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Hottest Colors for 2015 Fall Weddings

Each season brings with it a unique personality. Winter is a bit stark, while spring blushes with pastels and delicate flowers. Summer explodes into vibrant sunshine and wild flowers, but fall? Fall has a signature all its own. The autumn is the time of harvest, of abundance. Rich, ripe fruit is plucked off the vine and nature cedes its bounty. It is in this season that we choose to give thanks, to gather with family and friends to celebrate the good things in life.

It is no surprise, then, that the hottest wedding trends for this season according to exemplify ample and luxurious colors, accents and details. Brides are opting for dramatic and deep tones for bridesmaid dresses as well as for bouquets; wine reds and sumptuous purples are the most popular bouquets for both brides and bridesmaids.


These deep colors can be paired with pastels to cool off the arrangement, or contrasted with white blooms scattered throughout the floral display. If the bride opts for rich colors for décor and flowers, she often chooses a completely white arrangement for herself. The striking contrast of pure white against the vibrant colors makes her stand out even more!

Other trends this year continue to draw from the fall ambiance. Couples are considering apple and pumpkin pies as dessert for the reception, or even as wedding favors. Copper is everywhere this year – from vases to flatware to lanterns and candle holders. And for truly memorable reception décor, many are opting for creative centerpieces that feature ferns, leaves, fruits and feathers among the flowers, all being popular trends as we enter the 2015 fall wedding season.


Overall, autumn weddings are looking to be unique and creative; colorful, earthy and luxurious. At Billy Heroman’s Flowers and Gifts of Baton Rouge, we can’t wait to help you to design your dream fall event. Call us today!