Billy Heroman’s Holiday Decor

holiday decorIt’s amazing how the colors of the season – red and white flowers, green leaves and accents – can evoke such warm feelings when decorating during the holidays. There is no mistaking the special nature of this time of year; and adorning our homes with these traditional hues brings a flood of memories, as well as anticipation of new ones to be made. Whether you are a traditionalist, or are looking for something a bit more modern, Billy Heroman’s has the perfect holiday décor.



It doesn’t get any more classic than a sophisticated centerpiece to illuminate your meal with candlelight; the red holiday candle under glass, surrounded by roses, ivy, pine cones and ferns can help set the mood, and make the family dinner as special as it has ever been. Of course, if your style is a bit more fresh and modern, this bouquet of roses, tulips and hydrangea, accented with gold details and pine cones, and set in a contemporary glass container will bring a fun, festive element to your dinner table.



Her’s to those who start new holiday traditions! To decorate your home with the most sophisticated of floral ornamentation, the orchid is a stunning choice. Perhaps not the most classic holiday flower, this orchid is placed in a festive container and accented with ornaments; choose a single orchid or make a statement with several. These plants also make wonderful gifts for family and friends to enjoy in their own homes all season long.



If you prefer the most classic holiday flower, Billy Heroman’s has the ever popular poinsettia plants as well! Our poinsettias are homegrown in our own Greenhouses.  So no matter your style, and no matter your choice, Billy Heroman’s is the place in Baton Rouge to pick up some holiday cheer for the home. Let us help you decorate with flowers – from arrangements to bouquets to centerpieces. Browse our site for great ideas, or come in to visit us; we are looking forward to helping you decorate your holiday season.

The Cornucopia

cornucopiaThe Thanksgiving table, for some, is a work of art. The good china comes out of the cabinet, the wine glasses are carefully placed alongside engraved place settings; and among the bowls of classic holiday fare is a show-stopping centerpiece. For many, Thanksgiving dinner simply would not be the same without the traditional cornucopia, overflowing with seasonal abundance.

Cornucopia is derived from the Latin words translated as “horn of plenty”. The wicker basket resembles a goat’s horn in shape; a fact which speaks to the cornucopia’s rich history, dating back to ancient Greece and Rome. Tales of cornucopias are found in Greek mythology, and statues of Roman gods and goddesses carry the basket in their arms. The horn of plenty has been a symbol of prosperity and abundance for thousands of years – in Europe, it was used in Celtic harvest festivals celebrating the bounty of the season.


When the Pilgrims and Indians had their historic meal in 1621, it was likely the cornucopia was on the table. The settlers would have filled the horn with local fruits and vegetables, gourds, nuts and flowers.

In this tradition, Billy Heroman’s offers the Rustic Cornucopia to adorn your holiday table. Yellow and orange blooms such as roses, lilies, sunflowers and daisies spill out of the basket; while fall accents such as cattails, foliage and berries complete the autumnal display.

If you are looking for spectacular holiday décor for your Thanksgiving dinner, or for any other gathering of friends and family this season – Billy Heroman’s is your one-stop floral shop. We can create striking centerpieces or bouquets that will bring the abundance of the fall season into your home. From ancient Greece to modern Baton Rouge, people have recognized the need to give thanks for the blessings in their life. From our family at Billy Heroman’s Flowers and Gifts to yours – Happy Thanksgiving.

Billy Heroman’s Thanksgiving

thanksgivingWith Halloween behind us, it’s finally time to start one of the most anticipated times of the year. The Thanksgiving holiday kicks off a season filled with food, festivities, family and fun. We are all aware that the Pilgrims and Indians were involved in the very first Thanksgiving, but here are some fun facts that you may not know about

The first Thanksgiving was held in Plymouth. After a disastrous first winter in the New World, when nearly half of the settlers died, the Pilgrims were celebrating abundance, health and a successful harvest. The dinner was modeled after a traditional English feast, but offered different kinds of food. The Indians, who had been instrumental in teaching the settlers how to farm, brought 5 deer, turkey and waterfowl. The settlers would have provided the food they had grown – corn, wheat and barley – as well as some of the local foods, including oysters and lobster.

After the inaugural celebration, the pilgrims and Indians never actually celebrated the feast again, at least not officially. It was not instituted as a national holiday until Abraham Lincoln did so in 1863; in 1939, Franklin Roosevelt established the fourth Thursday of November as the annual holiday.


While Americans watch football and march in parades, the meal remains the main event of Thanksgiving. Holiday tables are lovingly set and arranged with all the bounty of the season – and if you are looking for an amazing seasonal centerpiece, Billy Heroman’s can provide the perfect arrangement!

Just as the original settlers wished to celebrate their blessings, people across America still declare their gratitude for all things good. Thanksgiving is the perfect way to kick off this season of family gatherings and special get togethers. For all your fall decorating needs, Billy Heroman’s is your go-to florist – orange lilies, yellow roses, cheery sunflowers, cattails and sheaves of wheat all combine for the most memorable bouquets you have ever seen – come in today to create your Thanksgiving centerpiece just in time for dinner!

World Peace Day Flowers

world peace dayOn November 17, World Peace Day will be observed across the country. The unofficial celebration of peace and goodwill was instituted by Miami, FL native Don Morris in 1997. Known by adherents simply as “Peaceguy”, Mr. Morris wants the annual observance to remind us that as individuals, we can influence the world and make it a better place.


How can you celebrate a day that doesn’t have any official structure, events or logo? According to “Peaceguy”, simply be nice to one another, and maybe execute a few random acts of kindness. Make your sphere of influence just a littler gentler. If you would like to reach out to a few people who need a little extra peace in their life, we at Billy Heroman’s Flowers have a few ideas. For instance, what signifies peace more than the zen-infused orchid plant? This flower brings tranquility to any home or office.


Speaking of tranquility, this aptly named bouquet is sure to inspire a benevolent mood. Hydrangea, roses and eucalyptus combine for this soothing and gorgeous bouquet.


On November 17th, show your support for a more peaceful world – smile, be kind and deliver happiness. And if that includes a floral gift, Billy Heroman’s of Baton Rouge is here to help. We wish you a peaceful season.


Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts – Halloween

halloweenGrowing up, there was nothing quite like Halloween. We dressed up as our favorite princess or superhero, often refusing to take the costume off for days. We ran door to door with our parents trailing behind, boldly declaring “Trick or Treat!” without a thought of playing a trick. Our focus was solely on what piece of candy the person at the door would choose to give us. Darkness wasn’t scary, the cool weather didn’t phase us, and bedtimes were easily passed by. For a child, Halloween was truly a magical evening.


As adults, there is no reason we cannot still celebrate Halloween, even though it may look a bit different. This year, how about sharing some memories by sending Halloween gifts to friends, colleagues or siblings? We have numerous gifts baskets and gourmet desserts that will deliver the treats right to their door – and although their craving for chocolate may be the same, the “sweets” have definitely matured.


Spooky Spider

For a festive Halloween bouquet to brighten a home or office, the Spooky Spider towers over his floral perch, giving us that creepy feeling as only spiders can. This arrangement makes a great seasonal addition to an office lobby, or as a centerpiece at your costume party.



But even if Halloween is not your thing, you can still send a beautiful autumnal floral arrangement that exudes all the cozy warmth of fall. Sunflowers, roses, lilies and gerbera daisies can all be combined for a quintessential fall bouquet; add berries, cattails or colorful fall foliage to make it even more charming.


Splash of Autumn

Regardless of how you choose to observe this time of year, the wide variety of flowers and gifts at Billy Heroman’s makes it easy to find exactly the right selection. Happy Halloween, Baton Rouge!

Which Flowers to Send for Grandparents Day?

grandparents dayFor 2015, Grandparent’s Day is Sunday, September 13. Do you know how you’ll be honoring your grandparents this year? One of the best ways to show you care is by sending flowers.

The Grandparent’s Day holiday was inspired Marian McQuade. Mrs. McQuade was blessed with dozens of grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and this brought much joy to her and her husband. Inspired by her own family, Mrs. McQuade got the idea that grandparents should have their own holiday to celebrate the blessings of having grandchildren. The Grandparent’s Day holiday idea was born.

An Official U.S. Holiday

While it was celebrated unofficially for years, in 1979, President Jimmy Carter made Grandparent’s Day an official federal holiday. It is now celebrated the Sunday that follows Labor Day every year in the U.S.

Grandparent’s Day offers grandchildren the opportunity to show appreciation for those special elders in their lives. Few family members give more unconditional love and understanding than grandparents. Flowers symbolize love, appreciation and thoughtfulness. Giving flowers for Grandparent’s Day will show how much you care; here are some wonderful gift giving ideas:

Regal, Elegant Lilies

Lilies are elegant distinctively beautiful and awe-inspiring. These large, stately blooms signify positive energy, hope and renewal. Their energy is uplifting and they are sure to brighten your grandparents’ day. The lily is available in many species and and colors such as the white and pink stargazer lily, trumpet-like calla lilies and exotic orange Asiatic lilies. Billy’s Treasure combines stunning stargazer lilies with red roses and white hydrangea for a truly amazing effect.

Say it with Sunflowers

The sunflower lives up to its name by radiating positive energy like the sun. It’s ideal for early autumn or late summer gift giving. It can be sent in a large bouquet with multiple sunflowers, or blended with other bright blooms for an even more radiant effect.

grandparents day

Bold and beautiful

A Blend of Bright, Colorful Blooms

A blend of the brightest, boldest color flowers is sure to make your grandparent’s day. The Bold and Beautiful bouquet is a bright, modern arrangement with gerbera daisies, lilies, roses and more in bright shades of red, orange and purple in a clear glass contemporary vase.

Giving flowers for special occasions always strikes the perfect note, and these are just some of the many gift ideas available at Billy Heroman’s. Plan ahead to send the ideal flower gift for Grandparent’s Day, and contact Billy Heroman’s when you’re ready to place your order.


The History of Labor Day

labor dayWhen Peter McGuire was just 17, he became a piano tuner’s apprentice. Although one of the more coveted jobs of the day – it was a trade, and not dangerous – he endured very long hours and very low pay. After work he took economics classes, and met with other citizen to discuss social issues, most notably working conditions for laborers. Tired of unfair practices, workers dreamed of creating labor unions to improve their working conditions. And in the spring of 1872, Peter McGuire and 100,000 laborers went on strike, demanding shorter days and better pay.

This event is the humble beginning of what we now know as Labor Day. It would be a decade before the first Labor Day parade and fireworks display would be staged in New York City, as tens of thousands of people marched through the streets. In 1894, Congress voted Labor Day a federal holiday to commemorate the efforts of these pioneers of the labor movement, as well as to celebrate American workers everywhere who contribute to the economic success of our country.

labor day

These days, however much of that history is unknown. Labor Day marks the end of summer, and as such is a thriving holiday weekend that packs the beaches and resort areas with people looking to relax and enjoy one last summer party. If you are planning to celebrate with a picnic or barbecue, you may want to consider decorating your tables with a patriotic floral display. Not only will it brighten up your gathering, but it will be a poignant reminder of the legacy of the day.

labor day


Billy Heroman’s of Baton Rouge joins with you in celebrating the history of hard work in America, and we salute workers everywhere. Picnic or garden party, fireworks or beach – enjoy your Labor Day Weekend!

Why We Celebrate July 4th

4th of July Flowers Baton Rouge, LAIndependence Day or Fourth of July, is one of our favorite holidays for good reason. The American spirit is one of freedom, of pride and of brave sacrifice. The fireworks, the parades and the picnics are all ways for our community to share our common heritage, which dates back to 1776 and the struggle of the American Revolution. In June 1776, representatives of the 13 colonies met to draft a resolution that would make official our split from England. On July 2nd, the Continental Congress voted in favor of independence, and on July 4th Thomas Jefferson’s iconic document, the Declaration of Independence was adopted.

Although the birthday of our nation is in 1776, the first official government celebration took place a full year later. In 1777, Philadelphia celebrated with parades, speeches, prayers, gatherings, dinners and fireworks. After the Revolutionary War, the annual festivities were designed to foster a feeling of nationalism and community. July 4th celebrations became more commonplace after the War of 1812, and in 1870, it was declared a federal holiday. As the years passed, the political significance of the day decreased, but its importance in the heart of Americans has continued to increase, as it represents our very spirit and legacy.

July 4th has long recognized freedom with traditional festivities that look similar to that first celebration – fireworks, parades and stirring speeches; to family picnics and barbecues. No matter the manner of your fun on July 4th, Billy Heroman’s Flower Shops have a the right floral arrangement or display to highlight any gathering with patriotic flair. Red roses or gerbera daisies, white lilies and baby’s breath, blue delphinium – there are so many beautiful floral choices to make your day beautiful. Stop into one of our Baton Rouge locations today to speak to an expert florist and create your own Fourth of July décor!

Delicious Gifts For Dad this Father’s Day

Fathers have been revered in many cultures since the beginning of history. However, the modern day celebration of Father’s Day began in the United States. The holiday can be traced back to 1909, and a young lady by the name of Sonora Smart-Dodd of Spokane, Washington. Mrs. Dodd’s father, William Smart, had raised 6 children alone after his wife passed away, and Sonora felt that he should be honored like mothers were. The Spokane Ministerial Association and the local YMCA got behind the efforts, and the first Father’s Day was celebrated on June 19, 1910.

Father's Day

Tropical Planter

Father’s Day was celebrated to varying degrees throughout the years, but was not declared a national holiday until 1972. It had some trouble gaining complete acceptance for many reasons, most originating from the men themselves. The day was seen as overly sentimental, as well as a commercial gimmick to sell more product. But by the end of World War II, honoring dads was established as a national celebration, if not officially.

While a florist might not be the first place you think of for Father’s Day gifts, we have a great variety of wonderful gifts for him. From gourmet dinners, to plants perfect for home or office, these gifts are sure to make him smile. If Dad has a green thumb, you can also choose to send a cool and dignified Tropical Planter to brighten his office.

If you are looking for gift ideas for Dad that go beyond neckties, look no further than Billy Heroman’s Flowers and Gift of Baton Rouge. We have three locations, or call us directly at (800) 272-7673  to place your order!

Observing Memorial Day with Flowers

memorial dayObserved since just after the Civil War, Memorial Day has seen many traditions associated with the day. One of the most solemn is the manner by which the American flag is officially flown. At dawn, the flag is raised to full mast, then immediately lowered to half mast to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice. At noon, the flag is once again raised to the top, indicating that those of us still alive will never cease to honor those heroes. Americans also attend parades, memorials and worship services; many veteran organizations also pass out the iconic red poppy in remembrance.

However, the earliest observance of Memorial Day was centered around flowers. Originally called Decoration Day, the first instituted tradition was that of placing flowers on the grave-sites of lost loved ones. Although many traditions have been added since that time, the poignant expression of a floral arrangement remains the favorite of patriotic citizens.

memorial day

America the Beautiful

One of the most popular arrangements at Billy Heroman’s is our America the Beautiful arrangement. It is a perfect red, white and blue tribute for this day featuring blue hydrangea and red roses. Another very popular Memorial Day design is Floral Fireworks. This bouquet has a lovely assortment of blue delphinium, white daisies, and red carnations.

For a faith based arrangement, many choose our naturally beautiful Red Rose Cross; while those looking for a deeper meaning may opt for our stunning Casablanca White Lilies. Lilies traditionally symbolize that the souls of our loved ones are restored to innocence and purity in heaven.

memorial day

Floral Fireworks

Memorial Day is the perfect time to stop and reflect on the personal sacrifices of those who fought for America. And flowers remain the perfect representation of reflection, as they have been from the earliest days. On May 5, 1868, as the very first Decoration Day was announced, General John Logan stated “The 30th of May is designated for the purpose of strewing with flowers…the graves of comrades” To continue this great legacy with your family, visit any one of our (3) Baton Rouge flower shops; or search online for the perfect expression of gratitude. Happy Memorial Day from all of us at Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts.