Dance Flowers To Die For

Summer is within reach, but before that, there’s the end of the school year, with its award ceremonies, graduations, proms and parties. It’s a celebratory time for our local seniors and their families, and Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts knows it’s also a time when flowers are in high demand. Everything from rose bouquets to nosegays to graduation party centerpieces is called for, but for many, there’s no more important end-of-school-year flowers than the ones worn to prom.

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Corsage Flowers for the Dance

corsage flowers

Spring is the season for corsage flowers – for spring dances, proms, graduation ceremonies, or even Mother’s Day! There are so many reasons at this time of year to buy someone special some gorgeous wearable flowers, whether a traditional corsage or a beautiful wristlet – and Billy Heroman’s Flowers has the freshest roses, orchids, lilies, and more.

Did You Know? The word corsage is of French origin, and means ‘the bodice of a dress’. Early on, the flowers pinned to the dress were called ‘bouquet de corsage’, but the term was eventually shortened.  Continue reading

Formal Flowers for the Big Game

formal flowers

Although several schools have claimed responsibility for the first homecoming celebration, it is customarily attributed to the University of Missouri. In 1911, the school invited all of their alumni to a home football game and held a parade to commemorate everyone’s return. To this day, homecoming weekend is usually centered around a football game, with dances, parades, and parties also being popular customs. All over Baton Rouge, high schools and colleges are preparing for Homecoming 2016 – and Billy Heroman’s Flowers has all the formal flowers for the dance, the homecoming court, and the big game!

formal flowers

Corsages and wristlets are often ordered over homecoming weekend – for mothers of the football players, for members of the homecoming court, and for the girls going to the dances.

formal flowers

These beautiful designs can be created in any colors – to match a dress, or to exhibit school spirit by displaying your team’s colors. Tell us the colors that will work for you, and we’ll create the perfect accessory.  BH2

Don’t forget the guys! Whether escorting the Homecoming Queen or heading to the school formal, a classic boutonniere earns big style points. formal flowers

Our talented floral designers have created some spectacular wristlets. This one was imagined and arranged by Traci, and features a decorative stone band. If you prefer a different band. we are happy to work with you.

formal flowers

These days, many homecoming events  – from the game to the dance – are less formal than in the past. All the more reason for the young men to pin a classic red rose to their lapel. Even when dressed casually, a single elegant bloom turns him into a sharp dressed man.


At Billy Heroman’s Flowers, we love to create the formal flowers you need to celebrate the entire homecoming weekend – from the football field to the dance floor. Give us a call, and let us know how we can help you to add some style to the weekend.



Flowers to Wear at Your Prom

Prom flowersAre you ready for prom? Whether you are a guy taking out his date for the first time or a committed couple preparing for a fun evening together, one important part of the event is the flowers you choose. Here are some insights into the traditions behind prom flowers, and some tips on which blooms are the best fit for prom night.

The Tradition of Prom Flowers

Flowers given as a gift to a date has been a tradition for centuries. Yet for the prom, when the main event is a dance, a bouquet of cut flowers is not a good choice. Instead, men have opted to give their dates flowers they can wear. Corsages worn on the bodice of a dress were a common choice when prom first started, but as dresses became strapless as the primary style, men resorted to wrist corsages. Women reciprocated by providing their date with a matching boutonniere, and the tradition has become entrenched in part of the prom experience.

Recommended Flowers for Prom

As long as the flowers are small enough to be worn, any flower works for a prom arrangement. However, certain varieties are more commonly used than others. The rose, complemented by delicate baby’s breath, is one of the most common choices. These can be in just about any color, although red, pink or white are common when dress color is not known. Roses make excellent boutonnieres as well, so they are an excellent choice whether buying for a guy or a gal.

Rose Corsage

Rose Corsage

Orchids, which are slightly more exotic and delicate than the rose, are another top choice. These come in a wide range of colors and styles, and can make quite a statement at prom. If you are looking for something that stands out, an orchid is a good choice.

Carnations, which come in a wide range of hues, can be another option when roses are not going to work. Carnations are beautiful and fragrant, and also slightly more affordable than other options.

Some lilies also make beautiful corsages. Of course, with lilies you have to be careful because of the size of the flower, but with the right lily bloom, you can make a beautiful, fragrant flower choice.

Are you having trouble deciding with arrangement is best? Then why not choose a little bit of everything with the Mixed Spring Corsage with Wristlet? This option includes carnations, daisies roses and more, all beautifully arranged to complement any outfit.

Mixed Spring Corsage

Mixed Spring Corsage

No matter which flower you choose, Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts will help you make this prom a memorable one.


What Flowers to Choose For Your Prom Corsage

Prom night is a highly celebrated event for high school students in the United States. This special evening typically occurs towards the end of high school junior or senior year. For females, it is customary adorn themselves in prom corsages, which accompanies the elegant prom dress. Males traditionally wear boutonnieres to complement their tuxedo or formal suit.

Prom corsages are available in several artistic styles as well as sizes. Some are simply decorated and defined by a single flower, while others are more complex. Complex styles typically consist of multiple flowers ornamented on a corsage. When selecting the perfect corsage, it is important to understand what flowers you need, and how complex you need the corsage to be. Visiting Billy Heroman’s can be beneficial, as we offer a wide variety of corsages to choose from in order to make prom night even more special.

Different flowers and colors bear distinctive meanings. The following are some tips to guide you through the process of choosing the ideal corsage for that special prom moment.

Love Colors

Red and pink are considered ‘love’ colors. These two colors symbolize affection and intimacy, thus giving your partner pink or red corsage creates the impression and ambiance of love and romance.

You can give your prom date white roses blended with deep red roses to show her that your feelings are not only pure, but also intense. This blend is considered a perfect choice for two people who have strong feelings for one another.


Yellow symbolizes friendship. Corsages veneered with yellow roses are most suitable for two people attending the prom as friends. An alternative to yellow roses would be alstroemerias. This small star-looking plant has a long cylinder stem with gray and green leaves making it an attractive placement for any kind of setting.

For the Girls

Freesias flowers are a common corsage selection. This flower symbolizes trust and innocence. It has a pure sweet scent and is available in variety of colors; yellow, pink, white, mauve, orange, lavender and red. Freesias flowers are distinct thanks to their sword-like leaves and trumpet-shaped flowers.

Relevance is imperative when it comes to the flowers you select for your prom celebration. It is important to send the right message to your date. After all, your prom night is an evening you are likely to remember for the remainder of your life.