Baskets Galore For Easter

What would Easter be without its baskets? It’s like suggesting we spend the Sunday without hunting for eggs or noshing on bunny-shaped chocolate. The basket is tradition, and it came to us from an even more ancient farming tradition, when seedlings were brought to church in baskets to be blessed. Eventually, what would become the Easter meal in modern times was also brought in a basket to be blessed. Baskets carry with them a sacred meaning, sure, but they’re also important symbols of comfort and plenty, which is why we here at Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts love to design with them.

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Beautiful Easter Flowers Have Arrived

beautiful Easter flowers

“I must have flowers always and always!” – Claude Monet

One of the greatest artists of all time knew that life is just more beautiful with flowers. And while Monet used flowers as inspiration for great works of art, we use beautiful Easter flowers as our medium to create artistic holiday designs you’ll love. Spring flowers exhibit vivid colors and a fresh vibe that we just can’t get enough of – so whether you are looking for gorgeous Easter decor or the perfect gift, check out Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts Easter collection.  Continue reading

Billy Heroman’s – Easter Flowers

easter flowersAt Billy Heroman’s, we appreciate the role that flowers play in our history and our legends. The white Easter lily is one of those flowers that holds a truly special meaning this time of year, making it the most popular flower sold for Easter Sunday. Legend relates that the Easter lily first sprouted on Resurrection Sunday, in the place where the sweat of Jesus had soaked into the ground during his passion. White lilies are also symbolic of purity and divinity, giving them an even deeper meaning in many Christian traditions. Because of these associations, floral arrangements showcasing the white lily are prolific in church services and places of worship throughout this season.

easter flowers

This time of year also sees bright and colorful floral designs that celebrate the new hope and joy of springtime. Arrangements utilizing tulips, daises, irises, snapdragons and daffodils allow you to bring the sentiment and emotions of the new season into any space; or to show someone how much you truly care for them. Spring blooms are not only beautiful, but they are also meaningful – each carrying thoughts of love, renewal and serenity. In the Easter season, color palettes of pastel pinks, blues and yellows, accented by greenery are common – resulting in floral arrangements that look like an Easter basket brought to life.

easter flowers

This year, celebrate Easter in all of its glory with fresh floral creations from Billy Heroman’s. Whether you are looking to send a meaningful spiritual gift, or decorate the Easter egg hunt, we have the appropriate arrangement. If you want to brighten your loved one’s home, or create a stunning centerpiece for your holiday dinner – the expert florists at Billy Heroman’s are looking forward to helping you. Easter is a time of hope, innocence and beauty – and we have all the flowers needed to decorate the celebration!

What are the Best Flowers for Easter?

thumbnail-1The word Easter comes from the name “Eostre” or “Eastre,” the Ancient Anglo-Saxon Mother Goddess of Northern European Saxons. Other ideas about the holiday’s origin suggest that the name may have evolved from a combination of the names of two Ancient Pagan spring festivals. “Ostara” celebrated the essence of spring and the new life spring evokes. “Ishtar” was the name of the Arabian sun festival.

After taking over these two festivals, Christians decided to reinterpret the meaning of new life. It refers to the new life that Jesus gave the world after rising from the dead. No one knows the exact date of Jesus’ birth, but there is evidence to support the theory that Jesus died around the same time as the Jewish festival of Passover.

The first Jewish Christians incorporated Easter festivities into Passover celebrations. It always falls on a Sunday. They decided to observe Easter on the Sunday following Passover. Over the years, Christians decided to change the date of Easter so it wouldn’t coincide exactly with Passover. Like the Jewish calendar, which follows the moon’s cycles, the date of Easter does the same. That explains why the date changes every year.

Easter flowers bring out the new life that people associate with spring. Bright colors are popular because they evoke the warmth of spring and the increased length of daylight. Pastel colored flowers are also popular around Easter.

If you want something that speaks to spring and to Easter, choose our Easter Tulips. We wrap bunches of tulips and neatly arrange them in a tall glass vase. We use rocks to ensure that the flowers stand upright. You’ll love the delightful colors that scream spring. No matter where you place these flowers in your home, they’ll add the spring warmth that everyone desperately craves around this time of the year.

Spring Easter Tulips

Spring Easter Tulips

Hydrangea, Roses & Forsythia is another Easter beauty. We combine branches of Forsythia, an early flowering shrub with bright yellow flowers, with yellow roses and blue hydrangea. Think of this arrangement as a symbol of the sun and the blue sky – both of which are welcome signs of spring.

Hydrangea, Roses and Forsythia

Hydrangea, Roses and Forsythia

Our Easter Basket of Blooms is a modern version of an Easter flower basket. We choose white daisies because white symbolizes purity. We add yellow daisies because they evoke the sun. Carnations are also popular Easter flowers. We spice this up by adding a decorative butterfly to create the illusion or freshly picked spring flowers.

Easter Basket of Blooms

Easter Basket of Blooms

As Easter inches up on us, it’s time to think about the flowers you want to use to decorate our home, or give as gifts to those special people in your life. You can count on Billy Heroman’s Flowers to handle all of your Easter floral arrangements.