Flowers Bees Love

Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts is an enormous fan of bees, and you should be too. Why? Well, they’re responsible for pollinating 70 of the top food crops we eat from. They help give us everything from avocados to coffee to flax to sweet, sweet mango. Simply put, our tables wouldn’t look the same without them, whether we’re talking food or flowers. These little workers have a big impact on our lives and on the planet. So what brings all the bees to the yard?

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Where To Put That Big, Bright Arrangement

You may think that flowers will thrive wherever they are put, and when you bring home (or otherwise receive) a lovely bunch from Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts , that it makes no difference where you put them. Well, yes and no. Sunflowers do best where there’s lots of sunlight, not surprisingly. Arrangements you put on the vanity in a bathroom should be humidity-hardy. A clutch of roses can be great as a centerpiece, as long as they aren’t too fragrant, and pieces with a lot of scale look smashing as a foyer accent or on a table in a more formal area of your home.

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The Color of Happy

make someone smileThe color yellow has a lot of positive implications. It is the color that represents your mind and your intellect. It is the color of happiness and friendship. Yellow flowers signify encouragement, and give off true warmth. Yellow roses or sunflowers are a meaningful choice when you want to share joy with family and friends.

Science tells us that there are reasons that bright yellow makes us happy. When you see the color, your brain begins to set off processes that increase memory, and inspire communication and companionship. Yellow flowers make up some of the most popular bouquets for homes and offices, as the hue intuitively makes any space seem more warm and friendly.

make someone smile

Sunflowers in a Glass Bowl

Is there anyone in your life you’d like to make smile with an encouraging floral arrangement? Make Someone Smile Week is July 19-25, and the floral experts at Billy Heroman’s are here to assist with picking out the perfect arrangement. For instance, our Sunflowers in a Glass Bowl arrangement is virtually guaranteed to make anyone smile!

If the person you would love to make smile is very special, you might want to consider the Vivacious Bouquet. This elegant arrangement combines an abundance of extravagant Oriental and Calla Lilies; in one of the most graceful and gorgeous bouquets that we offer. There may be no more sure way to succeed at Make Someone Smile Week than sending this grandiose gesture of affection.

No matter how you decide to celebrate this special week, Billy Heroman’s has three locations in the Baton Rouge area to give you inspiration. Give us a call at (800) 272-7673 to start planning your smiles today.

Sunflowers & Summer Just Go Together


summer flowersLet’s face it – sunflowers couldn’t be any more representative of summer. These bright yellow bursts of color remind us of the sun in their very appearance, and the fact that the flowers also lean towards the sun is a testament to their affinity for all things sunshine.

Sunflowers can trace their history back to about 3,000 B.C. Here in North America, they grew in large numbers wildly on the plains; Native Americans grew them in the Southwest and were used for medicines, fiber and oil, as well as seeds for the next crop. Settlers from Europe soon learned the great benefits of the vibrant bloom, and sent seeds back to their family and friends still across the ocean. But it would the Russian people that would utilize the sunflower to its fullest. Even into the 20th century, Russia was in the forefront of cultivating, breeding and selecting flowers for disease resistance and high oil production. In the 1960’s its popularity returned to the US primarily in the production of vegetable oil.

summer flowers

Garden Collection

But practical uses aside, the sunflower has traditionally represented gracious country beauty and bucolic nature, growing in vast fields of swaying, flowering stalks. It has come to be a favorite of gardeners and flower lovers alike, who treasure its sunny vibrancy in gardens and ornamental table arrangements. At Billy Heroman’s we use the sunny bloom to grace a variety of great arrangements; from the Purple & Gold LSU Spirit Bouquet to the stunning Garden Collection, a veritable explosion of seasonal blooms.

The color yellow is well known to promote cheerfulness and to brighten any room. Call Billy Heroman’s Baton Rouge Flower and Gift Shops to order your summer sunflowers – and watch everyone around you brighten up. Call us today or visit any of our three area florists.