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Winter Weddings with Billy Heroman’s

Each season inherently has a uniqueness to it; and weddings held at various times of year give brides and grooms an equally unique opportunity to express themselves. Winter weddings showcase an elegance all their own, and with a little planning, these weddings are as romantic and warm as any other.

Trends for winter weddings this year include everything from practical footwear to homemade desserts; but as always, the color and design palettes are the first order of business. One of the most popular, yet timeless themes involves classic ivory and shades of gray. From satin ribbons to luxurious stoles, the many expressions of grays and metallics allow for a crisp, graceful look which is perfectly at home with a snowy backdrop. In floral bouquets, gray accents almost have an ice-carved look to them, and add beautiful interest to the traditional white arrangement.


Ivory and gray color schemes lend themselves to beautiful and creative invitations and table settings – a gray charcoal look on ivory stationary provides a sophisticated touch. Also finding favor at winter weddings are all white cakes with metallic gray accents. Whether these details are on the cake themselves – think gray sparkly ribbons – the hue can also be integrated with a cake stand and silver platters for serving.

When planning a winter wedding, it is also important to consider any length of time your guests may be in chilly climate. For instance, you may consider moving your reception line into the receptions hall so as to make sure the line doesn’t stretch out into the elements, or perhaps provide portable heaters along walkways and between buildings. Depending on venue, roaring fireplaces also create a dramatic setting, and a gathering place to warm up from the elements.

Another way to incorporate winter elements into your winter wedding is by adding a little bit of holiday greenery into your bouquets and decor. The beautiful colors really pop against the white flowers.

Like the season itself, winter weddings are magical in their own way, and your wedding is sure to be one to remember. For help with inventive floral arrangements and striking bouquets that perfectly capture the charm of winter, stop into Billy Heroman’s to see how we can assist you in creating a floral winter wonderland for your special day.