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Flowers to Wear at Your Prom

Are you ready for prom? Whether you are a guy taking out his date for the first time or a committed couple preparing for a fun evening together, one important part of the event is the flowers you choose. Here are some insights into the traditions behind prom flowers, and some tips on which blooms are the best fit for prom night.

The Tradition of Prom Flowers

Flowers given as a gift to a date has been a tradition for centuries. Yet for the prom, when the main event is a dance, a bouquet of cut flowers is not a good choice. Instead, men have opted to give their dates flowers they can wear. Corsages worn on the bodice of a dress were a common choice when prom first started, but as dresses became strapless as the primary style, men resorted to wrist corsages. Women reciprocated by providing their date with a matching boutonniere, and the tradition has become entrenched in part of the prom experience.

Recommended Flowers for Prom

As long as the flowers are small enough to be worn, any flower works for a prom arrangement. However, certain varieties are more commonly used than others. The rose, complemented by delicate baby’s breath, is one of the most common choices. These can be in just about any color, although red, pink or white are common when dress color is not known. Roses make excellent boutonnieres as well, so they are an excellent choice whether buying for a guy or a gal.

Rose Corsage

Orchids, which are slightly more exotic and delicate than the rose, are another top choice. These come in a wide range of colors and styles, and can make quite a statement at prom. If you are looking for something that stands out, an orchid is a good choice.

Carnations, which come in a wide range of hues, can be another option when roses are not going to work. Carnations are beautiful and fragrant, and also slightly more affordable than other options.

Some lilies also make beautiful corsages. Of course, with lilies you have to be careful because of the size of the flower, but with the right lily bloom, you can make a beautiful, fragrant flower choice.

Are you having trouble deciding with arrangement is best? Then why not choose a little bit of everything with the Mixed Spring Corsage with Wristlet? This option includes carnations, daisies roses and more, all beautifully arranged to complement any outfit.

Mixed Spring Corsage

No matter which flower you choose, Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts will help you make this prom a memorable one.