Did you know?

Billy Heroman’s is responsible for all of those beautiful planters you see around Baton Rouge.  Our plant personnel takes care of Airports, Doctor’s Offices, Malls, Downtown Buildings, etc.  Not only do they plant them… They also water, trim and maintain them so the customer doesn’t have to worry.

Poinsettia Care – How do I take care of this thing?

Poinsettia care begins with proper light, water, and temperature conditions. During the holidays, while in full bloom, they typically enjoy semi-cool, humid locations in bright, indirect light with plenty of moisture. Poinsettia plants should be watered thoroughly; taking care not to drown them by ensuring adequate drainage is available. Likewise, avoid letting them sit in water-filled saucers, which can lead to root rot. Adding plants nearby can help increase humidity levels in dry rooms, as will humidifiers.

Once flower bracts have fallen, you have the option of discarding the plant or keeping it an additional year. For those choosing to continue with poinsettia care, decrease regular watering to allow the plant to dry out some. However, don’t let it dry out completely. Also, relocate the poinsettia plant to a cool, dark area until spring or around April.

Christmas Decoration

Did you know, that Billy Heroman’s will come to your house or business and decorate for you? Tree’s, garland, wreath’s and light’s…  We do it all!  Just call and set up an appointment today. Sit back, enjoy, and let us do the rest.   225-272-ROSE(7673).

BHF Red Tree

Table Decoration…

Want something different for the table this year?  How about a Cornucopia (Horn Of Plenty), Bubble Bowl, or a Cube Vase?  Billy Heroman’s has been creating and staying ahead of the design curve for 55 years.  We can design the exact thought that is in your head.  We do it all the time.  Come by and see all of the different options we can offer you for Turkey Day!

Thank You!!!!!

  Thank you to all of our customers, who attended the Open House, last night at the Harrell’s Ferry store. We saw over 1400 friends, and it was great to visit, eat, drink and shop with you! We also want to thank the caterers, bakers, and cooks who… provided exquisite food! We couldn’t do it with out you. Billy Heromans Family and Team Members

Orchid Care


Orchids are easy care plants that typically bloom for three to ten weeks. With a little attention, they will last for years.  Place your orchid in bright indirect light away from drafts. An ideal temperature range is 65 to 85 degrees.  Avoid any temperature extremes or placing orchids near heating/cooling vents.  Orchids need to be watered every 5 days, and they need perfect drainage. Feed orchids once a month with a liquid fertilizer.


To re-bloom an orchid, cut just below the lowest flower and 1/4 inch above the next node.

Orchids prefer to be root bound and repotting is only necessary every three years.

Croton Care

  1. Step 1

    Give crotons several hours of bright, direct sunlight per day. The more light the plant receives, the more colorful the leaves will be. Grown in inadequate light, the leaves will be mostly green with yellow veins. Leaves may also fall off in low light.

  2. Step 2

    Place plant on a tray of pebbles to give it the little humidity boost it needs. Water will be absorbed by the pebbles and create humidity as it evaporates.

  3. Step 3

    Keep the potting mix moist, but be careful not to allow water to stand on top of soil. Reduce watering in the winter, allowing the top of the soil to dry out between waterings.

  4. Step 4

    Prune branches in early spring if plant outgrows its space or if a bushier plant is desired. Plant will branch where pruning takes place. Croton plants may get tall and spindly without pruning.

  5. Step 5

    Take care to watch for spider webbing on leaves. Red spider mites commonly infest croton plants. They are hard to see with the naked eye, but will leave webs. Remove infested leaves and apply pesticide to plant. Left alone, red spider mites will kill an entire plant, so action must be taken.