Caring for your Classic Poinsettia

classic poinsettia

There are many symbols of the Christmas season – the glittering tree, the festively wrapped presents – and the classic poinsettia plant. You know the Christmas season has arrived when you begin to see the familiar vibrant red flowers appearing in lobbies, at front desks, and in office cubicles. The poinsettia is known for being beautiful, easy to maintain and long-lasting. And when you get yours from Billy Heroman’s Flowers and Gifts, you can be assured that your plant was grown locally in Baton Rouge, right in our own greenhouses.

Poinsettias grow in red, white and pink, and can be kept vivid and fresh throughout the holiday season with just a few simple maintenance tips.
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Billy Heroman’s Holiday Decor

holiday decorIt’s amazing how the colors of the season – red and white flowers, green leaves and accents – can evoke such warm feelings when decorating during the holidays. There is no mistaking the special nature of this time of year; and adorning our homes with these traditional hues brings a flood of memories, as well as anticipation of new ones to be made. Whether you are a traditionalist, or are looking for something a bit more modern, Billy Heroman’s has the perfect holiday décor.



It doesn’t get any more classic than a sophisticated centerpiece to illuminate your meal with candlelight; the red holiday candle under glass, surrounded by roses, ivy, pine cones and ferns can help set the mood, and make the family dinner as special as it has ever been. Of course, if your style is a bit more fresh and modern, this bouquet of roses, tulips and hydrangea, accented with gold details and pine cones, and set in a contemporary glass container will bring a fun, festive element to your dinner table.



Her’s to those who start new holiday traditions! To decorate your home with the most sophisticated of floral ornamentation, the orchid is a stunning choice. Perhaps not the most classic holiday flower, this orchid is placed in a festive container and accented with ornaments; choose a single orchid or make a statement with several. These plants also make wonderful gifts for family and friends to enjoy in their own homes all season long.



If you prefer the most classic holiday flower, Billy Heroman’s has the ever popular poinsettia plants as well! Our poinsettias are homegrown in our own Greenhouses.  So no matter your style, and no matter your choice, Billy Heroman’s is the place in Baton Rouge to pick up some holiday cheer for the home. Let us help you decorate with flowers – from arrangements to bouquets to centerpieces. Browse our site for great ideas, or come in to visit us; we are looking forward to helping you decorate your holiday season.

How to Decorate for Christmas

If you’re tired of the same old Chrishutterstock_235167862stmas decorations year after year, perhaps you should try something new and exciting! There are plenty of great ways to show your holiday spirit with live plants and fresh flowers. Let Billy Heroman’s show you some of this year’s most interesting holiday decorating trends!


Wreaths and Christmas Treeszoom_65inivywreath-14112823307

 There are many creative ways to spruce up your Christmas tree. In fact, if you’re looking for something a little different, you can skip the traditional tree altogether and try one of our Norfolk pine trees. These lovely little trees look wonderful with a few small ornaments. We also have fig vine trees and ivy trees if you want something truly unusual for this holiday season.

 We also carry a selection of wreaths that will look gorgeous on your front door or over your mantel. You can choose between traditional evergreen wreaths or our special ivy wreaths. The evergreen wreaths come adorned with a red velvet bow, and you can decorate them in any number of ways. Available in holiday-themed planters, the ivy wreaths look adorable when decorated with a couple of your favorite Christmas ornaments.


Pretty Poinsettias

 It wouldn’t be Christmas without poinsettias! These beauties come in a variety of colors, including red, white and pink. Place them in a basket or a holiday planter, and they’re sure to bring holiday cheer to any room in your home! One of our favorite ways to use poinsettias is to create a colorful ring for the foot of your Christmas tree. You can also use them as a centerpiece for your dining room table, or place them on your coffee table and any other spot that needs a splash of red and green.


Fresh and Festive Flowerszoom_ChristmasCandleCtr11110242318

 Once you add flowers to your holiday decor, your options are limitless! Deck the halls with bouquets, baskets and swags. Popular flowers for this time of year include roses, carnations and lilies. Your flowers can be accented with evergreens, pinecones, candy canes and much more. For instance, the Christmas candle centerpiece mixes red roses with pinecones, apples, evergreens and holiday ribbons to add warmth and holiday magic to your Christmas dinner!

 Whatever Christmas theme you’re looking for, Billy Heroman’s has a variety of options that are sure to delight your guests. You can also come to us with all of your holiday gift-giving needs. Surprise your loved ones with flowers, gourmet treats, fruit basket and more!


Always the Perfect Gift

central-square-14112684122-1We’ve all been there, that exciting moment just before opening the gift you’ve been dreaming about from your spouse, significant other, or good friend. Did they remember all the ideas you gave them? Did they pick up on all of those subtle hints you’ve been dropping for months? Holding back your excitement you unwrap the box slowly and… “wow, it’s really… um… unique. Thanks…” Do they know you at all?


Every year more and more people are a victim of that less-than-perfect holiday gift. Everyone knows what it’s like to open that bizarre gift. This holiday season you have the chance to change all of that and bring thoughtful joy to someone’s holiday with flowers. No more unexcited responses, flowers truly are the perfect gift.


thumbnailPoinsettia Plants are the perfect holiday flower! Festive and vibrant, they are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face!


Give us your story. What’s the weirdest gift you’ve received? How did you react? Did you pretend to love it or give them a more honest response? Watch our video and share your weirdest gift ever received to be entered in our special holiday sweepstakes for your chance to win a $100 gift certificate (for flowers and plants) from Billy Heroman’s. Make this year special by giving the perfect gift this holiday season.


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What do I do with the Poinsettia once I receive it?

The poinsettia likes moderately bright light, but they will tolerate low light for sometime.  Water when the dirt or soil feels dry to the touch. Make sure all excess water drains from the pot or container.  If the plant does not completely drain, the poinsettia will experience root rot.  Poinsettia’s prefer temperatures, that are 60-70 degrees during the day and 60 – 65 degrees at night. Please avoid excessively cold or hot temps.  To keep your poinsettia long-lasting, add fertilizer periodically.