Father’s Day- Celebrating a Day for Dad

father's dayWhen thinking of what to get dad for Father’s Day, sometimes the list can seem a bit cliché. With a closet full of ties and a garage packed with power tools, this Father’s Day may be the one that you should consider treating Dad a unique gift and an unexpected adventure. Dads say that their #1 desire is to spend time with those he loves, so why not create some memories that will make their way into the family photo album?

This year, Father’s Day falls on June 19th and that weekend is the ideal time to explore Baton Rouge. From the Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center to the Shaw Center for the Arts to hot air balloon rides – there is something to fit every dad’s personality! Make sure no one goes hungry while you are exploring the city – before you leave, give dad one of our Tasting and Toasting treat baskets, filled with gourmet wine, cheese, nuts, and chocolate. These delicacies will provide great food whether running around Baton Rouge or relaxing on the couch watching a game.

father's day father's day

You may want to consider giving Dad the gift of better health – did you know that green plants have been proven to improve air quality and function as a stress reliever? And if your dad is hard working and focused, then maybe the gift of a lush green plant would be a great addition to his office space to bring about some serenity and vitality. Some of our favorite green plants for Dad include the Chinese Evergreen, Nepthytis, and the Dracaena family of plants. Plants are also a great gift to send across the miles, so if you cannot be with your father, check out our wide variety of green and flowering plants.

The expert designers at Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts know just had to add the perfect touches for gifts for any occasion – to celebrate Dad on June 19, start right here with us.

Celebrating Mother’s Day 2016

mother's dayMay the 8th is a day when children everywhere – young and old – get the chance to show their moms the appreciation that she so deserves! Over 100 years ago, Anna Jarvis championed efforts to bring recognition as to the importance of mothers; she was acting, primarily, to honor her own mother’s dream of such a day. Although there are many precursors to the holiday, it wasn’t until 1914 when President Woodrow Wilson made it official. Mother’s Day is celebrated annually on the 2nd Sunday of May; and the holiday has been mirrored around the world, observed on the same day in Australia, England, India, Canada, and Mexico.

mother's dayOf course, there are many ways we can tell mom we love her – Americans will spend billions on cards, restaurants, jewelry and spa days, not to mention flowers. From the simplicity of a few pink roses to the extravagance of a cut flower bouquet, flowers carry with them inherent meaning that tells the story of your mom’s personality. Orchids represent grace and beauty; mums signify loyalty and pink roses express deep gratitude. What flowers would you like to include in your arrangement?

mother's dayHere’s a tip we love – if you research the meaning of flowers and find some that perfectly represent how you feel about your mom, give us a call. We’ll work with you to design a unique floral bouquet created just for your mother. When you deliver the flowers, include a handwritten card that explains why you selected each flower for her. The note will last long after the holiday is over, and is sure to become something she cherishes.

mother's dayWhoever has filled the role of mother in your life – whether your mom, grandmom, an aunt or a special friend – make sure this day doesn’t pass by without giving them the gratitude they deserve – send gorgeous cut flowers from Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts.

Billy Heroman’s Flowers- Administrative Professionals Day

administrative professionalsThere are many people in our lives that we appreciate and couldn’t do without. Sometimes, unfortunately, giving them the gratitude that they deserve can fall to the wayside in the busyness of our day. Every April there is an entire week set aside to encourage the administrative professionals in our organizations that are instrumental to our success. This year, National Administrative Professionals Day falls on Wednesday, April 27, and is the perfect time to show those coworkers how important they are to the company.

administrative professionalsCreated approximately 75 years ago during World War II, the observance was originally named National Secretaries Day. The reason for its genesis was to bring about appreciation of those already working in the field, as well as to encourage others to choose this career path. As time went on, the name was eventually changed to Administrative Professionals Day, to reflect the evolution of the modern workplace. A recent social media poll found that an overwhelming number of employees considered administrative personnel to be more influential to day-to-day operations than even those at the top – they have contact with everyone from customers to vendors, to executives; and know more about how the business works than anyone else.

administrative professionalsWith all their importance in keeping the business running smoothly every day, these indispensable employees deserve some recognition! A delivery of fresh flowers, green plants or gourmet snacks and treats is a great way to show that their efforts do not go unnoticed or unappreciated and that you consider them valuable assets to the team. If you haven’t thanked your team lately, April 27th is a very good time to do so.

administrative professionalsBilly Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts has a passion for helping you to celebrate the important people in your life. Give us a call, and let’s work together to make this National Administrative Professional’s Day one your employees will never forget.

Billy Heroman’s – Easter Flowers

easter flowersAt Billy Heroman’s, we appreciate the role that flowers play in our history and our legends. The white Easter lily is one of those flowers that holds a truly special meaning this time of year, making it the most popular flower sold for Easter Sunday. Legend relates that the Easter lily first sprouted on Resurrection Sunday, in the place where the sweat of Jesus had soaked into the ground during his passion. White lilies are also symbolic of purity and divinity, giving them an even deeper meaning in many Christian traditions. Because of these associations, floral arrangements showcasing the white lily are prolific in church services and places of worship throughout this season.

easter flowers

This time of year also sees bright and colorful floral designs that celebrate the new hope and joy of springtime. Arrangements utilizing tulips, daises, irises, snapdragons and daffodils allow you to bring the sentiment and emotions of the new season into any space; or to show someone how much you truly care for them. Spring blooms are not only beautiful, but they are also meaningful – each carrying thoughts of love, renewal and serenity. In the Easter season, color palettes of pastel pinks, blues and yellows, accented by greenery are common – resulting in floral arrangements that look like an Easter basket brought to life.

easter flowers

This year, celebrate Easter in all of its glory with fresh floral creations from Billy Heroman’s. Whether you are looking to send a meaningful spiritual gift, or decorate the Easter egg hunt, we have the appropriate arrangement. If you want to brighten your loved one’s home, or create a stunning centerpiece for your holiday dinner – the expert florists at Billy Heroman’s are looking forward to helping you. Easter is a time of hope, innocence and beauty – and we have all the flowers needed to decorate the celebration!

Festive Holiday Centerpieces

holiday centerpieceWhat says Christmas to you?

Is it the Christmas tree piled high with presents; the twinkling lights that line your home? Or perhaps, your favorite part of the holiday is gathering with family and friends around the holiday table. Many take great care to create the perfect table – the place settings, the food – and the festive centerpiece that perfectly expresses your style.

holiday centerpiece

Christmas Centerpiece

Billy Heroman’s has many suggestions to help you choose the perfect centerpiece for your table. Choose our Christmas Centerpiece for the classic arrangement we all recognize – red and white seasonal blooms, evergreen branches, pine cones and slim taper candles combine to the quintessential floral centerpiece. Choose the smaller round arrangement for smaller tables.

holiday centerpiece

Christmas Candle Centerpiece


For elegant holiday spirit, try dinner by candlelight! The Christmas Candle Centerpiece lights up the room with a festive red pillar candle under glass. Red roses add sophisticated charm, while the festive ribbon, pine cones and harvest accents sit in a bed of lush evergreen. This centerpiece is at home in any seasonal gathering, adding both beauty and tradition.

holiday centerpiece


If you prefer to make a bold statement, the Elegance Centerpiece brings the cheer in a contemporary way. Pure snow white blooms are set off dramatically in a winter wonderland of greens and pine cones; it presents a natural variation to the traditional centerpiece.



When you are looking for beautiful centerpiece for your table, a striking floral arrangement to decorate your home, or a seasonal holiday bouquet to send to friends or families – Billy Heroman’s is your Christmas flower source. From traditional to chic to whimsical, we look forward to creating the perfect arrangement to make your holiday shine.


Billy Heroman’s – Holiday Treats

holiday treatAt Christmas time, family gatherings, parties with friends and impromptu visits necessitate having plenty of snacks around the house. So many of our holiday traditions – and so many of our memories – are tied up in holiday meals, and holiday treats and sweets.


Billy Heroman’s can help with all the delicacies this season. Your guests will love diving into our Chocoholic Basket – after all, what says holiday snacking more than chocolate? Candy bars, gourmet chocolates and cookies are overflowing from this basket – just add some coffee, and you’ve got a cozy night with friends and family.

holiday treat

Chocoholic Basket


If you are traveling to someone’s home, or want to send a little bit of holiday love, try one of our gourmet desserts. Choose an assortment of homemade brownies or a lemon biscotti cheesecake; every selection is a little bit decadent, just as a holiday dessert should be! Although the holidays are the best time of year to indulge with amazing treats, you may wish to have a full assortment of fruit on hand for those who desire some fresh diversion. We have fruit baskets of all types and sizes as well, to fill in those hours between meals.

holiday treat

Tasting and Toasting

To make a memorable impression with business colleagues or employees, the Office Delights gift basket is an extravagant reminder of your appreciation. Enjoy biscotti, Ghiradelli chocolate, popcorn, almonds, salami, crackers – and even smoked salmon; this basket ensures that everyone will have their fill of something they love. Send a holiday gift basket to someone you love across the country, or someone who is away for the holiday with our Tasting and Toasting gift basket. It includes selections from wine country, along with focaccia, cheese, almonds and olives.


The holidays are the perfect time to gather with all the meaningful people in your life; and Billy Heroman’s is here to deliver all the holiday deliciousness you’ll need for any occasion. So whether you are throwing the neighborhood Christmas party, or curling up in front of the fireplace, we have the perfect food to set the mood. Happy holidays from Billy Heroman’s Flowers and Gifts.

Billy Heroman’s Holiday Decor

holiday decorIt’s amazing how the colors of the season – red and white flowers, green leaves and accents – can evoke such warm feelings when decorating during the holidays. There is no mistaking the special nature of this time of year; and adorning our homes with these traditional hues brings a flood of memories, as well as anticipation of new ones to be made. Whether you are a traditionalist, or are looking for something a bit more modern, Billy Heroman’s has the perfect holiday décor.



It doesn’t get any more classic than a sophisticated centerpiece to illuminate your meal with candlelight; the red holiday candle under glass, surrounded by roses, ivy, pine cones and ferns can help set the mood, and make the family dinner as special as it has ever been. Of course, if your style is a bit more fresh and modern, this bouquet of roses, tulips and hydrangea, accented with gold details and pine cones, and set in a contemporary glass container will bring a fun, festive element to your dinner table.



Her’s to those who start new holiday traditions! To decorate your home with the most sophisticated of floral ornamentation, the orchid is a stunning choice. Perhaps not the most classic holiday flower, this orchid is placed in a festive container and accented with ornaments; choose a single orchid or make a statement with several. These plants also make wonderful gifts for family and friends to enjoy in their own homes all season long.



If you prefer the most classic holiday flower, Billy Heroman’s has the ever popular poinsettia plants as well! Our poinsettias are homegrown in our own Greenhouses.  So no matter your style, and no matter your choice, Billy Heroman’s is the place in Baton Rouge to pick up some holiday cheer for the home. Let us help you decorate with flowers – from arrangements to bouquets to centerpieces. Browse our site for great ideas, or come in to visit us; we are looking forward to helping you decorate your holiday season.

The Cornucopia

cornucopiaThe Thanksgiving table, for some, is a work of art. The good china comes out of the cabinet, the wine glasses are carefully placed alongside engraved place settings; and among the bowls of classic holiday fare is a show-stopping centerpiece. For many, Thanksgiving dinner simply would not be the same without the traditional cornucopia, overflowing with seasonal abundance.

Cornucopia is derived from the Latin words translated as “horn of plenty”. The wicker basket resembles a goat’s horn in shape; a fact which speaks to the cornucopia’s rich history, dating back to ancient Greece and Rome. Tales of cornucopias are found in Greek mythology, and statues of Roman gods and goddesses carry the basket in their arms. The horn of plenty has been a symbol of prosperity and abundance for thousands of years – in Europe, it was used in Celtic harvest festivals celebrating the bounty of the season.


When the Pilgrims and Indians had their historic meal in 1621, it was likely the cornucopia was on the table. The settlers would have filled the horn with local fruits and vegetables, gourds, nuts and flowers.

In this tradition, Billy Heroman’s offers the Rustic Cornucopia to adorn your holiday table. Yellow and orange blooms such as roses, lilies, sunflowers and daisies spill out of the basket; while fall accents such as cattails, foliage and berries complete the autumnal display.

If you are looking for spectacular holiday décor for your Thanksgiving dinner, or for any other gathering of friends and family this season – Billy Heroman’s is your one-stop floral shop. We can create striking centerpieces or bouquets that will bring the abundance of the fall season into your home. From ancient Greece to modern Baton Rouge, people have recognized the need to give thanks for the blessings in their life. From our family at Billy Heroman’s Flowers and Gifts to yours – Happy Thanksgiving.

Billy Heroman’s Thanksgiving

thanksgivingWith Halloween behind us, it’s finally time to start one of the most anticipated times of the year. The Thanksgiving holiday kicks off a season filled with food, festivities, family and fun. We are all aware that the Pilgrims and Indians were involved in the very first Thanksgiving, but here are some fun facts that you may not know about

The first Thanksgiving was held in Plymouth. After a disastrous first winter in the New World, when nearly half of the settlers died, the Pilgrims were celebrating abundance, health and a successful harvest. The dinner was modeled after a traditional English feast, but offered different kinds of food. The Indians, who had been instrumental in teaching the settlers how to farm, brought 5 deer, turkey and waterfowl. The settlers would have provided the food they had grown – corn, wheat and barley – as well as some of the local foods, including oysters and lobster.

After the inaugural celebration, the pilgrims and Indians never actually celebrated the feast again, at least not officially. It was not instituted as a national holiday until Abraham Lincoln did so in 1863; in 1939, Franklin Roosevelt established the fourth Thursday of November as the annual holiday.


While Americans watch football and march in parades, the meal remains the main event of Thanksgiving. Holiday tables are lovingly set and arranged with all the bounty of the season – and if you are looking for an amazing seasonal centerpiece, Billy Heroman’s can provide the perfect arrangement!

Just as the original settlers wished to celebrate their blessings, people across America still declare their gratitude for all things good. Thanksgiving is the perfect way to kick off this season of family gatherings and special get togethers. For all your fall decorating needs, Billy Heroman’s is your go-to florist – orange lilies, yellow roses, cheery sunflowers, cattails and sheaves of wheat all combine for the most memorable bouquets you have ever seen – come in today to create your Thanksgiving centerpiece just in time for dinner!

World Peace Day Flowers

world peace dayOn November 17, World Peace Day will be observed across the country. The unofficial celebration of peace and goodwill was instituted by Miami, FL native Don Morris in 1997. Known by adherents simply as “Peaceguy”, Mr. Morris wants the annual observance to remind us that as individuals, we can influence the world and make it a better place.


How can you celebrate a day that doesn’t have any official structure, events or logo? According to “Peaceguy”, simply be nice to one another, and maybe execute a few random acts of kindness. Make your sphere of influence just a littler gentler. If you would like to reach out to a few people who need a little extra peace in their life, we at Billy Heroman’s Flowers have a few ideas. For instance, what signifies peace more than the zen-infused orchid plant? This flower brings tranquility to any home or office.


Speaking of tranquility, this aptly named bouquet is sure to inspire a benevolent mood. Hydrangea, roses and eucalyptus combine for this soothing and gorgeous bouquet.


On November 17th, show your support for a more peaceful world – smile, be kind and deliver happiness. And if that includes a floral gift, Billy Heroman’s of Baton Rouge is here to help. We wish you a peaceful season.