August Flower of the Month, The Beautiful Gladiolus!

Gladiolus (or “gladioli” plural) are known for their tall, stately beauty and the ability to add a stunning quality to any decor or arrangement. But are you aware of the history, origins and meaning of this gem of a flower?

Gladiolus came to us all the way from South Africa by way of Europe. A great many of these eye-catching beauties were imported by Europeans in big quantities in the 18th century. They eventually made their way “across the pond” to the United States and went on to become a favorite here and all over the world.

Piercing Yet Therapeutic Roots

Believe it or not, the origins of gladiolus can be traced back even further in history, as some say they had a connection with the gladiators of ancient Rome. They were also used both in the Mediterranean and Great Britain to help treat and soothe a range of illnesses; for example, it was used in combination with goat’s milk for colic in infants. The stem base was also mashed into a poultice for extracting splinters.

Most concur that the gladiolus got its unique name from the term “gladius,” which is Latin for “sword.” The word and the name colorfully and accurately describe its smooth, sword-like stem and spear-like leaves.

Gladiolus Symbolism and Style

A gladiolus arrangement can symbolize a number of things from giver to recipient; it can convey having a crush on someone, but the flower can also be given whenever someone has had any sort of impact on you — not necessarily romantic. Gladioli can also help to mark the loss of a loved one, show sympathy, or as a way of honoring and showing respect after an ending of any kind.

Regardless of the intent, the gladiolus can complement and enhance just about any style and environment. They provide beautiful height in a tall flower arrangement as well as delight in accent pieces like bouquets and centerpieces.

The August Flower of the Month

Gladioli are the August birth flower, making them the perfect gift for an August event or for anyone with an August birthday. They are available in just about any color imaginable, so the ideal hue is sure to be within reach.

A gladiolus arrangement can bring a fresh, bright look to any circumstance or environment. Their long, sleek shoots are adorned with luxurious blossoms that bloom gradually upward from the stem base, unfolding more into their glory each day. The blooms are framed by green spears of foliage sprouting from their stems.

Are you ready to indulge in the opulence that is gladiolus? Order a bouquet or mixed arrangement from Billy Heroman’s today.

RUSH! To Buy Flowers for Your Sorority Crush

“Rush” week is one of the most stressful and hectic times in the life a sorority girl or aspiring pledge. Why not reward your favorite sorority girl for going through the process with a fresh bouquet of flowers?

Whether your sorority crush knows you how you feel about her yet or not, flowers are the perfect way to show you care. If you’ve never surprised a crush with flowers before, here are some points to help you get started:

The Rose: Flower of Love and Passion

Sending roses is one of the most direct and impactful ways to show someone how you truly feel. Sending a big bouquet of a dozen long-stemmed red roses is about as clear as you can get that you have love on your mind. But what about some of the other rose colors? If you’re not quite ready to make the bold red rose statement, consider some of the other colors to send your sorority crush:

Pink Roses. Pink roses convey admiration without being too over-the-top. If sending red roses feels like too big a move at this time, dial it back a few notches by sending pink.

Lavender Roses. Lavender conveys creativity, uniqueness and enchantment. Sending lavender roses is a regal gesture that’s sure to make your girl feel special without putting too much romantic pressure on her.

Yellow Roses. Yellow roses convey joy, cheer and celebration. If your girl breezed through rush week or just aced an exam, yellow roses are the perfect way to help her celebrate.

White Roses. White is probably the most subdued of all rose colors in impact and intention. They show reverence and elegance, and just might be the perfect choice if your crush has just gone through a trying time.

Mixed Roses. Not sure how you feel? Sending a mixed color rose arrangement will let her know there’s an attraction there without giving away too much. Keep her guessing while also letting her know you’re thinking of her.

Artful Arrangements

If you just aren’t feeling roses at this stage of the game, there are plenty of other directions to go. A mixed arrangement can convey romance and beauty with a combination of different blooms. A Happiness Bouquet exudes style and cheer with lilies and hydrangeas. A simple but elegant Calla Lily Bouquet is sure to make her swoon.

No need to overthink it; use your intuition, follow your heart, and you’re sure to send flowers that make her heart flutter!

Why You Should Bring Summer Flowers to The Perfect Picnic

Summer is the ideal time for outdoor activities, and everyone loves a summer picnic. If you’re invited to one, don’t make the mistake of arriving empty-handed; why not bring along a gorgeous bouquet of flowers?

The right flowers will show gratitude to your host and add to the fun, festive spirit of the occasion. Flower types should be chosen based on the type of picnic and the tastes and preferences of your host. The top summer flower choices for picnics and outdoors parties include:

Summer Daisies

Daisies have the sunny disposition that’s perfect for a picnic. A Simple Pleasure vase of white daisies will add classic country charm to any casual picnic setting. A Gerbera Daisy vase offers multi-colored daisies that everyone will enjoy, especially as an eye-catching centerpiece. For more formal events, large White Gerberas can add elegance and class to any summer gathering.

Artful Arrangements

Certain flower types, colors and combinations seem to epitomize summer. An artfully arranged bouquet can combine summer favorites to add beauty and distinctiveness to any picnic table. A Bold and Beautiful arrangement features a variety of brightly colored blooms in oranges, reds and purples to make a big statement at the picnic. Garden Greatness offers a more subdued look with beautiful blooms in pastel tones. You can browse a variety of other artful arrangements and bouquets at Billy Heroman’s.

Sunflower Glory

The sunflower is the quintessential summer flower, offering warmth, vibrance and radiance exceeded only by that of the sun. Its bold look and size will “wow” your hosts as well as the other guests, and there are a variety of sunflower arrangements to choose from.

Say it With Roses

The beautiful, iconic look and unmistakable gorgeous scent of roses will uplift any summer gathering. Roses are available in just about any color you can imagine, and Billy Heroman’s offers bouquets ranging from the simple to the highly elaborate and ornate. A Pink Elegance bouquet offers a more subdued look, and Billy’s Treasure combines roses with large, stunning lilies that are sure to turn heads.

Patriotic Colors

If you’re invited to a Memorial Day, Fourth of July or Labor Day picnic, consider bringing along a flower arrangement that shows respect for your country. A Patriotic Salute arrangement with red, white and blue flowers is bursting with pride in the U.S.A.

Whether it’s a patriotic barbecue, a casual picnic with family and friends, or an elegant outdoor dinner party, don’t arrive empty-handed. Honor the event and show appreciation to the host by bringing them a bouquet of lovely summer flowers.

Why a Floral Arrangement is the Perfect Gift for an Office Worker

With their colorful hues and sweet scents, flowers can brighten any office environment. They can transform an ordinary office setting into a more pleasant working environment. Flowers have a way of bringing fresh inspiration and encouragement to those who receive them, which can often result in better work performance and productivity. If you’re looking for that perfect gift for your office co-worker, consider a delightful floral arrangement to show your appreciation or  commemorate a special occasion.

Floral Bouquets Say It All

Fewer gifts convey a person’s true sentiments better than a beautiful bouquet of flowers. You can find floral arrangements to celebrate any occasion from birthdays to holidays, anniversaries to retirement and anything in between. Nothing says “thank you for a job well done” or “congratulations for the promotion” more effectively than an attractive floral arrangement of your co-worker’s favorite blooms. Whether you’re remembering a colleague’s birthday or conveying appreciation for faithful service, a personalized floral bouquet says it all.

Universal Gift with a Personal Touch

Flowers may be a universal gift but they carry a personal touch. With so many beautiful flowers and plants to choose from, you can create a customized floral arrangement that’s sure to make your co-worker smile. Everyone deserves recognition and appreciation in a unique and special way. Flowers convey this message loud and clear, letting your workers know they are an important part of your business.

Flowers Bring Happiness and Cheer 

Many office workers today work long hours in a fast-paced, hectic environment. The stress and pressure of their job can take a toll after a while, leaving them feeling weary and uninspired. A gift of flowers can infuse joy and inspiration into their lives at a time they need it most. Knowing you are bringing happiness and cheer to a friend, co-worker or loved one is sufficient reason to choose a floral arrangement as a gift for the office worker on your list.

Floral bouquets make a lasting impression on those who receive them, creating happy memories for the future. Few office workers will ever forget receiving a surprise floral arrangement as a gift when they least expected it. By gifting a floral bouquet, you can do your part to create treasured memories for those who deserve them most.

3 Ways To Surprise Someone With Beautiful Flowers

Surprising someone with flowers can sometimes be a lot easier said than done. Not only do you need to order the flowers without that special someone suspecting what you’re up to, but you also need to keep them completely in the dark until that gorgeous bouquet actually arrives. There are a number of different ways in which you can surprise someone with beautiful flowers and make their day one that they’ll never forget.

1. The Type of Flowers is Part of the Surprise

When it comes to sending flowers, the actual “surprise” part of the big event falls into two distinct categories: the act of sending flowers in and of itself and the type of flowers that you choose to send. If you know that your significant other’s favorite flower is the red rose, for example, consider switching things up a bit and sending something that is equally beautiful but different. Ask us for recommendations about what a particular type of person may or may not like. That way, even if he or she suspects that flowers are coming they’ll still be surprised by just what type of beautiful flowers they actually received.

2. Embrace Spontaneity

Being spontaneous when it comes to sending flowers means sending them more often than just on Valentine’s Day, Christmas or a birthday. If you want to truly catch someone off guard with flowers and have the best possible surprise, be sure to send them on a regular day that doesn’t have any special ties to your relationship. If you find out that your significant other is having a rough day at work in the morning, have flowers delivered in the afternoon to help turn that day around in the most beautiful way possible.

3. Pair Up Your Flowers With a Nice Gift

Adding an additional element onto the flower delivery is a great way to keep the event fresh and exciting, even if the person in question may suspect that something is up. Your girlfriend may suspect that she’s getting a bouquet of flowers around her birthday, for example. What she might not suspect is that it will also be coming with a box of her favorite types of chocolates or a stuffed teddy bear.

No matter what the surprise we can help it be the best yet, order from us at Billy Heromans!

3 Tips For Owning Succulents in the Summer!

Succulents are a charming addition to any home. Easily adaptable, they grow well indoors in small pots and trays as well as outdoors planted in the ground or in planters. If you live in a cold area, you can grow succulents outside all summer and then bring them in when cool weather returns; in warm areas, succulents are a year-round landscaping delight.

While succulents withstand summer heat well, here are three summer succulent tips to keep in mind for best results.

1. Grow Succulents Together

Succulents look well combined in a shallow bowl or dish with several other drought-tolerant plants, particularly cacti and other types of succulent. However, you may grow any combination of plants that have similar water and sunlight requirements.

When creating your arrangement, choose plants in a variety of colors and sizes to highlight the different characteristics of each. Use as your inspiration this beautiful basket by combining several types of plant in one container for a lush, overgrown look. Succulents don’t grow very quickly in the summer, so feel free to really crowd them in for best effect. You may need to transfer a few the following spring to make room, but they should last well all summer and winter.

2. Moderate Sun Exposure

Most succulents come from arid, but not desert, regions. They therefore do not appreciate full southern or western sun, and can become sunburned if planted or placed in such locations. Once burned, many succulents have difficult recovering. Feel free to give succulents full exposure in northern- or eastern-facing settings, but choose dappled shade in the west and south.

3. Keep Up the Watering

It is a myth that succulents don’t need any water. While they are water-wise plants that store liquid in their thick, fleshy leaves, that doesn’t mean they don’t require it at all. In the arid environments in which succulents evolved, they usually store water after major rains, but you should take a more measured approach.

Water succulents whenever the soil around their base feels completely dry, and give them enough liquid to soak it several inches down. Then wait for the soil to dry completely again, otherwise you risk causing rot.

Whether growing them alone or combined with other plants in a succulent garden, these are easy plants to care for if you take just a few precautions.