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2017 Pantone Colors for Spring

pantone colorsEvery year, fashion designers reveal their collections for the following season. Experts at the Pantone Color Institute are paying close attention, as the palettes used by the most successful designers heavily influence the announcement of Pantone’s famous “Color of the Year” award. But before the top winner is revealed, a Color Report shares the Top 10 colors for the next season. The spring colors for 2017 represent a diverse grouping of shades inspired by nature. For the perfect flowers in all these trending Pantone colors, trust the experts at Billy Heroman’s Flowers.
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Floral Wedding Proposal Inspiration

proposal inspirationAsking someone to marry you is exciting and intimidating all at once. Whether you are looking to stage an elaborate proposal – or a simple, intimate affair is more your style – putting thought into the planning of the big event is always advised. In the nervousness of the moment, you don’t want to forget anything. Setting things up beforehand, or enlisting the help of a couple of accomplices, may help to keep the butterflies to a minimum. At Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts, we have worked with quite a few Baton Rouge couples from the engagement to the wedding day; and we look forward to offering our help and proposal inspiration to you as well!
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Wedding Details and Accents

wedding detailsYou’ve said yes to the dress. You’ve secured your dream venue. You’ve finalized the guest list. All of the major decisions for the wedding have been made, but now is the time that you get to be fun, creative and allow your personality to truly shine through. It is sometimes the smallest wedding details that make a really large impact, making your special day the memorable event of the season.
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Metallic Accent Pieces for Your Wedding

metallic accent

There are some things that are trendy for a period of time, and other trends that just seem to keep going strong.  While using metallic accent pieces has always been a great way to add drama and glamor to your wedding day, the popularity of creatively incorporating metallic accents into wedding decor is only growing. When looking for bridal florals, ceremony, and reception decor that glitters and gleams – call Billy Heroman’s Flowers.
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Spotlight- The Diverse Beauty of Orchids

beauty of orchids

There may be nothing more elegant for a bride to carry down the aisle than a bouquet of orchids. Representing love, luxury, and beauty, this exotic bloom positively exudes the essence of the wedding day.  From the bridal bouquet to the ceremony flowers and cake decor, the beauty of orchids is unparalleled.

The wedding floral designers at Billy Heroman’s Flowers understand that with the vast array of varieties that the orchid represents – across the full range of colors –  that you may need some guidance in choosing which orchid will best convey your heartfelt sentiments of the day. Therefore we decided to let the flower largely speak for itself, and to present you with just a few of the diverse faces of the remarkable orchid.

beauty of orchids

Green cymbidium orchids are a trending choice for brides this year, selected for their exotic color and opulent visage.  Whether the focal point for the bouquet or adorning the wedding cake, these flowers are stunning.

The deep purple blues of dendrobium orchids combine with white roses for a magical bouquet that is vividly romantic.

beauty of orchids

White cymbidium orchids are the showstopper in this lovely bouquet which utilizes cool shades of green, blue and purple for an unforgettable spring bouquet.

beauty of orchids

Another orchid bridal bouquet, but with a completely different presentation.  These striking mauve orchids blend with pussy willow and calla lilies for a unique look sure to please the bride looking for something different and memorable.

beauty of orchids

If you are hoping to incorporate the beauty of orchids into your day, set up an appointment with one of our expert wedding consultants, who can advise you as to the best varieties for you to consider given your dresses, venue, and budget. Whether you choose to create an all-orchid wedding or are instead inspired to showcase orchids among other blooms, we are positive that you will love the result. Come see us today – because when it comes to Baton Rouge and Port Allen weddings, no one delivers more beauty than Billy Heroman’s Flowers.




Holiday Wedding Planning Tips from the Experts

holiday weddingAlthough summertime is in full swing here in Baton Rouge, those who are planning a holiday wedding are more likely thinking of cooler temperatures and winter flowers. This is the perfect time of year to begin finalizing important decisions for that special day, and even though it may seem quite far away, the time truly will fly.
One of the first steps to getting wedding plans started is choosing a venue. You may have done that already, but before finalizing flowers, there is a step you may not have considered. Todd McBride from Billy Heroman’s says, “Our first suggestion to any bride getting married around Christmas is to check with the church or facility that will be hosting the ceremony and reception, to determine their regular holiday decorations.” Venues may already be planning to have beautiful décor in place that can save you some effort and money; but it is also important to find out ahead of time so that their decor won’t clash with the theme you are choosing yourself. Todd continues, “It will be best for us to help the bride plan her ideas in line with a similar style and color scheme from the venue.”
holiday wedding
Popular flowers for bridal bouquets and arrangements during the holidays are red, white or a combination of both; often paired with evergreen elements. Add holly berries, pine cones , crystal beads or even small ornaments for a festive and beautiful arrangement. If you are imagining a traditional Christmas wonderland for your big day, then perhaps one of our flexible leasing options is best for you. We have lease programs in place for you to rent Christmas trees and wreaths, both great pieces for bringing true classic holiday spirit into the space; as well as adding color and filing the room. We also suggest arrangements of Christmas blooming plants, like poinsettias, to bring the room to life with seasonal flair.


The floral experts at Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts are eager to assist – and are full of ideas learned from experience. Call us today; the holidays will be here before you know it!

Your Dream Summer Wedding Within Your Budget

summer weddingWhen planning your wedding, there are many details, and each has a price tag attached to it. If you are a budget conscious bride, you may think that hiring a professional floral designer may be out of your reach. But Todd McBride of Billy Heroman’s has some good news for every Baton Rouge couple.

“We help any bride no matter how large or small the budget is. We never turn a bride away, no matter how short of notice or how busy we are, even on holidays.”

McBride adds that the approach is unique to the floral industry. Billy Heroman’s works with the bride to maximize her budget in any way necessary. When a bride decides to make a decision based solely on cost, she has very little control of the quality of the flowers and even limits her own options – a conversation with an expert florist will open the door to many possibilities. “We offer to design arrangements in several price ranges – good, better, best. The difference in price may be reflected in the size of the arrangement or the types of flowers we use.”

If a bride simply asks florists to bid on a specific type of flower, she may not realize that the flower is out of season, or not readily available; which will result in expensive floral solutions. But a professional designer has a vast knowledge base of all types of flowers, and can make recommendations that will give the same effect, but at a lower cost. “For example,” Todd says, “the hydrangea is a large flower which comes in multiple colors – it can fill the space of 6 roses beautifully.”

Billy Heroman’s also works with brides to utilize her flowers in a smart way. Bridesmaids bouquets can be placed in vases and used as table décor or centerpieces at the reception. Ceremony arrangements can be moved to the food table at your dinner, and the toss bouquet can be utilized as a register table arrangement. With hundreds of weddings behind us, we have ideas and suggestions that will allow you to make the very most of your budget, while not sacrificing gorgeous wedding flowers.

McBride recommends that every bride meet face to face with a professional wedding florist to discuss her dream for her perfect wedding, and how we can bring it to life, regardless of budget. It’s your wedding day – don’t make a decision based on low cost. Call Billy Heroman’s Flowers and Gifts and we will create a designer summer wedding just for you.

Being the Mother of the Bride

mother of the brideMothers have a way of putting their children’s needs before their own. The mother of the bride has a special opportunity to assist with something truly meaningful in her daughter’s wedding. And because wedding details can be overwhelming, a mother’s help with the responsibilities can relieve a lot of stress for the bride and groom.

What is a mother to do? As soon as she hears of the engagement, Mom may suggest coffee or lunch with her daughter to discuss some broad planning. An honest conversation regarding financial contribution and budgeting, as well as the bride’s thoughts on how involved her Mom should be, will assist the process greatly.

Here are some ways Mom has traditionally been involved in the wedding planning:

  • Helping to set a budget and choose an appropriate venue
  • Helping the bride to determine the number of guests that will be accommodated by both budget and venue
  • Compiling the guest list, and soliciting the same from the groom’s mother
  • Sending our invitations and managing responses
  • Helping her daughter to choose the perfect dress and accessories
  • Suggesting family heirlooms and traditions the bride may wish to incorporate in the ceremony
  • Maintaining contact with all vendors and handling communication, including correspondence with Billy Heroman’s for your floral displays.

The mother of the bride has specific roles on the wedding day as well. These include:

  • Helping her daughter get dressed, and being the one to position the veil on her head
  • Being the last one escorted down the aisle before the ceremony begins (depending on circumstance, some Moms walk their daughters down the aisle)
  • Greeting guests as they arrive at the reception hall
  • Dancing the traditional second dance.

There are a lot of choices to be made by you and your mother, but when it comes to bridal bouquets, altar flowers, and centerpieces, the choice is easy, Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts is your premiere Baton Rouge wedding florist, and we look forward to working with you to make your day beautiful.

Wedding Traditions- Where They Come From

wedding traditionsWhen planning a wedding, you can choose elements from both the traditional and the modern. Many choose to incorporate certain rituals into the big day because of family, culture or faith influences. However, most people in contemporary times don’t realize that many of our common wedding traditions began long ago – and are still going strong. On the other hand, many superstitions that were once widely accepted are no longer of concern to modern day couples.

wedding traditions

Flowers have long been an important part of ceremonies and special occasions of all kinds. In the past, floral arrangements were chosen to represent a specific emotion, or to guarantee the couple the best of luck. For example, orange blossoms have a rich symbolism representing purity and chastity; and orchids beauty and refinement. On the other hand, for much of history red and white flowers would never be paired together; the hues evoked images of blood and violence, and were considered very bad luck.

wedding traditions

Did you know? Another way to guarantee good luck on your wedding day is for the groom to pin a flower from his bride’s bouquet to his lapel.

There are many superstitions that have pervaded wedding planning for centuries, and the bride’s attire carries a lot of it. It was once commonly believed a bride should never wear her completed dress before the wedding; therefore any fitting prior to the ceremony would require that the seamstress leave stitches undone. Too this day, many couples still acknowledge the custom of the groom not seeing the dress until he sees his bride walking down the aisle. Once upon a time, the bride to be was often so afraid of exposing the marriage to bad luck that a “stand-in bride” would walk down the aisle during rehearsals. The wedding veil itself was another attempt to ward off bad luck and evil spirits, as it was thought to protect the bride from anything that would attack her.

wedding traditions

Tradition permeates wedding planning, and whether you adhere to old traditions or opt for something more modern, Billy Heroman’s is here to help you create the perfect floral arrangements and bouquets to tell your story.

Billy Heroman’s Summer Wedding Flowers

summer weddingsWhat comes to mind when you dream of summer days? Perhaps you think about a tropical oasis, or a backyard barbeque with family and friends. This season’s hottest wedding trends parallel many of these classic summertime memories that we hold dear. From bright, bold and tropical color palettes, to casual food carts and tables filled with finger foods – 2016 summer wedding trends guarantee celebrations that your guests won’t soon forget.

summer weddings

When creating bridal bouquets, centerpieces and even down to the boutonnieres – the design experts at Billy Heroman’s Flowers are passionate about delivering flowers that will look their best through your entire event. By helping you to choose florals that will withstand the summer sunshine, we can help ensure that from first photo to last guest, your flowers will be stunning. Roses, mums, lilies and orchids can stand up to the heat better than most – but regardless of your choice of blooms, arranging them in water and keeping them hydrated is the best way to prevent wilting.

summer weddings

Another summer trend is the inclusion of unkempt, wildflower arrangements. Natural wildflowers not only hold up beautifully in the heat, but also provide an organic and romantic feel to the venue. And here is an expert hot weather tip – incorporate succulents and non-traditional greens such as eucalyptus leaves and olive branches into your floral bouquet – they are the hardiest of warm weather-tolerant plants, and look absolutely stunning.

summer weddings

As Baton Rouge’s premier wedding florist, we know that the littlest details combine with the biggest moments to make your wedding day truly special. Creating an environment that showcases your personal style is extremely important to you; creating one that is as beautiful at the end of the day as it was at the beginning is important to us. Call us today!