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Using Tall Wedding Centerpieces in Your Decorations

wedding centerpiecesAs 2016 continues to move swiftly ahead, so does the wedding planning of those who are anxiously awaiting their special day. With big dreams for romantic and elegant weddings, trending styles are following in their footsteps. This year, couples are opting for a more classic look, including large floral displays and lots of candles. While you are planning the perfect wedding day, try incorporating heightened sophistication to your reception with your floral arrangements.

This bride and groom had a stunning backdrop of the Empire State Building; so took advantage of the opportunity to accentuate the theme with elegant slender heat lamps and clear glass vases with white and green florals. The height not only draws your eyes to the incredible scenery surrounding the venue, but also gives an air of classy refinement throughout the entire venue.

wedding centerpieces

Fill the room with fresh blooms that soar towards the ceiling – an especially dramatic effect when with exotic flowers and romantic lighting are utilized. This eclectic choice of roses, hydrangea and greenery draws your eye upward and makes a striking focal point.

wedding centerpieces

Another impressive aspect of tall central flower arrangements on your wedding tables is the ability for your guests to see one another across the meal, without anything in their view. The ability to converse, toast, and take photos without anything hindering their line of vision is all the more reason to elevate your wedding floral décor.

wedding centerpieces

No matter the vision you have for your wedding day, Billy Heroman’s is confident we can provide you with one of a kind centerpieces and floral arrangements that will complete the look! Allow us, Baton Rouge’s luxury wedding florist, to assist in bringing a cohesive romantic elegance from altar to venue.




Some of Our Favorite Wedding Flowers of 2015

wedding flowersIt’s a brand new year, and we have a clean slate stretching out before us. If you are newly engaged, we look forward to helping you plan your 2016 wedding celebration, and to providing the perfect wedding flowers for your day.

wedding flowers

To inspire you, we’ve assembled photos from some of our favorite weddings from this past year. We hope that these images will prove that no matter what your vision of a perfect wedding day, your choice of flowers can set the mood beautifully. If vintage settings, romantic bouquets, crafty decorations and antique touches are your style, look to ivories, soft pinks, corals and slate blues to create a soft, dreamy ambiance. For a more more exotic and vivid day, a contemporary theme with bright, non-traditional colors and blooms will look stunning, and catch everyone’s eye.

wedding flowers

Creativity is key to make your wedding special and uniquely you. Your ideal setting can be enhanced with florals, greens and arrangements to create the backdrop you’ve always envisioned for your photos, while personalizing the venue to ensure a memorable event.

wedding flowers

Billy Heroman’s will also help you to create a magical atmosphere that incorporates your theme through every detail – from whimsical to formal, our experienced florists and wedding planners will cover you down to the last accent and special touch.

wedding flowers

For your Baton Rouge wedding, there is no better choice than Billy Heroman’s for all your floral needs. From ceremony to altar flowers to centerpieces, we are your wedding floral experts. Stop in today, and let’s discuss what will make your wedding day spectacular.

wedding flowers

Engaged Over New Year’s? What Now?

new yearIt is estimated that a over a third of new engagements occur between Thanksgiving and New Years Day, guaranteeing a seasonal increase in business for wedding venues and planners. If you got engaged over the holidays, congratulations! The wedding consultants at Billy Heroman’s have the experience you are looking for to plan your 2016 wedding with stunning bridal arrangements and centerpieces for your big day.


Once you have chosen a date and secured a venue, thoughts generally turn the choice of color scheme. According to color experts at Pantone, the trendiest hues for 2016 will include serene shades, as opposed to the bright vibrancy of recent years. Upcoming this year, two colors have actually been named as the most sought after palette; Rose Quartz, a dusty pink; and Serenity, a peaceful shade of sky blue. Using these soft and soothing colors will result in a romantic, old fashioned ambiance; the hues also blend beautifully with ivories and metallic elements. If your ceremony and reception have a homespun, vintage feel, these colors are the perfect choice to pair with antique dresses, shabby chic furniture and heirloom jewelry.

new year

The onset of a new year is a meaningful time to begin a new life together. If your New Year’s proposal turns into a New Years wedding, many utilize the natural celebratory mood as a basis for the party. Glamorous and luxury themes are popular; décor includes champagne glasses, crystal chandeliers and rhinestone studded arrangements.

new year


At Billy Heroman’s, we have the ideas you are looking for to plan a wedding – from a magnificent bridal bouquet to elegant boutonnieres. For every floral arrangement, whatever your décor or color scheme, the experts at Billy Heroman’s Flower Shop are here to help make your wedding day as memorable as possible.


Winter Weddings with Billy Heroman’s

winter weddingEach season inherently has a uniqueness to it; and weddings held at various times of year give brides and grooms an equally unique opportunity to express themselves. Winter weddings showcase an elegance all their own, and with a little planning, these weddings are as romantic and warm as any other.

Trends for winter weddings this year include everything from practical footwear to homemade desserts; but as always, the color and design palettes are the first order of business. One of the most popular, yet timeless themes involves classic ivory and shades of gray. From satin ribbons to luxurious stoles, the many expressions of grays and metallics allow for a crisp, graceful look which is perfectly at home with a snowy backdrop. In floral bouquets, gray accents almost have an ice-carved look to them, and add beautiful interest to the traditional white arrangement.

winter wedding


Ivory and gray color schemes lend themselves to beautiful and creative invitations and table settings – a gray charcoal look on ivory stationary provides a sophisticated touch. Also finding favor at winter weddings are all white cakes with metallic gray accents. Whether these details are on the cake themselves – think gray sparkly ribbons – the hue can also be integrated with a cake stand and silver platters for serving.

winter wedding

When planning a winter wedding, it is also important to consider any length of time your guests may be in chilly climate. For instance, you may consider moving your reception line into the receptions hall so as to make sure the line doesn’t stretch out into the elements, or perhaps provide portable heaters along walkways and between buildings. Depending on venue, roaring fireplaces also create a dramatic setting, and a gathering place to warm up from the elements.

winter wedding

Another way to incorporate winter elements into your winter wedding is by adding a little bit of holiday greenery into your bouquets and decor. The beautiful colors really pop against the white flowers.

winter wedding

Like the season itself, winter weddings are magical in their own way, and your wedding is sure to be one to remember. For help with inventive floral arrangements and striking bouquets that perfectly capture the charm of winter, stop into Billy Heroman’s to see how we can assist you in creating a floral winter wonderland for your special day.

Billy Heroman’s Wedding Chrysanthemums

chrysanthemumThe fall is like no other time of the year; and fall weddings are just as special. As summer heat gives way to crisp autumn days, brides have an opportunity to showcase different varieties of seasonal flowers, incorporating them into bouquets and floral arrangements. The official flower of November is the chrysanthemum – although available all year long, the unique colors and shapes make them an integral part of innovative fall bouquets and venue décor.


As the chrysanthemum has over 2,000 varieties, you will have no problem finding the perfect flower to perfectly set off any wedding theme and color palette. The versatile bloom also has an added perk – in comparison to other lavish, large flowers, such as peonies; or exotic species, like lilies – the mum is fairly inexpensive. Spider and anemone mums, in vibrant colors and unique shapes add intrigue and fun to your wedding bouquet. Add other bold flowers of fall, and you have an uncommon floral piece not soon forgotten.



The chrysanthemum’s meaning signifies two appropriate emotions for a wedding day – optimism and joy. With so many vivid choices, the chrysanthemum makes a striking monochromatic arrangement, while poms or buttons make perfect detail or accent flowers in larger bouquets. Mums are one of the few flowers that actually bloom in shades of green. Reminiscent of daisies and asters, a green mum surrounded with traditional white flowers such as roses, lilies or hydrangea makes a meadow-perfect bridal bouquet.



Call Billy Heroman’s to meet with our professional wedding consultants about the many types of chrysanthemum available to you. The mum remains in bloom throughout autumn, so whatever your color scheme and whatever your style – there is a chrysanthemum for every need. Billy Heroman’s Flowers can help you create a wedding bouquet as unique and beautiful as you are – stop into our Baton Rouge wedding florist today.

Billy Heromans – Vintage Weddings

vintage weddingTrends come and go, but some themes seem to maintain their popularity regardless of the fads of fashion. When it comes to weddings, vintage is an enduring motif; perhaps because although always nostalgia and romantic, vintage weddings are open to wide interpretation and expression.


While some people are always looking for the newest, next big thing; many brides look to the past for this most special of occasions. A vintage wedding evokes a sense of legacy and an homage to those who walked before us. And they are truly beautiful as well.

vintage wedding

The most obvious elements of a vintage wedding day are the dress and the flowers. A traditional wedding veil made of old lace is an elegant touch; while jewelry passed down through generations is not only visually stunning, it holds a special place in the bride and groom’s heart. Whether a silver brooch on a sweetheart dress or a string of pearls draped over the wedding bouquet; these sentimental touches are personal and touching, exactly as it should be on a wedding day.


You can choose an older venue for the ceremony and reception to surround guests in history. However, any venue can be transformed into a vintage location with the right choice of accents and floral arrangements. Utilizing vintage glassware, lighting elements and candles go a long way to transforming the mood.

vintage wedding


When it comes to the cake, let Billy Heroman’s help you to design a delicious centerpiece that transcends time, with classic big bows, timeless floral blooms and antique wedding cake platters and settings.



When it comes to designing your perfect vintage day, from wedding flowers to the venue ambiance, Billy Heroman’s of Baton Rouge is your wedding source. You bring your wedding ideas, we’ll help you bring them to life; whether vintage or modern, our florists are here to help you create the wedding day of your dreams

Creative Ways to Add Greenery to Your Wedding

If you are in the midst of making plans for your wedding day, one of your main concerns is probably how you can decorate to be stylish as well as make a good impression on family and friends. Many people are using greenery for their big day because it adds a certain sense of lushness to what it accompanies.

wedding greeneryIncorporating the beauty of verdure is not difficult, below are a few examples in how we can produce fabulous creations for you.

wedding greeneryThis Dazzling Centerpiece features an array of softly tinted flowers on the upper part as well as at the base of the stand. An abundance of rich foliage accentuates this lovely arrangement. This is sure to be a showstopper.

We can add to the beauty of your wedding cake with our Roses and Foliage Ring. Surround the base of your delicious masterpiece with our delicate roses and glossy variety of leaves. This can add a touch of old-world charm to the social gathering.

wedding greeneryElevated above the threshold, Archway Foliage offers a feeling of enchantment as its leaves flows down on each side of the doorpost. It is sure to convey a touch of whimsy as your family and friends pass beneath the gorgeous clusters of roses and magnificent trails of foliage.

As you can see, Billy Heromans can make your wedding day memorable. We have a wedding gallery that can supply all your needs including bridal bouquets, boutonnières, ceremony service and reception party décor, and more.

For all that is required, whether it is flowers, plants, gourmet baskets, baby gifts, or our optimum floral plantscapings, for almost 60 years we have shown our customers we take pride in what we do.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is here to provide assistance.



Pink Weddings- All About the Romance

The choice of the colors for your wedding set the stage for every other design choice you make for the special day. There is arguably no more traditional – and romantic – color palette than white and pink. With shades ranging from blush to salmon to hot, pink can be used to convey many emotions and feelings. Couples can choose to cover their special day in their favorite shade of pink; or opt for a more subtle look by interspersing pink elements amongst the classic white or ivory of the bride’s dress and bridal bouquet.

pink wedding

There are limitless ways to incorporate the pink palette into your event. Bridesmaids and flower girls, of course, can wear dresses in any shade; while flower girls sparkle in white dresses with pink sashes around their waist. Matching aisle and altar flowers can be designed to exhibit subtle shades of pink; or to explode with vibrant, deep pink blooms. Outdoor weddings present the perfect opportunity to create walkways and aisles with hanging plants or shepherd’s hook bouquets.

pink wedding

pink wedding

If you are moving the party indoors, be creative and get inspired! Your colors can radiate through lighting elements, present themselves on menu or place cards, or adorn a romantic backdrop for a photo booth. Whether extravagant blush peony blooms fit your décor, or delicate pink rosebuds more closely represent your dream day, Billy Heroman’s Flowers is excited to help with your Baton Rouge area wedding. Our experienced wedding experts can advise you as how to best incorporate the most classic of colors into your special day. Isn’t that romantic?


Hottest Colors for 2015 Fall Weddings

fall weddingsEach season brings with it a unique personality. Winter is a bit stark, while spring blushes with pastels and delicate flowers. Summer explodes into vibrant sunshine and wild flowers, but fall? Fall has a signature all its own. The autumn is the time of harvest, of abundance. Rich, ripe fruit is plucked off the vine and nature cedes its bounty. It is in this season that we choose to give thanks, to gather with family and friends to celebrate the good things in life.

It is no surprise, then, that the hottest wedding trends for this season according to exemplify ample and luxurious colors, accents and details. Brides are opting for dramatic and deep tones for bridesmaid dresses as well as for bouquets; wine reds and sumptuous purples are the most popular bouquets for both brides and bridesmaids.


fall weddings

These deep colors can be paired with pastels to cool off the arrangement, or contrasted with white blooms scattered throughout the floral display. If the bride opts for rich colors for décor and flowers, she often chooses a completely white arrangement for herself. The striking contrast of pure white against the vibrant colors makes her stand out even more!

fall weddings

Other trends this year continue to draw from the fall ambiance. Couples are considering apple and pumpkin pies as dessert for the reception, or even as wedding favors. Copper is everywhere this year – from vases to flatware to lanterns and candle holders. And for truly memorable reception décor, many are opting for creative centerpieces that feature ferns, leaves, fruits and feathers among the flowers, all being popular trends as we enter the 2015 fall wedding season.

fall weddings


Overall, autumn weddings are looking to be unique and creative; colorful, earthy and luxurious. At Billy Heroman’s Flowers and Gifts of Baton Rouge, we can’t wait to help you to design your dream fall event. Call us today!


Outdoor Wedding Trends for 2015

outdoor weddingThe peak season for outdoor weddings takes place from June through October, and the possibilities for outdoor wedding themes are endless. With all of the options out there, you will be sure to select a theme which reflects you and your fiancé’s unique personalities. The following five wedding themes are on trend for outdoor celebrations this year and are sure to please both you and your guests.

Afternoon Tea – An elegant approach to the outdoor wedding, this theme plays on the British tradition of high tea, incorporating large floral arrangements, pastel colors, fine china, elegant linens, and an array of pretty and sweet confections. For a whimsical take on the theme, think Mad Hatter and use bold colors, checkered patterns, and topsy-turvy tiers on your wedding cake.

outdoor wedding

Picnic – Perfect for a wedding in the park, capture the spirit of this fun theme with picnic table cloths, picnic-style seating, and arrangements of white and yellow daisies in woven baskets. Guests can sip lemonade and iced tea while playing games of horse shoes, badminton, and flying kites.

Beach – In this popular wedding theme, the spotlight is on nature. Keep your decor simple and serene with breezy white linens, white floral arrangements, and natural objects like shells and cobblestones.

Bohemian – A relaxed theme for the backyard, a bohemian celebration is fun, hip, and full of personal style. Screen printed invitations with casual language will make your wedding bohemian from the beginning. Trade a traditional veil for a woven floral crown and ask your bridesmaids to wear mismatched dresses in earthy tones like teal, yellow, and terra cotta. Decorate tables with feathers, air plants, succulents, and lanterns and hang floral arrangements from the trees in macrame planters. String empty picture frames from trees too to create unique portrait opportunities for guests.

outdoor wedding

Rustic – The quintessential wild west wedding, this theme is best set at a picturesque barn or on a ranch. Decor features cowhide seating, leather elements, antler motifs, and bales of hay. Wildflowers like lupine, primrose, and cornflower lend a delicately rugged feel to floral arrangements. In a rustic wedding, feel free to pair cowboy boots with your wedding dress and ride down the aisle on horseback.

Once you have selected the theme for your wedding, our professional florists at Billy Heroman’s Flowers can help you select the perfect arrangements for your outdoor celebration.