Desktop Awareness For A Refreshed Workplace

We here at Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts are rolling out a new initiative we’re calling “Desktop Awareness,” and the timing couldn’t be better. Administrative Professionals Day is just around the corner (April 25), and the fact that we’re bringing attention to the plight of desktops everywhere is something that’s bound to make them happy. Take  stock of the surfaces in your workplace—do they need a refresh for spring? Has the long winter left them cluttered, disorganized or totally bereft? If the answer is yes, let us show you the difference some flowers and plants can make.

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Administrative Professionals Appreciation

Administrative professionals appreciation

During World War II, the need arose for administrative personnel who could lend their skills and expertise to the general economy. Before long, the National Secretaries’ Association formed to recognize these hard-working individuals and the contributions they made to our nation’s commerce. Now known collectively as Administrative Professionals, these skilled individuals help businesses and organizations everywhere run efficiently, contributing to the overall success of the business and to the national economy at large. As we approach Administrative Professionals Week, Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts has some excellent suggestions designed to show your administrative professionals appreciation for the work they do every day.  Continue reading

Billy Heroman’s Flowers- Administrative Professionals Day

administrative professionalsThere are many people in our lives that we appreciate and couldn’t do without. Sometimes, unfortunately, giving them the gratitude that they deserve can fall to the wayside in the busyness of our day. Every April there is an entire week set aside to encourage the administrative professionals in our organizations that are instrumental to our success. This year, National Administrative Professionals Day falls on Wednesday, April 27, and is the perfect time to show those coworkers how important they are to the company.

administrative professionalsCreated approximately 75 years ago during World War II, the observance was originally named National Secretaries Day. The reason for its genesis was to bring about appreciation of those already working in the field, as well as to encourage others to choose this career path. As time went on, the name was eventually changed to Administrative Professionals Day, to reflect the evolution of the modern workplace. A recent social media poll found that an overwhelming number of employees considered administrative personnel to be more influential to day-to-day operations than even those at the top – they have contact with everyone from customers to vendors, to executives; and know more about how the business works than anyone else.

administrative professionalsWith all their importance in keeping the business running smoothly every day, these indispensable employees deserve some recognition! A delivery of fresh flowers, green plants or gourmet snacks and treats is a great way to show that their efforts do not go unnoticed or unappreciated and that you consider them valuable assets to the team. If you haven’t thanked your team lately, April 27th is a very good time to do so.

administrative professionalsBilly Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts has a passion for helping you to celebrate the important people in your life. Give us a call, and let’s work together to make this National Administrative Professional’s Day one your employees will never forget.

Flower Gift Ideas for Administrative Professionals Week

Administrative professionals weekDo you know how you’re going to mark the Administrative Professionals holiday for 2015? This year, Administrative Professionals Day is on Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015. Administrative Professionals Week runs from April 19 through April 25; it is always held the last full week in the month of April. Administrative Professionals Day and Week has a rich history that began back in the 1950s when there was an increased higher need for administrative professionals after the war effort of the 1940s.

Today, administrative professionals are appreciated for their daily contributions in the workplace. These individuals are a crucial driving force behind business success. Flowers are a great way to show your appreciation to the administrative professionals on your team. Here are some of the top flower ideas for Administrative Professionals Day/Week gift giving:

Bright and Cheerful

Nothing expresses gratitude quite like a bright, bold-colored floral bouquet. Consider an arrangement with the brightest flowers you can find; the Bold and Beautiful bouquet is overflowing with orange, red, yellow and purple blooms that include gerbera daisies, roses and much more. Bouquets that feature bright sunflowers, lilies and hydrangea are also great choices.

Spring Flowers

In late April, spring is in full swing, so why not surprise your staff with spring flowers to mark the season? Tulips have a joyful energy and embody the hope and promise of new beginnings. Other spring flowers include daffodils, lilac, and iris. Consider sending a mixed bouquet of the best that spring has to offer.

Green or Flowering Plants

Another excellent way to show appreciation for Administrative Professionals Day and Week is by giving potted green or flowering plants. Bamboo, jade, peace lily, African violet and dish gardens will all keep growing and blooming for months (or even years) after you give them.

Elegant Orchids

The orchid always makes a big statement, and your staff will know they are truly appreciated when you give them this elegant flower. There are a wide variety of orchid styles and colors to choose from, so there’s sure to be an orchid that’s perfect for each and every valued employee.

Administrative professionals week

Blooming Orchid Bud Vase

Administrative Professionals Week is a time to offer acknowledgement and appreciation to those who do so much for the success of business. Use these flower ideas to make a statement and help motivate your staff to new heights of productivity. Contact Billy Heroman’s Floral for more flower ideas and inspiration.


3 Tips for Admin Professional’s Day Gift Giving

Administrative Professional’s Day, also referred to as Admin Professional’s or Secretaries Day, is a secular holiday held each year in select countries around the world. In the US Admin Professional’s Day is held on April 23, yet it is an unofficial holiday. Other countries celebrating this holiday include Australia, France, New Zealand and South Africa. This Admin Professional’s Day make sure to give the appropriate gift in order to make the most of this celebratory occasion.

Equality in Gifting

Whether you are gifting flowers or candies, whatever gift you select should be given to each person who fits the category of admin professional or secretary. If you single out a select person in the office to receive a special gift, you will only create friction and unnecessary drama in the workplace. Make sure that if you are gifting to more than one person that either the value of the gifts are equal or you are gifting everyone the same gift.

Think Outside of the Cubicle

While it can seem reasonable enough to choose a gift for an admin professional that they can use or display in the office, try something different this year. Instead of an office worthy coffee mug or set of ink pens that will be used for writing office memos, give your professionals something exciting. Consider a bouquet of flowers featuring fruits and candies that they can enjoy with their colleagues. Another option is to gift season passes to a local water park, theater or other source of entertainment.

Keep it Clean

Avoid gifts that might give your admin professionals the wrong idea. Anything vulgar or what might be considered comedic to some but offensive to others should be avoided. It’s best not to embarrass your work mates by gifting out Admin Professional’s Day gifts that are tacky or goofy. Top suggestions for gifts that are clean include soap and lotion sets, baskets of breakfast treats, or gorgeous bouquets of fresh flowers.

By taking the time to select a meaningful gift for the admin professionals in your life, you show your appreciation for those office employees in your life. Make someone’s day special this Admin Professional’s Day with a fabulous gift.