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June is the month to celebrate all things wedding – and who doesn’t love a wedding? Experts tell us that this month is the most popular month for these celebrations to take place, likely due to the temperate weather in many places of the United States. Just in case you were not aware that Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts is a premier provider of wedding flowers here in Baton Rouge, we’d like to share a few facts, photos and links that will help you to plan a gorgeous wedding – whether in June or any time of year!

According to the Calendar: While June is the most popular month to get married, August, May, and September are also often chosen. January, February & March are the least popular for weddings, although New Year’s Day and Valentine’s Day do see their fair share of nuptials.
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Wedding Send Off

Showering rice upon the departing, newly married couple is a tradition that seems to have begun in Victorian times. Flowers were sometimes thrown, as well as shoes (satin slippers) in an older custom, but the throwing of rice — long held as a symbol of fertility — made its appearance about 1870. Confetti, little paper cutouts of horseshoes, hearts, and other motifs, also became popular to toss at the new couple. Both the rice and the confetti, however, presented some concerns. Though eaten by birds, rice wasn’t a healthful item for them, and confetti presented difficulties in cleanup. Birdseed became the accepted substitution for rice, while other traditions such as blowing bubbles became more popular. The most common, however, has become rose petals as they are a symbol for love and are affordable for any bride!

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Tree of Wishes

A Billy Heroman’s Designed Wish Tree

     A Wish Tree is used as an object of wishes and offerings. Wish Trees can be found in nature or can be created or arranged for a specific purpose. They have been used by many different cultures throughout time; however, recently they have become a very popular alternative to the guestbook for wedding receptions. The act of writing down wishes, hopes, or blessings creates a sense of unity among people. What better way to celebrate the unity of two lives coming together than sharing with them your hopes and blessings for their marriage! Not only is it sentimental, but the artistry of a Wish Tree is aesthetically pleasing. Yet another creative way in which a bride can show her unique personality on her special day!

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Why Are Bridesmaids Dressed Alike?

Tropical summer boquets From $60

In more superstitious times, the bride and groom were surrounded by friends of similar ages, dressed in similar attire, as a way of confusing evil demons. This way the demons could not find the real bride and groom and bring them bad luck. Today’s bridesmaids dress alike, as do the groomsmen, as it is a way of confusing any who would wish the couple ill luck. This could also be why it is a tradition for the bridesmaids to carry bouquets that are somewhat similar to the bride’s.

Here are some of our bride/bridesmaid bouquets from this past weekend!

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Happy Wedding Wednesday from Billy Heroman’s!

Bridal Bouquet Styles


One of our most recent unique bridal bouquets!

We’re celebrating this Wedding Wednesday with a little bridal bouquet style information!

Whether used for superstition, symbolism, fragrance, or aesthetics, the bridal bouquet has played an important role in weddings throughout history. Today, brides tend to choose their bouquet based on their own personal sense of style and aura. But, with so many bouquet styles, where to begin!? Most florists, like us, offer the four most popular types of bouquets of today: cascading, contemporary, hand-tied, and nosegay bouquets.

The Cascading bouquet features flowers that descend beyond the main portion of the bouquet design. The lusciousness of the bouquet is often the main feature of the wedding costume and are most often used in formal and traditional weddings.

Contemporary bouquets are inspired by unconventional ideas, styles, and patterns and are designed with no specific geometrical form. They are usually created with flowers that have definite form and add character to a bouquet (such as calla lilies or orchids). These bouquets represent the individuality of the bride and are perfect for a sophisticated, cosmopolitan style wedding. They are simple with the added grace of asymmetrical design.

Hand-tied bouquets are created by placing the stems of the flowers and foliage in the hand of the florist and wrapping them around the cent of the design until they are securely fastened. These arrangements are usually designed to show the natural growth of the stems, which are often wrapped or French braided in ribbon. They are more casual and are particularly nice for garden weddings and brides who like the feeling of an unarranged gathering of flowers.

Nosegay (round clusters of flowers) bouquets, also called tussie mussies, are a more trendy style of bridal bouquet.  This style dates back to the 14th century when it was used to mask unpleasant odors. They can vary in sophistication and are therefore a good choice for any wedding.

The great variety of shapes, sizes, and styles  of bouquets today allows a bride to show her unique style and make her feel even more extraordinary on her special day. For all of our wedding flower information and photo galleries, visit our wedding website at

The Wedding Bouquet Toss


In medieval Europe, nearly everything a bride touched was considered to be good luck — from what she was wearing to what she was holding. Therefore, wedding guests would chase after the bride, ripping at her dress and flowers, hoping to get a piece of her luck. Many times, the bride would have to throw something to the guests as a means of distraction to get away. And so forms the tradition of the Bouquet Toss…

Today, however, it is a much more anticipated event for the guests AND for the bride. She will usually have her own bridal bouquet and a separate toss or throw bouquet. She will toss it into a crowd of unmarried women who gather to try and catch the bouquet because whoever catches it, of course, is said to be next in line for marriage.

Today there are also many alternative versions or twists to the tradition. Such as giving the extra bouquet to someone specific or giving it to the couple at your wedding who has been together the longest.

No matter what tradition you pick for your special day, it is important to make sure it reflects YOU!