From the Greenhouse – Plant Care Tips

plant careWhen it comes to choosing the best green and flowering plants for your home and office – or as the perfect gift – you won’t find more expertise than at Billy Heroman’s Flowers. Our company has not only been providing gorgeous florals and plants to Baton Rouge for over 60 years, but we also have our own local greenhouses!  In other words, we know indoor plants – and we are happy to share our knowledge freely with our customers! Although it is not possible to outline how to care for all of the beautiful plants we offer, we would like to highlight three of our favorites, currently available from our greenhouse.

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Floral Design Day – Meet Robert

floral design

Floral Design Day was instituted in 1995, in honor of Carl Rittner, founder of the School of Floral Design in Boston. Rittner is considered by many to be the “father of floral design” and was one of the very first to recognize the work done in this industry as a legitimate art form. His legacy and vision have influenced thousands of professionals through the years. On the day he is remembered, we’d like to introduce you to one of our floral designers, Robert, who has been with Billy Heroman’s Flowers since the 1970’s. Although he took breaks over the years, he always returned – and he is here to stay.  Continue reading

Cover Baton Rouge with Kindness


John Wesley once said, “Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can.” On February 17th, we all have a great reason to do all the good we can- for Random Act of Kindness Day. Billy Heroman’s Flowers is your go-to source in Baton Rouge for excellent ideas for flowers and gifts that will help to share the happiness. Let our team work with you to inspire compassion and generosity, on this and every day.
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Wild Accent Design Elements


The nuances of floral design are far more complicated thank placing flowers in a vase. In fact, the creation of complex and textured bouquets and arrangements requires artistic talent and vision, much like the expertise that you will find at Billy Heroman’s Flowers. This autumn, wild accent design elements are responsible for the most unique seasonal centerpieces and home decor in Baton Rouge.

wild accent design

Be Extraordinary: While you may naturally think that organic details will look best with country bouquets or field-inspired flowers, you may be surprised at how beautiful unlikely pairings can be. Orchids and succulents create gorgeous and sophisticated planters and gardens, and as you can see, tropical designs also benefit from wild accents.

Protea, roses and birds of paradise exhibit a beautiful aesthetic all on their own, but the addition of berries and ferns add even more color and vibrancy.The curly willow accents often build on the upward movement of the piece and give it a truly organic look. Other wild design accents that are trending this year include lotus pods, eucalyptus leaves, artichokes, thistle, and kale. Gourds and fruit are seasonal favorites which create the perfect harvest ambiance for your table; while wheat stalks, sea oats, cattails, and straw add a rustic outdoorsy touch to bright wildflowers such as daisies, lilies, and mums.  wild accent design

Wild accent design elements add texture, color and interest to nearly any floral design, and are an easy way to elevate your flowers from beautiful to stunning. For a truly memorable bouquet, get creative with organic details. Call the experts at Billy Heroman’s Flowers today – we will be happy to help you to imagine a custom arrangement that goes far beyond the ordinary.

Thanking Grandparents for All They Do!

grndparentsNobody can do for little children what grandparents do.
Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children. ~Alex Haley

They have a role in the family that is irreplaceable. Part teacher, part best friend, part cheerleader and always there for their loved ones, we honor them on September 11 with their very own holiday. After all, what would we do without our grandparents? At Billy Heroman’s Flowers, we want to help you to thank these most amazing people with the perfect gift.


Grandma is beautiful, and her love is rare. That’s why the Exquisite Beauty bouquet is a great offering on Grandparent’s Day. This luxurious design showcases lilies, roses, hydrangea and cymbidium orchids, and is lavish in its presentation. For the person who always goes above and beyond, this arrangement tells her how much she is valued.

Decorate their home with this trio of delicate orchid plants. Graceful, elegant and always breath-taking, your grandparents will absolutely love this striking display. grandparents

Grandpa took you on adventures, long walks, and explorations – nothing was every boring or ordinary when you were with him. We love the idea of giving your grandfather this unique nature terrarium for his den or office – but it is only available in the local Baton Rouge and Port Allen areas, so stop by the shop and hand-deliver it to him. He’ll love seeing and spending time with you – and that you cherish the relationship you have with him.


Grandparent’s Day is September 11, and we know you can’t wait to honor these very special family members. Call Billy Heroman’s Flowers and tell us why your grandparents are the best on earth – and we’ll make sure we deliver the love they deserve.

Sending Gourmet College Gift Baskets They’ll Love

college gift baskets

College students are at an interesting crossroad. On the one hand, they are tasting independence, taking on more responsibility and learning to deal with decisions on their own. On the other hand, they still appreciate a little comfort from home. Whether your college student is sitting in a dorm room or facing this brave new world while still living upstairs, Billy Heroman’s Flowers knows how to reassure them – college gift baskets for your students are sure to make them smile.

college gift baskets

Being in college means long nights of studying and writing papers. That’s why our Starbucks Sampler is sure to be a welcome delivery to their dorm room. They can make their own coffee without venturing out, with four blends to choose from. Of course, coffee just isn’t the same without a snack to go along with it, so we’ve included some biscotti as well. Whether your student is a freshman or a senior, sharing a cup of coffee with you – even in spirit- is sure to be a comfort and a sweet reminder of home. If coffee isn’t one of your student’s passions, be sure to check out our entire line of direct-ship gourmet items perfect for all-night cram session or just hanging out with new friends – because you can never have enough snacks!


Even a local college student needs ready access to lots of energy to handle their workload. And since every student is different, we have a gift basket to suit every taste. If your student prefers healthy snacks, our specialty gift basket filled with fruit, trail mix, nuts, water bottles will be the perfect gift. But if they are a bit of a junk food fanatic, our gift basket overflowing with cookies, candy and chips is sure to earn top grades. After all, college is tough – indulging in a bit of sweet and salty is the perfect way to relax.

college gift baskets

Whether here in Baton Rouge, across Lousiana or across the country, your student is still on your mind. Sending college gift baskets is a time-honored way to reach their heart and satisfy their appetite. Browse the Billy Heroman’s website, or call today to create your own collection of treats – and wish them a fantastic school year.



Summer Internship at Billy Heroman’s

This article is taken from the LSU College of Agriculture. Student Spotlight: Anna Ribbeck


A flower shop sees all the ups and downs of life – births, weddings, get-wells, anniversaries, and funerals. Anna Ribbeck spent the summer seeing all the ins and outs of Billy Heroman’s Flowers, Gifts and Plantscaping, which is so much more than a flower shop. Ribbeck, a senior studying plant and soil systems in the LSU College of Agriculture, says she has received a good foundation on plants in school, but was able to expand her knowledge this summer with Billy Heroman’s.

“We learned a lot of the science background. That is why I wanted to come to the Heroman’s and learn more of the design and floral background of it,” Ribbeck said.

Ribbeck rotated through different jobs at the company working retail, caring for greenhouse plants, doing interior landscaping, and learning to spot for plant diseases. But she says her favorite part of the job was designing floral arrangements. Ribbeck plans to go to graduate school, but this internship has made her rethink what her path. 

“I decided to take a different route in grad school and will probably focus more in floraculture and the problems they face with packing and sorting,” she said.

The Heromans said they have been interested in bringing in horticulture students to work in the business. Ribbeck was their first. Robert Heroman said the company, which has close to 90 employees, is growing. 

“If we can expose some young people to horticulture and fresh flowers as well, and get them started from a young age like some of us in the family have, and build careers for them, like we’ve built careers for the family,” Heroman said.

Ribbeck said she didn’t realize how fast-paced the floral industry can be. She said orders come in and are filled quickly. Her hands are torn up from the dozens of roses she handles a daily, but she said it’s been a fun and educational summer seeing life’s ups and downs through flowers.

“I enjoy reading the cards, what people say. You know with love or I’m really sorry, especially boyfriends.”

Ribbeck also participates in archery competition. Recently she participated int he Archery Shooter’s Association state championship for the women’s bowhunter class. 

Watch the video here:

Read the original article here.

Chrysanthemums: Colorful Fall Flowers


History for queen of the fall flower…

First cultivated in Asia in the 15th century B.C., more than 500 different varieties of Chrysanthemums were recorded by 1630. For centuries, the Chinese have utilized the blossoms, leaves, and roots of this flowering herb as a medicinal remedy for different ailments including headaches, eye problems, and detoxification of the blood. The petals are also used in salads and soups.

Brought to Japan in the 8th century A.D., the Japanese esteemed Chrysanthemums so much, they chose them to be used in the official crest and seal of the Emperor and they have a national day of festivities dedicated to this flower. These perennials were introduced to the American public in the late 1700s as an effort to bring attraction to the floricultural lifestyle. Since then these showy flowers became popular within the horticultural landscape.

Belonging to the Daisy family, Chrysanthemums, also referred to as Mums, are characterized by their floret shaped petals, which are divided into 13 categories. Their names are depicted by their appearance such as pompons, spider, spoon, or quill. They are considered the “Queen of the Fall” flowers because while other flowers have lost their summer blooms, Mums are ready to showcase their stunning colors.

Floral arrangements using Mums…

thumbnailMums are commonly used in decorations for autumn. The vivid yellow, bronze and orange blossoms can be impressive when combined with pumpkins and gourds. Since they come in an array of colors including hot pink, soft lavender, dramatic red, creamy white and intense purple, they are an excellent choice for floral designs.

They can be part of a mixed arrangement of roses and snapdragons or be presented in a lovely vase filled with South American alstroemeria, roses, and daisy; both bouquets will accentuate any room in your home or office. And who wouldn’t feel special after receiving a garden mum plant? Chrysanthemums are definitely a terrific gift to give because of their longevity, while many flowers last for only a short period of time, with proper care their blooms can be enjoyed for weeks. Flowers, Gifts and Plantscaping… offers floral arrangements featuring beautiful Chrysanthemums as well as silk arrangements, gourmet baskets, baby gifts and our optimum floral plantscapings. We have been in business for almost 60 years. Our fourth generation, family owned florist is the largest in Louisiana and we take pride in what we do. If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to call us.


What to Do For International Women’s Day!

International Women’s Day is observed annually on March 8th to celebrate the strength of women pushing for the merits of equality every day.

We want to bring awareness and guidance to this great holiday with all of the flowers we have to offer!

This is a holiday of respect, appreciation, love and celebration of women’s economic, political and social achievements. The holiday started in Eastern Europe and Russia as a point of political empowerment in women, but lost its political notion in some regions and became simply an occasion for men to show their love for women in a similar way to Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, without the notion of parenthood or relationships.

In other regions though the political notion still holds strong, designed by the United Nations to promote political and social awareness of the struggles and strength of women worldwide. Some people celebrate this holiday by wearing Purple Ribbons, or by giving purple flowers.

The first occurrence of this incredible holiday was as far back as May of 1908, in Chicago. The holiday is still moving forward as hard as the incredible women fighting for the cause are today. Let’s celebrate the strength of the women of the world with flowers and celebratory gifts!

Show appreciation for the strong women around you, working hard to push forward equality and human rights in this vast world we live in – give flowers to the women around you.