Back to School- What Do Teachers Really Want?

back to schoolTeacher gifts are commonplace on Appreciation Days, holidays, or the last day of school. But have you ever considered a teacher gift on the first day of a new school year? It is a great way to express support and confidence in your child’s incoming teacher, and set the tone for your very important relationship. In a recent study regarding teacher gifts, the teachers reported than the number one thing they would like to receive is a heartfelt note from an appreciative parent. Other popular selections were gift cards, or items that would be useful in the classroom.

Billy Heroman’s has a wide range of plants that should spur interesting and educational conversations. The Succulent Garden is comprised of plants known for storing water in unique ways; and is low maintenance enough for easy year-round enjoyment. The Tropical Blooming Bromeliad Plant will add color to any classroom, while showcasing blooms native to tropical forests and climates.

back to school

Tropical Blooming Bromeliad Plant

Not sure what your new favorite teacher would like? Give her our “Use it For Anything” gift card, good for flowers, plants, gourmet gift baskets, gourmet desserts and more – guaranteeing that your gift is just right. And don’t forget the heartfelt personal note!

While you are at it, don’t forget that your kids are entering a new school year as well. Show your daughter you believe in her with a bouquet of sweetheart roses; remind your college student of home with a Chocoholic Gift Basket sure to make them the hit of the dorm. Regardless of what you choose, both students and teachers will appreciate your thoughtfulness as everyone embarks on the new year. Stop into one of Billy Heroman’s three Baton Rouge area flower shops for ideas and inspiration.

Decorating Your Outdoor Space

outdoor plantsThis time of the year, we spend a lot of time outside. Whether we are lounging on the pool deck, dining at the picnic table, or holding a gathering on our lawn, we love to enjoy sunshine and nature. If you love the colors of flowering plants but don’t want to cultivate a garden, Billy Heroman’s is your one stop florist. We offer many options for beautifying your outdoor space with gorgeous blooms.



outdoor plants

Endless Blooms Bougainvillea

outdoor plants

Full Summer Blooms Bougainvillea

Start with Endless Blooms Bougainvillea , a floral arrangement that will add a tropical flair to your outdoor oasis. Available in several vibrant hues, they will provide a flowering backdrop well into the fall, making them a wonderful choice for decorating. If you prefer, you can also get these hardy flowers, which love the summer climate in a hanging basket. Suspend from porch railings, fences or garden hooks for a gorgeous accent to any home’s landscaping. Or perhaps you’d like to Make the Patio Pretty, with our pot of assorted annuals sure to brighten any dull corner of your space.

outdoor plants

Make the Patio Pretty

If you like things a little more green or exotic, consider tropical foliage and blooms that are native to warm weather climates. Ferns are also especially well suited for outdoors in the summer months, as they are native to rain forests, and thus love humid, warm weather. Whether in a container or dish garden for an outdoor table or display; or in a potted arrangement – these plants make for lush, full arrangements that bring the tropical garden right onto your deck.

outdoor plants

Blooming Tropical Paradise

If you are looking to transform your outdoor living space into a living garden, Billy Heroman’s has the ideas and expertise to help you create it. Visit us at one of our three Baton Rouge Flowershops and be inspired.

Celebrating Houseplant Appreciation Day with Better Feng Shui

You might not have been aware it was even a holiday, but Houseplant Appreciation Day is coming up. Saturday, January 10 is Houseplant Appreciation Day, and it’s the perfect time for adding to your own houseplant collection or gifting friends, colleagues and family members with houseplants of their own.

Plants do so much for us — they help purify and oxygenate the air we breathe and neutralize toxins in our environment. Studies have shown they can help reduce stress, increase productivity and promote peace of mind. They are also an important element of the Chinese art of Feng Shui, which focuses on an optimal flow of life force energy, or “chi” around a home. Here are some plants that can help to improve the Feng Shui in any indoor environment; they’re also great for Houseplant Appreciation Day gift giving:

Chinese Evergreen

With its broad, patterned leaves and peaceful energy, the Chinese Evergreen can uplift the energy in any home. It’s also known to be excellent for cleansing VOCs (volatile organic compounds) around the home s that the air you breathe is safer for you and your family.

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum Plant)

With a nickname name like Peace Lily, it’s not surprising that this plant will improve the energy and conditions around your home. It features shiny dark green leaves and it blooms bright white lily flowers throughout the year. Spathiphyllum also cleanses the air and is also very easy to care for.


Ferns are another pleasant way to improve the conditions in your home. The fern has been around on this planet for millions of years, and it brings a calm, centering energy to any space. Consider a Boston fern for your own home or to give as a gift.


The large ficus plant is also excellent for improving the flow of chi in your home as well as handling and neutralizing larger amounts of VOCs. This makes them ideal for larger spaces like living rooms, and they are particularly good at offsetting toxins brought in from new furniture items or carpeting. Consider adding an Amstel King or Benjamina ficus plant to your home or office, or give them as gifts to loved ones.

Houseplant Appreciation Day is a time to pause and express gratitude for all that plants do for our quality of life. Contact Billy Heroman’s for more ideas for Houseplant Appreciation Day gift giving.


How Flowers Got Their Place in Passover

Passover is a herald to spring with much of the holiday’s symbolism representing the season’s renewal of life. Jews celebrate Passover, also named the Festival of Freedom, in late March or early April dependent on how the Jewish lunar calendar aligns with the standard solar calendar. The festival is eight days long, and the first two nights are large family gatherings. These nights, celebrants hold Seders, or festive ritual meals. The word Seder means order, due to the order of the rituals that surround the meal. Special foods are eaten, songs are sung and the story of the Exodus from Egypt is told to pass traditions from generation to generation.

Flowers are not part of the religious ceremonies that surround Passover, but they remind us of spring, and bring joy to participants. Therefore, they are appropriate hostess gifts to grace the Passover Seder Table. When choosing a bouquet to bring as a gift, use flowers that extend the themes of the holiday.

To celebrate the season of spring, choose seasonal flowers such as cherry blossoms, hyacinths, forsythia, irises, daisies, violets, daffodils and tulips. If the holiday falls later in the spring, you may be able to pull these flowers from your own garden to create the perfect gift. If you are well acquainted with the hostess, you can call ahead to ask if she is decorating for the holiday in specific colors. If so, you can bring a floral arrangement that matches her decor.

To create a bouquet or basket of flowers that represents freedom from slavery, the main theme of Passover, mix yellow roses with yellow tulips. A third flower that represents freedom is the bird of paradise, however this is more difficult to get during the holiday.

Other uses for flowers during Passover include:

  • Corsages for guests
  • At each place setting
  • On a buffet table
  • Lining the dessert such as around a cake plate
  • Mini-centerpieces for longer tables

One thing to keep in mind when ordering flowers for a Seder Table is that the Passover meal is a feast for the senses due to the combination of tasting the food, hearing the songs, seeing the special foods and symbols, touching the Seder Plate and smelling the numerous related scents. Therefore, it is best to choose flowers that have light fragrances that will complement the rest of the scents from the holiday.

Why Tulips are the Perfect Spring Flowers

Spring is the time of year to enjoy flowers and other plant-life. The weather conditions encourage plants to grow and the temperatures are comfortable enough for any individual to enjoy going out into a garden to see the flowers. Tulips are a particular spring favorite for a variety of reasons, which makes them a perfect addition to any bouquet of flowers or a garden.

Color Choices

Tulips are available in a variety of colors, which make them a perfect flower for spring. It is possible to tell a message with the color or simply enjoy the bright addition to any room.

Depending on the message or the preferred color, the best tulips for a gift can vary. White tulips, which symbolize purity and forgiveness, are appropriate for most situations. For a little bit of color, pink tulips are a good choice because it symbolizes affection.

Simple Appearance

Although the color choices can appeal to a variety of individuals, tulips are a bulb flower that is perfect for any occasion. The flowers have a simple appearance that matches well with other types of flowers for an intricate and interesting bouquet.

Tulips can add a simple beauty to any room or add to the appeal of a garden without causing an over-the-top appearance. It enhances the beauty of the space without overpowering the room.


When it comes to flowers that can last in a vase for several days or offer beauty in a garden throughout the spring months, tulips are a perfect choice. Tulips are hardy as long as they are given enough water.

Cut tulips can last as long as eight days if the water in the vase is changed. It is not necessary to add flower food to the water with tulips, which makes them easier to handle than some other flowers.

When tulips grow in the garden, they can add to the beauty of the space for weeks. Since the flowers are long-lasting, they make a great gift for loved ones.

During the spring months, tulips can add beauty and elegance to any bouquet or garden. The flowers offer a variety of color choices, a simple elegance and the durability to last for days, even after being cut. Tulips are perfect for the spring months because they are reminiscent of the season.

Tree of Wishes

A Billy Heroman’s Designed Wish Tree

     A Wish Tree is used as an object of wishes and offerings. Wish Trees can be found in nature or can be created or arranged for a specific purpose. They have been used by many different cultures throughout time; however, recently they have become a very popular alternative to the guestbook for wedding receptions. The act of writing down wishes, hopes, or blessings creates a sense of unity among people. What better way to celebrate the unity of two lives coming together than sharing with them your hopes and blessings for their marriage! Not only is it sentimental, but the artistry of a Wish Tree is aesthetically pleasing. Yet another creative way in which a bride can show her unique personality on her special day!

To see more of our unique wedding creations visit our website at

Orchid Care Instructions


Orchids are beautiful flowering plants that bloom for fairly long periods of time. They come in a vast variety of shapes and sizes. And with a little love and care, they can last for years! Three common types of Orchids are Dendrobium, Phalaenopsis, and Cattleya.

Dendrobium Orchids are among the most common form of the plant and must be considered for 2nd, if not 1st, choice. They are very common and readily available in most areas. They are very easy to care for and are available in a wide variety of colors.

Phalaenopsis Orchids’ timeless elegance reflects the finest of taste when given as a gift. While no two are alike, it is truly a statement of opulence when displayed. They are stunningly beautiful and can be located in most areas. They do not release any fragrance and bloom for 3 to 6 months.

Cattleya Orchids are very exotic in nature and, therefore, are more difficult to locate. Some produce a pleasing hint of fragrance similar to that of a Hyacinth.

The Perfect Plant for Fall!


Chrysanthemums are the perfect flower for fall because they love to show off their vibrant and plentiful blooms for weeks at a time during this season.

If you are planting mums during the fall season, be aware that these plants probably will not last the winter season as they have not had time to establish their roots. That being said, you can treat mums planted in the fall as annuals and just re-plant year to year. The location of the plant is the key. Mums must be planted in fertile soil with adequate drainage, as they do not like their “feet” wet. Make sure the area or container has plenty of space for the formed root ball. And be sure to choose a location that exposes the plant to AT LEAST 6 hours of sunlight per day. Water well and continue to water every other day and adjust accordingly.

If you are planting mums as perennials, it is best to plant during the spring season in order to have fully established roots for the upcoming seasons. Follow the same rules as annuals as far as location, soil, and watering are concerned. To make sure your mums last through the winter season, protect them with several inches of mulch. When spring comes, cut back stems and fertilize. If your plant blooms during the spring, pinch them back before the end of summer to encourage fall blooms.

Chrysanthemums are a great addition to any flowerbed and are fairly easy to care for.

Purchase your fall Chrysanthemums through our website here:

Bougainvillea Care Instructions


Bougainvilleas are plants that thrive in tropical areas/temperatures with high heat and little rainfall. They are full sun plants meaning they need AT LEAST five hours of direct sunlight a day. In winter, Bougainvillea CAN survive only if brought indoors.

The most important part of Bougainvillea care is the use of a fertilizer specifically made for the Bougainvillea (such as “Bougainvillea & Flowering Vine Food” by Ferti-lome), as it’s root system is very delicate. Feed the plant about every two weeks until blooming begins, then, once a month after that.


A good rule of thumb for the Bougainvillea is to let the soil be visually dry before watering. But once it is time to water, make sure the whole root system is included. Wilting flowers are another warning that your plant needs watering. Take care not to allow the plant to get too dry, while making sure it does not sit in water for too long– balance is the key. If planted, plant on higher ground and if in a pot, make sure to keep all holes used for drainage clear.

If you want to prune your plant, it is best to do it after it is finished blooming– as Bougainvilleas bloom in cycles.

Gorgeous Summer Wedding Flowers

Here are some of our most recent wedding flowers. Aren’t they gorgeous!?


Looking for flowers for your special day? Look no further. Your Billy Heroman’s wedding will be uniquely designed to reflect the season, the setting and your own personal style. Not only can we decorate your wedding with gorgeous flowers and plants, we also have an extensive list of props we can provide. Billy Heroman’s will take care of your wedding needs even outside of Baton Rouge. We are happy to travel to New Orleans, Lafayette, St Francisville or even further if needed. Just ask us!

For more information, visit our website at or call (225) 272-7673 for a consultation with one of our talented wedding specialists.