Grill Gifts For Dad This Father’s Day

Here at Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts, we’ve never met a dad who didn’t love to grill and also cherish the accouterments that come with the grilling lifestyle. Father’s Day is about celebrating our dads, but it’s more largely about celebrating generations and families. When we take the time to honor the patriarch of the family, we’re also gathering that family around him. We love the idea of giving him a gift that is designed to bring people together and to make them happy through the food that he prepares.

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Galentine’s Day Flowers For Your Gals

Are you in the know about Galentine’s Day? If not, get on board. Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts is here to tell you that this special day reserved for honoring our female friendships and the women nearest and dearest to us is celebrated on February 13th, the day before that other big day devoted to love.

Galentine’s sprung to life in 2010, after an episode of NBC’s Parks and Recreation introduced it to the mainstream. It resonated with the audience to such an extent that it was adopted into practice, and now many women choose to make the night before Valentine’s Day a real ladies night out, celebrating the love female friends have for each other.

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365 Days of Flowers

It’s the New Year, and you’ve probably got at least a few things on your resolutions list. We here at Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts are hoping you’ve included “find a way to make that special someone feel special all year long” in the tally, because we’ve got just the thing to guarantee it’s one resolution you’ll never break.

Flowers For A Year is the kind of program that you set up once and then it runs itself. And that’s why it’s impossible not to succeed at it.

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Celebrating a Great Boss

great boss

National Boss’s Day originated in the mind of Patricia Bays Haroski, an employee at State Farm Insurance Company in Chicago. She registered the holiday with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in 1958, selecting October 16 as the date as it was her dad’s birthday. Haroski’s goal was to express gratitude for her boss, as well as to recognize all great employers across the country. She hoped the day would improve and enhance the relationship between employees and their supervisors, bosses and owners. In 1962, Illinois Governor Otto Kerner proclaimed the day an official observance (although it is not a national holiday). In addition to the United States, the day is celebrated in several other countries such as Australia and India.

At Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts, we believe that a great boss deserves to be recognized.  So here’s to the mentors, the promoters, the leaders, and all those who make our workplace a positive place to be every day! We say thank you with beautiful gifts of plants and flowers that will look awesome in any work environment. Continue reading

Administrative Professionals Appreciation

Administrative professionals appreciation

During World War II, the need arose for administrative personnel who could lend their skills and expertise to the general economy. Before long, the National Secretaries’ Association formed to recognize these hard-working individuals and the contributions they made to our nation’s commerce. Now known collectively as Administrative Professionals, these skilled individuals help businesses and organizations everywhere run efficiently, contributing to the overall success of the business and to the national economy at large. As we approach Administrative Professionals Week, Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts has some excellent suggestions designed to show your administrative professionals appreciation for the work they do every day.  Continue reading

Celebrate All Those You Love

loveWhile gifts for our sweethearts get all the attention on Valentine’s Day, there are many others in our lives that deserve to be shown love, today and every day. In fact, statistics tell us that everyone from co-workers to pets will receive gifts on this special holiday. Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts has gifts that will bring smiles and warm the hearts of those special to you – no matter who they are! Continue reading

Birthstones and Flowers

birthstonesBirthdays, celebrations, and flowers just go together. Each month of the year has its own birthstone, and each birthstone its own beauty. When designing colorful birthday bouquets for our friends and neighbors, birthstones offer the perfect inspiration. If you are looking for a bouquet that is out of the ordinary this year – whether for birthday celebrations or any other special event  – Billy Heroman’s Flowers is the best place to start.

The tradition of the birthstone is believed to have originated in ancient Jewish culture, as twelve colorful stones were used on the breastplate of the biblical priests. Continue reading

Giving Teacher Gifts for Back to School

teacher gifts

Heading back to school is an exciting time, both for children and their teachers. This season promises many new things to discover, friends to meet, and students to get to know. As you prepare your child to return to school, you may wish to consider having a token of your appreciation sent to their new classroom. Teacher gifts for back-to-school are perfect for letting educators know that you appreciate all they do, on the first day of school and throughout the year.

teacher giftsWe all can agree that teachers have a challenging job, but our Bold and Beautiful floral arrangement will infuse them with motivation. Sending this gorgeous, bright display will not only brighten the classroom but will communicate a vote of confidence for the job these dedicated professionals have undertaken. Fresh flowers raise morale, as well as add a bit of serenity and a lovely focal point to any space. And although summer is over, don’t wave goodbye to bold colors just yet – this masterpiece of carnations, lilies, and roses delivers all the fun and excitement of the new academic year.

If your child has multiple teachers, or if you’d like to thank the staff of the school for all they do – our selection of gourmet gift and fruit baskets is sure to be a hit in the faculty break room!  Teachers, administrators, and counselors are on the front lines every day, making an all-important investment in the lives of our kids – and these delicious snacks will keep their energy up. Choose one of our pre-designed baskets, or call us to make a custom arrangement to let the school staff that you support and encourage them as well.

teacher giftsTeacher gifts for back-to-school are a thoughtful and meaningful way to start the year off right. Throughout all the transitions the new school year brings, Billy Heroman’s Flowers and Gifts wish the best of luck to our students and teachers as they return to their Baton Rouge classrooms.

Celebrating Friends During Friendship Week

friendship weekWhere would we be without our best friends? They celebrate with us when we have victories, cry with us when we feel down and conspire with us in all our crazy escapades. True friends weather life’s ups and downs and know us better than anyone else – and we couldn’t imagine our lives without them.

Sometimes, however, busy schedules and hectic lives get in the way of nurturing these relationships the way we know we should. That’s why National Friendship Week is here just in time – occurring August 16-22, this week-long honoring of our best buddies gives us a great excuse to get back in touch. We are certain that your friends would love to receive a heartfelt, handwritten note recounting some of your favorite memories; or perhaps a phone call with no interruptions or time limits would be priceless!

Of course, flowers represent a long tradition of sending special messages and wishes to those we love. For those friends who always seem to be bringing joy, how about returning the favor? Our Bold & Beautiful floral arrangement delivers sunshine and smiles right to their front door; with vivid colors and exuberant blooms that just exude happiness!

friendship week

Bold and Beautiful

Of course there are classic flowers and colors that signify friendship – ivy, geraniums and lilies all speak the language of true camaraderie; while “loyal” blues and cheerful yellows are the universal colors of friends. Yellow roses are a traditional bouquet to send to express friendship; whimsical arrangements make them perfect for every friend you cherish!

National Friendship Week 2015 will be here before you know it – come into Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts to arrange for the perfect bouquet for the special people in your life. Whether in the Baton Rouge area, or across the country, our expert florists will help you to make sure you celebrate your friends in beautiful style.

The Color of Happy

make someone smileThe color yellow has a lot of positive implications. It is the color that represents your mind and your intellect. It is the color of happiness and friendship. Yellow flowers signify encouragement, and give off true warmth. Yellow roses or sunflowers are a meaningful choice when you want to share joy with family and friends.

Science tells us that there are reasons that bright yellow makes us happy. When you see the color, your brain begins to set off processes that increase memory, and inspire communication and companionship. Yellow flowers make up some of the most popular bouquets for homes and offices, as the hue intuitively makes any space seem more warm and friendly.

make someone smile

Sunflowers in a Glass Bowl

Is there anyone in your life you’d like to make smile with an encouraging floral arrangement? Make Someone Smile Week is July 19-25, and the floral experts at Billy Heroman’s are here to assist with picking out the perfect arrangement. For instance, our Sunflowers in a Glass Bowl arrangement is virtually guaranteed to make anyone smile!

If the person you would love to make smile is very special, you might want to consider the Vivacious Bouquet. This elegant arrangement combines an abundance of extravagant Oriental and Calla Lilies; in one of the most graceful and gorgeous bouquets that we offer. There may be no more sure way to succeed at Make Someone Smile Week than sending this grandiose gesture of affection.

No matter how you decide to celebrate this special week, Billy Heroman’s has three locations in the Baton Rouge area to give you inspiration. Give us a call at (800) 272-7673 to start planning your smiles today.