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Billy Heromans Flowers & Gifts

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Wearable Prom Flowers

As we move into spring, it’s time to begin thinking about proms and other spring dances. One of the most traditional elements of a prom are wearable flowers. There’s nothing that says prom like pictures of Mom pinning a boutonniere on her son's tuxedo or a handsome boy handing his girlfriend her wristlet corsage. Make sure your corsage or boutonniere is on point this season. The floral artisans at Billy Heroman's Flowers & Gifts have created some trendy designs for you to choose from. We want you and your date to look amazing for prom this season. Read More about Wearable Prom Flowers »
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Dance Flowers To Die For

Summer is within reach, but before that, there's the end of the school year, with its award ceremonies, graduations, proms and parties. It's a celebratory time for our local seniors and their families, and Billy Heroman's Flowers & Gifts knows it's also a time when flowers are in high demand. Everything from rose bouquets to nosegays to graduation party centerpieces is called for, but for many, there's no more important end-of-school-year flowers than the ones worn to prom. Read More about Dance Flowers To Die For »
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Corsage Flowers for the Dance

Spring is the season for corsage flowers - for spring dances, proms, graduation ceremonies, or even Mother's Day! There are so many reasons at this time of year to buy someone special some gorgeous wearable flowers, whether a traditional corsage or a beautiful wristlet - and Billy Heroman's Flowers has the freshest roses, orchids, lilies, and more. Did You Know? The word corsage is of French origin, and means 'the bodice of a dress'. Early on, the flowers pinned to the dress were called 'bouquet de corsage', but the term was eventually shortened.  Read More about Corsage Flowers for the Dance »
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