St. Patrick’s Day Florals

St. Patrick's Day

We’ve barely put away the Mardi Gras decor and we’ve got another great reason to celebrate – and use a lot of left-over green beads! The Wearin’ of the Green Parade takes place here in Baton Rouge on March 18th, one day after the official holiday. But why do we celebrate this day anyway?  Both a cultural phenomenon and a religious observance, the date was originally established as a Catholic feast day, but has grown into a celebration of all things Irish. Whether to show off your own Irish flair or to send a token to your Celtic friends, Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts is the place to call for the most beautiful and unique green florals in town.

Did You Know? St. Patrick was not Irish, he was born to a family in Great Britain. As a young man, he was kidnapped by pirates and was held captive in Ireland. After his release, he became a priest and returned to Ireland to be a missionary to the local Celtic druid peoples. Continue reading

What Flowers to Send for St. Patrick’s Day

social copyEvery year on March 17 it seems as though the country gets wrapped in green for St. Patrick’s Day. Regardless of ethnic heritage, everyone celebrates the Luck of the Irish by eating green bagels and going to parades. Those looking for a way to show that special someone in their lives how much they matter will also find that this is a wonderful occasion to give some fantastic flowers to help lighten the March day. At Billy Heroman’s, we love finding that perfect gift with our customers so they can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

An orchid cube

Orchids are beautiful flowers that have have been growing in popularity because of their gorgeous and unique appearance. Look for a gentle white orchid paired with some green leaves and stems, like our orchid cube. This cube offers a delicate beauty that will fit well on mantles, end tables, or even office desks. The green and white will perfectly fit with the theme for the holiday and make the atmosphere more festive.

Lucky Orchid Cube

Lucky Orchid Cube

Calla Lilies

Calla lilies are another excellent option to bring in St. Patrick’s day. The gentle white flowers can be perfectly paired with Belles of Ireland for a green and white bouquet that will be wonderful for celebrating this festive holiday. This arrangement will be perfect to present to that special someone. The flowers can be placed in a vase that would look wonderful in nearly any room of the house.

A St. Patrick’s Day planter

Rather than giving cut flowers to celebrate this fun feast day, consider giving the gift of a planter. An assortment of green plants will match the colors of the festivities while also adding some beauty to the home or office. People love having green plants in their home because they can help keep the air clean and add a bit of life to the room. Give the plant with a fun St. Patrick’s Day balloon to complete the look and add to the fun atmosphere.

St. Patrick’s Day is a day to celebrate being green. Whether a person is actually Irish or they just like to pretend with all that festivities that they have a connection to the Emerald Isle, March 17 is a day to bring out the leprechaun in everyone. Celebrate with those closest to you by giving one of these fantastic arrangements and help make the entire day that much brighter.


Why Give Gifts on St. Patricks Day?

Ah, the luck of the Irish to ya! – St. Patrick’s Day is upon us once again and what better way to celebrate the green, then with the gift of flowers. St. Patty’s day may not be a holiday you normally associate with gift giving, but it was Saint Patrick himself that started the tradition. He gave three-leaved shamrocks to his Irish flock as a tool to explain the Holy Trinity. Today, you can carry on the spirit of St. Patty by sharing a little bit of Mother Nature’s green with the people in your life. On March 17th, everyone is just a little Irish, so show your spirit with the right flowers.

Green Roses?

Roses come in more colors than you might imagine. The green variety perfect for a St. Patrick’s Day arrangement are Rosa chinensis viridiflora, an old heirloom China rose. How does a rose end up being green? As the result of a mutation discovered around 1856, this bloom is made up of sepals instead of pedals, giving it a green color ideal for a St. Patrick’s Day. Not dyed or altered in any way, the Rosa chinensis viridiflora is a natural wonder.


That is right; they come in green, as well, although not as a result of evolution. Lime green chrysanthemums are a savvy option for the St. Patrick’s Day celebration. They can be grown green through a hybridization process, but often they come dyed or tinted using green water soaks. No matter how they got that way, green chrysanthemums add a touch of the Irish to any floral gift.

The Bells-of-Ireland

Even the name fits. Moluccella laevis, or the Bells-of-Ireland, actually native to Turkey, represents luck. It offers tiny white or pink fragrant flowers surrounded by green calyces. The shape and length of the plant make it a distinctive addition to any St. Patrick’s Day arrangement.

It is not Always about the Green

The key to the right bouquet choice for St. Patrick’s Day is balance. You can combine some of your favorite blooms with some exotic green choices to build a bouquet that says Happy St. Patrick’s Day to someone you love.

Why Give Gifts on St. Patrick’s Day? The real question is, why not give them. You don’t have to be Irish to understand the meaning of fun, and that is what St. Patrick’s Day brings.