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Honoring Those Who Rescue Puppies

Annually, there are nearly 4 million dogs and puppies entering shelters across the country, and latest statistics indicate that half of them will not make it out alive. National Puppy Day was first observed in 2007 when animal advocates established the day to shine a light on the problems of overpopulation, overbreeding, and over-crowded shelters. They still hope to educate the public on these issues while encouraging all prospective pet owners to adopt a rescue animal – and quite literally save a life

Puppies generally end up in overcrowded shelters when their mother gives birth in the shelter, they are abandoned, or law enforcement seizes them from an abusive situation (such as from inhumane breeders). Although puppies do stand a better chance of being adopted than adult dogs, only 26% of puppies going to new homes in the United States are rescued or adopted. And while many people mistakenly assume that shelter dogs have behavior problems, the exact opposite is generally true. Only 10% are there because of their temperament – the average rescue puppy is healthy and well socialized  – and even if they need a little extra love, tend to thrive in their forever home.

Unfortunately, shelters simply cannot save and support the massive number of accidental litters, strays, and family pets that show up on shelter steps.  National Puppy Day organizers hope that owners will spay and neuter their pets, that people will adopt from shelters which are filled with loving animals that need homes – or donate to help with their care.

Get Involved: Helping Hands was designed as a way to give back to the Baton Rouge community. With each order, you can choose for us to make a donation to one of our participating organizations, like the Capital Area Animal Welfare Society (CAAWS). The non-profit organization is committed to promoting spay/neuter policies, adopting or facilitating the adoption of homeless animals, teaching the community responsible companion animal ownership and the humane treatment of animals.

Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts admires the work. of dedicated volunteers, foster families, and shelter employees to save as many of these animals as they possibly can. If you would like to thank one of these committed, caring people – or would like to congratulate someone on their new fur baby – we have the floral designs and gifts you are looking for.