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Fun Facts About Tulips

Though tulips were cultivated for the first time around 1000 A.D., wild varieties have been sprouting up in the area know today as Turkey for much longer. These cultivated varieties, however, turned tulips into a storm of color and beauty that has reached every part of the world. Almost synonymous with springtime, tulips symbolize the coming of a new season and the worldwide renewal that spring brings. Today tulips around one hundred species of tulips are known and over three thousand different varieties of the plant have been documented. Tulips bloom in a full rainbow of colors including yellow, green, red, orange, pink, purple, white, multicolor, and even a purple so deep it appears black. In addition to the vast assortment or hues, tulips also grow to different heights and bloom with differently shaped petals. At Billy Heroman’s Flowers and Gifts, our expert florists help you celebrate springtime and this truly unique flower with creatively designed tulip arrangements. 

Aptly named, our Floral Fantasia bouquet features an abundance of the most beautiful fresh spring flowers… including two colors of roses, exotic orchids, glossy tulips and hydrangea in a mix of vibrant pink, lavender and chartreuse.

Floral Fantasia

In addition to symbolizing spring, tulips hold other symbolic meaning. The flowers also symbolize dreaming, imagination, perfect love, and the profession of love. The perfect gift for the dreamer, inventor, or special someone in your life, a lush bouquet of cut tulips bursts from its vase with vibrant colors and coordinating accent flowers. Your recipient will love watching as each tulip’s bloom opens into a dazzling display of deeply colored petals and brightly colored stamens. 


Cut Tulips

If you’re going for a more unique angle on the most popular flower of spring, a classic bouquet of tulips arranged in a cube vase with adds a modern element to an elegant design. Tulips Cubed features tulips in a variety fun colors and assorted accent flowers springing out of a cube vase. The perfect tulip arrangement for someone who enjoys a modern take on classic traditions, this bouquet will wow any recipient. 

Tulips Cubed

With thousands of tulip varieties sprouting up all over the world, our professional florists look forward to helping you select the best blooms to welcome spring.