undeniably alluring beauty. Some estimates date the ancient origins of orchids well past 100 million years ago, making them among the oldest and biggest family of flowering plants in the world. In nature, there are over 30,000 species of orchids around the world, and well over 100,000 hybrids. With a wide range of colors, there’s an orchid for every taste and style.

In their natural setting, orchids actually don’t grow and thrive in soil like most plants; instead, orchids attach their roots to trees and rocks, getting nutrition from the natural moisture of the rainforest.

Receiving a gift orchid is a real treat. However, if you’ve never cared for an orchid before, you might not know how to proceed. Despite tens of thousands of varieties, gift orchids are most often one of two varieties: dendrobium and phalaenopsis.

Dendrobium. Dendrobium orchids have small flowers that bloom in rows. Stalks of this orchid emerge out of “canes” and have clusters of purple or white flowers. Its leaves are slender and grow from the sides of its canes.

Phalaenopsis. Phalaenopsis has larger, rounded flower petals with a more pronounced “lip.” Flowers are white, purple, pink, or a combination of these. Phalaenopsis flowers bloom from a single stalk rising from of a lush, green leaf bed.

Water Orchids Sparingly

Orchids in nature benefit from the ample aeration their roots receive when they attach to trees or rocks. However, most gift orchids are potted in moss in a plastic container, exposing them to risk of becoming over-watered. To manage these conditions, water your orchid very sparingly; in general, water it only when the potting medium feels dry. When in doubt, wait to water it for a day or two. Also, keep the stems, blooms and leaves of the plant dry when watering.

Avoid Temperature Extremes

Orchids don’t do well with extremes of any kind, so don’t place it where it could be subjected to direct sunlight, cold drafts, or very dry air. Orchids thrive in warm, mild, slightly humid conditions. They enjoy “filtered” light such as through window blinds or gauzy curtains.

Keep your gift orchid happy by using these tips, and its initial blooms will last for several weeks. Bonus tip: When the last bloom of your gift orchid falls away, you can cut it halfway down its stem and try for a “re-bloom” of the plant. Care for it as usual, water sparingly, keep it out of harsh conditions, and you just might receive the added bonus of another round of orchid blooms.

The Flowers to Buy For a Flawless Grandparent’s Day

Grandparent’s Day is that special time of year when people come together to celebrate the love that they feel for these special members of their families. Grandparents come with nearly every personality and preference under the sun, but in their own way, they offer their families wisdom, guidance, love, and support. Children might love to sit upon their grandparent’s lap and hear fun stories of their adventures during their own childhood. New parents might turn to them for advice and guidance or even some babysitting so they can have a date night.

No matter what role the grandparents play, however, taking the time to select the perfect bouquet of flowers can be a wonderful way to show how much they mean to everyone in the family. Here are some ideas for selecting the perfect flowers.

Plan a mixed arrangement

Mixed arrangements are a great way to bring together a number of different types of blooms so that they can easily complement each other and bring out the best of one another. Consider combining colors that are known to send delightful messages to the beloved grandparents. Reds and pints are wonderful to showing love, while psychology says that blues and purples are often used to signify integrity, sincerity, and wisdom. Combine these various color schemes into a bouquet that tells the grandparents exactly how well they are regarded.

Give bouquets of similar flowers

Those who prefer to go the classic route by giving a bouquet of some gorgeous flowers also have several different choices. Two flowers that would work especially well for this occasion would be roses and sunflowers.


Roses are known for carrying many meanings, from love to friendship to admiration. Roses are also an immensely popular flower and a favorite of many people. Buying a bouquet of roses can be an excellent way to express feelings of love and appreciation for a grandparent.


Sunflowers are traditionally used to show adoration and appreciation and they are a wonderful flower for bringing some light and life indoors. They are often see as the perfect flower for the late summer and early fall seasons because they perfectly capture the color and feelings of this time of year. A bouquet of sunflowers can be a wonderful way to light up a grandparent’s face this Grandparent’s day.

Grandparent’s Day is a wonderful occasion for celebrating all the wonderful things that grandparents can do for families. From offering wisdom and guidance to being wonderful hosts for the holidays, showing them how much they matter is always important. Consider some of the above ideas to get started finding the perfect flowers for this holiday.

Flowers for Labor Day, The Full Guide

pink rosesWith Labor Day right around the corner, it’s time to think about how you’ll surprise the hard-working people in your life. Whether it’s your children, parents, significant other or a friend, give the gift of flowers to celebrate their hard work and achievements. Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts is happy to help you choose a meaningful bouquet for the people you love.

Purple: The Color of Success

Purple has long been linked to royalty and all the meanings that come with it, such as dignity, pride and success. That makes purple flowers an ideal Labor Day gift. Whether you decide to go with light lavender hues or a rich amethyst shade is up to you!

For a soft, elegant surprise, try “Purple Passion.” Lavender roses blend with pink and purple flowers to create a dainty arrangement. Show your admiration with either the “Applause” or the “Sensational” bouquets. “Applause” features 72 long-stem roses in shades of lavender and pink, while “Sensational” is truly that with 48 long-stem lavender roses.

Orchids, such as the royal purple “Orchestrating Orchids” arrangement, are another great option. You can also give potted orchids. With blooms lasting up to two months and the potential for new blooms to appear, these beauties will look great at home or in the office!

Show Your Appreciation with Pink Roses

Pink roses are often considered a romantic flower, but their meanings go much deeper than that. A pink rose can also symbolize gratitude and appreciation, which makes it a perfect way to thank someone for their hard work. If you’re looking for a gift to celebrate an achievement, light pink roses are associated with admiration.

For lovely deep pinks, try our “Alstroemeria and Roses” bouquet. You can also mix dark and light with “Pink Elegance,” or show how much you care with the “Delighted” bouquet.

Celebrate the End of Summer

Of course, Labor Day flowers don’t have to be symbolic. You could opt for something bright and cheerful to mark the passage of summer instead. Dazzlingly beautiful gerbera daisies come in a variety of gorgeous colors – they’re sure to brighten up any space in your loved one’s home!

With their intense yellow color, sunflowers are another great choice. These bold blooms are the hallmark of summer. Sunflowers are a great way to say thanks or simply show that you’re thinking of your loved ones.

Let us help you choose the best Labor Day bouquet for your family, friends and co-workers. With so many beautiful blooms, there are infinite ways to celebrate Labor Day with flowers!

Who You Should Be Buying Flowers For During Back To School

Flowers increase happiness, reduce stress and look beautiful. That’s why they’re the perfect gift for a variety of recipients during the back to schools season.


A busy school year is about to begin. Flowers show your appreciation and gratitude to your children’s school teachers and even to your own favorite teachers from yesteryear. Arrange for a bouquet of bright sunflowers or blooming tulips to be delivered to the school, or give the teachers a potted plant they can care for, admire and use in the classroom all year.

Bus Drivers

They have a busy and important job safely transporting your children to school. Whether you arrange for delivery to the transportation office or hand deliver the bouquet when you pick your kids up at the bus stop, thank your children’s bus drivers with fresh floral arrangements.

Sports Coaches

If your children played a summer sport or plan to play in a sport this fall, thank the coaches. A bright and colorful bouquet shows your appreciation for all the hard work the coaches put into helping your children succeed as teammates and athletes.


Your children’s summer or school year babysitter works hard to entertain and care for your kids. Show your gratitude by giving him or her a delicate orchid or climbing vine. He or she can enjoy nurturing your children and the plant.


Preschoolers might feel left out on the first day of school as they watch their siblings leave on the bus without them. Even older kids can feel sad if a sibling is headed off to college. Surprise your little ones with daisies and hydrangeas or give them a live plant they can care for and call their own.

College Students

Although they’re young adults, college students sometimes feel homesick, and they always appreciate reminders of home. Send roses or a live colorful plant to the college students in your life as you remind them that they are loved.


Now that the busy summer is over and everyone’s in school, treat yourself to a breath of fresh air. A bright and beautiful bouquet or love plant brightens your kitchen table or office desk as you gear up for another school year.

This year’s back to school season gives you the perfect chance to show your appreciation, encouragement and love to the important people in your children’s lives. Prepare now to send beautiful floral bouquets or live plants to the people who support your children’s education and success.