National Wedding Month

National Wedding MonthNational Wedding Month is celebrated in February, as romance is in the air and nuptials are on people’s minds. While June, August, and September represent months when the most wedding ceremonies are performed in the United States, February holds its own as an iconic month in the wedding industry, for many reasons. Are you planning a Baton Rouge wedding? Regardless of the month in which your wedding is to take place, take a few minute now to relax and enjoy the process.  Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts is your one-stop source for flowers for every stage of romance.

That’s A Lot of Wedding Cake! Each year in the U.S., 2.4 million weddings are celebrated. That represents an average of 6,200 weddings per day.
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Red Wedding Decor

thumbnail 4.59.56 PMIf you have decided that a red wedding or a wedding with a red color scheme is the right option for you and your spouse to be, one of your biggest problems is coming up with the right décor. There are certainly different directions you can go with your décor. Do you want a full red onslaught, or just a touch of color here and there? Here are a few ideas to help spark some creativity in you, your spouse and anyone involved in the planning process.


  • Red ribbon is a dramatic touch that you can use here and there to give a touch of class to your wedding venue. This is generally also very affordable. Browse Pinterest or Youtube to find out how to tie beautiful bows with little effort.
  • Decorating with flowers is a simple way to add color. Red is a great color because there are so many red flowers. Roses are a classic choice, of course. However, you can also find carnations, poinsettias, chrysanthemums, and many other options. Mixing red flowers in with white can keep it from being overwhelming.
  • Do not feel like you have to put red everywhere. Red is such a powerful color that sometimes just a touch is plenty. Make sure you do not detract from the wedding couple, especially if they are wearing red—you want them to stand out!
  • The Bouquet will often have a combination of red and something lighter and softer. However, this is ultimately the decision of the bride. Spend some time looking through options and choose one that captures your fancy.

As you can see, a red wedding does not have to be too big of a deal! It is just as easy to come up with the decorations and other accessories for this color scheme as any other is. Breathe deep and remember that you do not have to do it alone. If you are in or around Baton Rouge, call or contact us in Baton Rouge, contact us at Billy Heroman’s florist. We would love to help you plan your wedding—be it red, pink, white or yellow polka dotted!

Weddings Santa Would Approve Of

Weddings around the Holidays ashutterstock_77685085re always an extra-special occasion. To have a wedding that Santa and his elves would love, you’ll need to go the extra mile with your decorations. Add in some joyous holiday cheer with gorgeous flowers from




Christmas-Themed WeddingsDSC1788-14080441854


Adding the Christmas spirit to your wedding is easy with flowers. Start with greenery – Norfolk pines, pine boughs, mistletoe, ivy and more. Use small pine trees for centerpieces or altar decorations. Boughs make lovely wreaths, and you can even create gorgeous garlands out of fresh pine.


For the flowers, there are many options to choose from. Red roses, carnations and gerbera daisies make beautiful bouquets and decorations. Potted amaryllis and poinsettias are excellent centerpieces that your guests can take home to enjoy through the rest of the Holiday Season.


New Year’s Weddings


New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are a celebration of transitions and new beginnings. Since New Year’s is such a festive time of year, you’re free to go wild with your color choices. New Year’s Eve celebrations are normally marked by bright party favors and decorations in any color you can imagine. To add riotous New Year’s color to your wedding, use flowers like gerbera daisies and roses. Both of these kinds of flowers come in a variety of bright shades that you can mix and match to your heart’s content.


There are also several unusual flowers you can use for a New Year’s wedding. Bright purple orchids will add an exotic look to your decorations, while birds of paradise will make your wedding or reception feel like a party!



IMG4975-13111832751 Wintery White Weddings

Totally white weddings are very popular around the Holidays, and with good reason. White flowers and decor add an elegance that is beyond comparison. For your white wedding, use tall flowers like gladioli, white delphinium or snapdragons as the altar flowers. Roses, hydrangeas and calla lilies make gorgeous snow-white bouquets. Add an extra frosty touch with bright white lilies. These large blossoms make eye-catching decorations for the aisle, and they’ll stand out among your bridal bouquet, too.


No matter what direction you decide to go with your holiday-themed wedding, you can count on Billy Heroman’s to have a great selection of fresh flowers. Take a look at our wedding gallery or stop in and see us for more ideas and inspiration. Have a merry Christmas, a happy New Year and a wonderful, beautiful wedding!


Choosing the Perfect Flowers for Your Winter Wedding 


A winter wedding can be a spectacular event – one your guests will remember for many years. you decide to have a winter wedding in December, or in February, embracing the idea of winter, and using that as your theme can be a very novel idea – especially if you live as far south as Baton Rouge Louisiana.

Choosing Flowers For the Ceremony

A wedding is so much more than just a ceremony, but the ceremony is where the celebration begins for the couple, and for their guests. That’s why it’s so important to transform the ceremony space into a dreamy atmosphere that fits the theme of the wedding. It is easy to get tempted to be seasonal – and go with red and green, especially if you’re wedding is scheduled for a day around Christmas.

As novel and fun as that may seem, wedding planning experts at The Knot caution against embracing that color scheme too quickly. You run the risk that the winter holiday feeling will overshadow the real purpose of the event – your wedding.

Bring that feathery green foliage into your ceremony to create a stately-looking aisle, but choose your own colors for accent ribbons. Silver, gold or white are all very elegant and fitting for a winter-themed wedding, and even though those colors are very much a part of the Christmas holiday color palette, they won’t turn your celebration upside down, to the point where guests forget they’re at a wedding because the atmosphere feels too much like a Christmas party.

The All Important Bridal Party Bouquets, Boutonnières

A bridal bouquet should reflect the color palette of the wedding. If you’re going the route of white and green, an elegant bouquet that combines both colors and a little bling is the perfect solution. If you’re looking for a festive but unusual idea for a boutonnière, the feather boutonnière is perfect answer. A calla lily corsage that includes feathers, eucalyptus berries and an elegant blue-green ribbon is the perfect accompaniment to the feather boutonnière.

Up the Ante With Your Reception Flowersthumbnail

The ceremony is all about the couple, but the reception is where the party starts. You don’t want to miss the chance to pull out all the stops when it comes to decorating your reception area. Unless you’re getting married at home, you probably won’t have much flexibility when it comes to transforming a large space into a space that combines everything you’ve dreamed of for your wedding theme. That’s why the flowers you choose are so important.

If you’re having a buffet, you’ll want flowers for the buffet tables. You will obviously need floral centerpieces for the guests tables, and something special for the head table or the sweetheart table. Be sure to think about adding flowers to the cake table – or even the cake.

Remember, flowers will transform any ordinary space or wedding theme, taking it from boring and ordinary to extraordinary and fabulous!