Administrative Professionals Appreciation

Administrative professionals appreciation

During World War II, the need arose for administrative personnel who could lend their skills and expertise to the general economy. Before long, the National Secretaries’ Association formed to recognize these hard-working individuals and the contributions they made to our nation’s commerce. Now known collectively as Administrative Professionals, these skilled individuals help businesses and organizations everywhere run efficiently, contributing to the overall success of the business and to the national economy at large. As we approach Administrative Professionals Week, Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts has some excellent suggestions designed to show your administrative professionals appreciation for the work they do every day.  Continue reading

Floral Design Day – Meet Robert

floral design

Floral Design Day was instituted in 1995, in honor of Carl Rittner, founder of the School of Floral Design in Boston. Rittner is considered by many to be the “father of floral design” and was one of the very first to recognize the work done in this industry as a legitimate art form. His legacy and vision have influenced thousands of professionals through the years. On the day he is remembered, we’d like to introduce you to one of our floral designers, Robert, who has been with Billy Heroman’s Flowers since the 1970’s. Although he took breaks over the years, he always returned – and he is here to stay.  Continue reading

Wild Accent Design Elements


The nuances of floral design are far more complicated thank placing flowers in a vase. In fact, the creation of complex and textured bouquets and arrangements requires artistic talent and vision, much like the expertise that you will find at Billy Heroman’s Flowers. This autumn, wild accent design elements are responsible for the most unique seasonal centerpieces and home decor in Baton Rouge.

wild accent design

Be Extraordinary: While you may naturally think that organic details will look best with country bouquets or field-inspired flowers, you may be surprised at how beautiful unlikely pairings can be. Orchids and succulents create gorgeous and sophisticated planters and gardens, and as you can see, tropical designs also benefit from wild accents.

Protea, roses and birds of paradise exhibit a beautiful aesthetic all on their own, but the addition of berries and ferns add even more color and vibrancy.The curly willow accents often build on the upward movement of the piece and give it a truly organic look. Other wild design accents that are trending this year include lotus pods, eucalyptus leaves, artichokes, thistle, and kale. Gourds and fruit are seasonal favorites which create the perfect harvest ambiance for your table; while wheat stalks, sea oats, cattails, and straw add a rustic outdoorsy touch to bright wildflowers such as daisies, lilies, and mums.  wild accent design

Wild accent design elements add texture, color and interest to nearly any floral design, and are an easy way to elevate your flowers from beautiful to stunning. For a truly memorable bouquet, get creative with organic details. Call the experts at Billy Heroman’s Flowers today – we will be happy to help you to imagine a custom arrangement that goes far beyond the ordinary.