Slide Right Into Summer With These Flowers

We’ve all heard the expression, “April showers bring May flowers,” but what do May’s flowers bring?

Aside from our abject appreciation, they give way to June’s flowers, or the blossoms of early summer, to wax poetic about it. Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts loves what every season brings flower-wise, but there’s certainly something about summer. The flowers that thrive then are some of the most dazzling of the year, saturated with color, bursting with interest. And that’s why we want to do a sneak peek at what’s in store, and also to point out how many flowers spring and summer share in common, making the transition from May to June not only easy but beautiful.

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Visions Of Spring

We here at Billy Heroman’s Flowers want to paint a picture for you, and it’s called spring. This lush, fresh season is just around the corner and promises that our gardens will return and revive, that the days will grow longer, the light a little bit brighter. Warmth and happiness are just ahead, spring suggests. Best of all, it’s a season awash in flowers.

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Sunny Late Spring Florals

late spring florals

If there is one thing we love about the springtime in Baton Rouge, it is the vivid color that is seen everywhere you look. With the season in full swing, Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts is designing with vibrant late-spring blooms that exhibit all of the joy of this time of year. From tropical flowers to sunflowers, we believe the brighter the design, the better! Whether you are looking to commemorate a birthday, anniversary, or graduation – or simply would like to bring the magic of spring into your living room – we have the most beautiful late spring florals and designs in town.

Did You Know? The “common sunflower” is anything but common – this versatile flower can grow to heights of 12 feet or more, and is used for food, medicine, birdseed, oils, and more.  Continue reading

Seasonal Spring Flowers

spring flowers

Baton Rouge doesn’t have the cold winters that many parts of the country experience, but we still look forward to the new season with anticipation. Beautiful spring days, before the heat of summer sets in, are carefree and sunny. And the bright flowers of springtime exhibit some of the most vivid colors we’ll see all year. At Billy Heroman’s Flowers, we love creating the spring bouquets that will revitalize the ambiance of any home or office, and remind us all of the promise and optimism of the season.

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Billy Heroman’s April Daisies

daisiesSpring is a time of hope and new adventures in Baton Rouge. The flowers are beginning to bloom, the greenery is back in full force, and the weather is perfect for getting outside and leaving the winter slump behind. To celebrate the season, the floral designers at Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts are creating beautiful arrangements that showcase April’s official flower, the daisy. Daisies are a consistently popular springtime icon.


Did You Know? The daisy is actually two flowers in one. The yellow center is comprised of tiny clusters of individual disc flowers; the white petals are in reality a second flower which surrounds these.


The crisp white flowers with the yellow disc center have always been a classic, and are loved by many. The daisies from our “Simple Pleasures” bouquet are reminiscent of a bright sunny day, and make the perfect gift for your April birthdays.



daisiesGerbera daises are a variety of daisies that have broad appeal. Gerberas are unique because of the many colors they occur in. The beautifully bright and cheerful hues such as hot pink, orange, yellow and red guarantee that these spring blooms will stand out, even as they blend beautifully with many other spring wildflowers. Although the gerberas and the white and yellow variety are of the same family, many are not aware these bright flowers are actually daisies. In fact, the family of plants to which these flowers belong make up about 10% of the worlds’ plants, and also includes sunflowers.


For all your April occasions, consider the official flower of the month, the daisy. As a standalone bouquet or as part of an arrangement, this traditionally joyous flower is your perfect choice. Stop into Billy Heroman’s today to order yours.


Fill Your Home With Flower Arrangements for National Lawn and Garden Month

lawn and gardenThroughout the month of April, we celebrate two national observances. National Garden Month began in 2015 when USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack proclaimed that the country would celebrate National Garden Month every April. National Lawn and Garden Month, on the other hand, is an unofficial national month of observance. The purpose of both of these month-long events was and is to encourage homeowners to beautify their front and back yards.


For lucky Baton Rouge homeowners, our temperate climate allows us to enjoy our outdoor living, entertaining and garden spaces all year. Our fellow countrymen and women who live north of us don’t get to enjoy the consistently warm weather – until April, if then. Southern homeowners take great pride in maintaining their yards and gardens and making sure that their porches are welcoming enough to entice us to relax with some sweet tea..

lawn and garden

The first flowers that come to mind when we’re thinking about spring blooms are tulips. If flowers could scream, our Fresh Cut Tulips With Accent Flowers would welcome spring from every rooftop. We arrange stems of different colored tulips that still have their leaves in a bubble bowl with complimentary wax flowers. This delightfully simple design is both elegant and sophisticated.

lawn and garden

Let our “Thanks a Million” Bouquet turn any ordinary room into a sophisticated entertaining space. The combination of pink Alstroemeria, roses, carnations and snapdragons and giant white hydrangeas captures the beauty you’d expect to find in some of Louisiana’s most famous formal flower gardens.

lawn and garden

We also have a large variety of outdoor blooming plants to spruce up any patio or garden. We have 6″ annuals along with large patio pots with an assortment of mixed annuals. If you are looking for something to hang up, we have hanging bougainvilleas, fern baskets, and assorted annuals/perennials. Another great idea to spruce up that backyard is to grow Mandevillas on a trellis!

lawn and garden

Bring the glorious brightness of fresh spring flowers into your home or spruce up your backyard or patio this April as you show your support National Lawn and Garden and National Garden Months. The trustworthy floral design team at Billy Heroman’s is anxious to help you beautify your home with our existing or custom spring flowers and blooming plants.

Billy Heroman’s – Easter Flowers

easter flowersAt Billy Heroman’s, we appreciate the role that flowers play in our history and our legends. The white Easter lily is one of those flowers that holds a truly special meaning this time of year, making it the most popular flower sold for Easter Sunday. Legend relates that the Easter lily first sprouted on Resurrection Sunday, in the place where the sweat of Jesus had soaked into the ground during his passion. White lilies are also symbolic of purity and divinity, giving them an even deeper meaning in many Christian traditions. Because of these associations, floral arrangements showcasing the white lily are prolific in church services and places of worship throughout this season.

easter flowers

This time of year also sees bright and colorful floral designs that celebrate the new hope and joy of springtime. Arrangements utilizing tulips, daises, irises, snapdragons and daffodils allow you to bring the sentiment and emotions of the new season into any space; or to show someone how much you truly care for them. Spring blooms are not only beautiful, but they are also meaningful – each carrying thoughts of love, renewal and serenity. In the Easter season, color palettes of pastel pinks, blues and yellows, accented by greenery are common – resulting in floral arrangements that look like an Easter basket brought to life.

easter flowers

This year, celebrate Easter in all of its glory with fresh floral creations from Billy Heroman’s. Whether you are looking to send a meaningful spiritual gift, or decorate the Easter egg hunt, we have the appropriate arrangement. If you want to brighten your loved one’s home, or create a stunning centerpiece for your holiday dinner – the expert florists at Billy Heroman’s are looking forward to helping you. Easter is a time of hope, innocence and beauty – and we have all the flowers needed to decorate the celebration!

The Perfect Spring Flowers

Spring FlowersSpring is a time of renewal, rebirth, and radiantly blooming flowers. While many types of flowers grace spring with their beauty, two have become symbolic of the season, bringing happiness and warmth everywhere their vibrant petals show: tulips and gerbera daisies. Both flowers bloom in nearly countless varieties and, along with the bright hues of spring, are available in almost every color of the rainbow including multicolored flowers. At Billy Heroman’s, our expert florists can help you select the perfect springtime arrangements featuring the season’s favorite flowers, gerbera daisies and tulips.

Perfect for spring, gerbera daisies bloom bright and vibrant in all of their colors. Available in pink, red, orange, yellow, and white, these sunny flowers seem to smile up from their vases and pots. Our Glass Cube design featuring gerbera daisies plays up their cheerful demeanor bold blooms in an assortment of colors. This energetic design will bring the cheerful vigor of springtime into any home or office.

Spring Flowers

Gerberas in a Glass Cube

One of the first perennial bulb plants to poke up through the soil and brighten spring with fresh pops of color, tulips offer both beauty and variety to the beholder. For a fun and modern take on a classic tulip bouquet, our Tulips Cubed arrangement features an assortment of tulips in coordinating colors, playfully arranged in a keepsake glass cube vase. In this bouquet, sprays of small blooms and lush greenery complement the tulips.

Spring flowers

Tulips Cubed

While tulips and gerbera daisies take the spotlight in spring, other spring flowers can add to their beauty in a delicately designed bouquet. A classically arranged bouquet, Cut Tulips with Accent Flowers features tulips center stage in bright colors with accent flowers of spring and greenery. Depending on your taste and availability, bouquets can be arranged in monochrome palettes or in an assortment of complementary colors.

Our professional florists look forward to helping you select the spring arrangements featuring gerbera daisies and tulips that are perfect fit for the season. Whether for a birthday, Mother’s Day, or just because, our arrangements will help you send a beautiful sentiment for springtime.


Say it with Flowers: 4 Messages to Send

During the Victorian era, when much communication took place through gestures and subtleties, each color and species of flower conveyed a particular message. You could tell someone “thank you,” “I love you,” or “you have beautiful eyes” with a simple bouquet. Today, you can do the same, but since the meanings of flowers have become less commonly known, you might want to include a hand-written translation of the sentiment you send with your floral gift.

1. To say “I love you” – Nothing conveys a message of passion like the color red. For a springtime surprise, give your special someone red tulips or red roses to let them know how deeply they have taken root in your heart. Not as obvious of a love note, the white and yellow petals of jonquils traditionally convey a message of love and desire. The light purple or white blooms of lilacs have a special place reserved for a first love. If you have found someone to love for the first time, tell her with a fragrant bouquet of lilacs.

2. Tell her “You’re beautiful” – What better way to compliment someone’s looks than with the beauty of a bouquet of flowers. A gift of irises compares the receiver’s beauty to that of a Greek goddess, variegated tulips compliment the beauty of the receiver’s eyes, yellow tulips say you find sunshine in the receiver’s smile, and white hyacinths convey true loveliness.

3. Say “You make me happy” – Almost all flowers appear cheerful, but a select few officially convey happiness. Bright yellow carnations are a sure sign of high spirits. Crocuses come in lavender, deep purple, saturated yellow, and pure white. Any color arrangement of this popular spring bloom will let the receiver know how happy she makes you.

4. Say “Thank you” – A bouquet of flowers provides the perfect gift of thanks. A subtle gesture goes a long way when given proper thought. Pink carnations traditionally convey a message of sincere gratitude. Hydrangeas carry a more specific message of thanks, saying “thank you for understanding.”

No matter the flower or arrangement you choose for a spring gift, your message will be clearly received. Whether you choose a specific spring flower for its traditional meaning, because it is her favorite, or because its blooms match the colors from your wedding day, the gift will be loved.