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Why December’s Holly Plant Is Important

When we think of the Christmas holidays, we picture plenty of red and green, twinkling lights and of course, lots of evergreen foliage everywhere we look. Holly plants are a superstar of holiday decor, and it’s easy to see why. Not only is holly the perfect color for Christmas, but also its rich history and symbolism bring ancient traditions into the present day. Take a look at why the designers at Billy Heroman’s Flowers find December’s birth “flower” to be everything we love this time of year.  Read More about Why December’s Holly Plant Is Important »
Posted by Todd McBride on December 3, 2019 Christmas Christmas Decoration Flowers Holidays

Holiday Decor And DIY That Go Beautifully Together

The holiday season is all about creating, from the stories we tell, share and read aloud, to the foods we make, the tables we set, the presents we wrap and the atmosphere we create. Our homes are made magical by cherished ornaments and decor that we look forward to putting out every year, but also by the new and fresh items we introduce--Christmas trees, mistletoe, garland, ivy and more. Billy Heroman's Flowers & Gifts thinks that every year can be a mix of tradition, improvisation and creativity. The things we make can stand alongside the beloved pieces we use again and again. And sometimes, we can make a fresh floral item our own. Read More about Holiday Decor And DIY That Go Beautifully Together »
Posted by Todd McBride on December 2, 2018 Christmas Christmas Decoration Holidays

Our Holly Jolly Flowers

The most wonderful time of the year? It's here! Among the chief delights of the season is decorating your home for the holidays. You may have boxes of decor just waiting to deck your halls or carefully wrapped heirloom items that you look forward to placing throughout your space all year long. Billy Heroman's Flowers & Gifts has the same scenario, only instead of cherished goodies stowed away in bins, we've got row upon row of holiday floral decor, from wreaths to centerpieces to hardy poinsettias perfect for your front door. Take a walk through our snowy woods as you prepare your home for the season. Read More about Our Holly Jolly Flowers »
Posted by Todd McBride on November 26, 2018 Christmas Christmas Decoration Flowers

A Touch Of The Holidays At The Office

As soon as November rolls around, it starts. The holiday commercials, songs, products; the general ethos of Christmas and Hanukkah is in the air, and it's hard not to get on board. Billy Heroman's Flowers & Gifts has got you covered every step of the way as you navigate this year's trends for decor in both home and office. It's the latter we're focusing on today. Sometimes just a touch of festive cheer is all you need to get you and your co-workers ready . . . that is, in the mood . . . for what's to come. Read More about A Touch Of The Holidays At The Office »
Posted by Todd McBride on November 19, 2018 Christmas Christmas Decoration Plants Thanksgiving

Caring for your Classic Poinsettia

There are many symbols of the Christmas season - the glittering tree, the festively wrapped presents - and the classic poinsettia plant. You know the Christmas season has arrived when you begin to see the familiar vibrant red flowers appearing in lobbies, at front desks, and in office cubicles. The poinsettia is known for being beautiful, easy to maintain and long-lasting. And when you get yours from Billy Heroman's Flowers and Gifts, you can be assured that your plant was grown locally in Baton Rouge, right in our own greenhouses. Poinsettias grow in red, white and pink, and can be kept vivid and fresh throughout the holiday season with just a few simple maintenance tips. Read More about Caring for your Classic Poinsettia »
Posted by Todd McBride on November 28, 2016 | Last Updated: December 1, 2016 Christmas Decoration Flowers