How to Use Flowers at Bridal Showers

UntitledAn event traditionally attended by only female friends and family members, an integral component of the party’s decor should incorporate floral elements as beautiful as the women celebrating. A bridal shower, however, deserves more than just a single bouquet on the cake table. Flowers can be a part of the bridal shower’s decor theme by using the bright blooms in creative ways like following fun ideas.

Garden Party – Although this seems like an obvious solution to incorporating flowers into bridal shower decor, a garden party is a wonderful theme for a bridal shower. If the weather’s nice, it allows you take the party outside to fill with potted plants, trellises, and shade umbrellas. To keep this theme casual, we suggest using whimsical elements with your floral arrangements like curly willow branches and wildflowers. We love the idea of sipping tea with all of your closest friends surrounded by the beauty of flowers in the comfort of the backyard.

Garden Bar – Create a bridal shower drink bar your to stand out from all the rest. Accompanying a garden party theme perfectly, an edible flower bar will wow and entertain guests. Stock the bar with several varieties of edible flowers such as marigolds, wild hibiscus, edible pansies, or mini florets. The petals will look pretty and taste especially good in champagne, white or pink wine, lemonade, and iced tea.

Flower Accessories – Set up a station with an assortment of wildflowers with long stems for your young or young at heart guests to weave crowns of flowers and daisy chains. Your guests will have a ball beautifying themselves, playing princess for a day, at your daisy chain station. Your guests can even take the blooms home to dry or press as a keepsake.

Party Favors – Send your guests home with a piece of joy from the shower and the beginnings of their own garden with plantable party favors. There are several options for seed favors including fun boxes of seeds, confetti with seeds, and even paper containing seeds from which you can craft place cards or origami favors. Later your guests will enjoy watching their flowers grow and bloom.

However you choose to use flowers at your bridal shower, our professional florists at Billy Heroman’s can help you create the perfect setting in which to celebrate your upcoming wedding with your closest friends and family.


What’s Trending For Upcoming Summer Weddings

shutterstock_143579107With spring around the corner, couples who intend to marry this summer are finalizing wedding details, and flowers are no exception. Everyone at Billy Heroman’s wants to be sure that all the centerpieces, ceremony flowers, bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres, represent the fulfillment of the wedding of each of our bridal customers’ dreams.

We’re always keeping up with wedding trends from year to year, or season to season. We’ve come up with some ideas that incorporate this year’s spring and summer wedding trends in a way that is sure to look spectacular with any wedding theme.

Blush is the New Color for Brides

Many of the most well-known bridal gown designers introduced blush-colored gowns into their 2015 wedding dress collections. This move away from the usual white or ivory dress is a welcome sight for brides who want to mix modern colors with the traditional look and shape of a wedding dress. Let a blush-colored wedding dress guide you in your choice of bouquet flowers. We use soft blush-colored roses with pure white lilies to create this elegant bridal bouquet for 2015. A bit of green adds warmth, while some silvery bling adds some welcome sparkle.


Blush bouquet

Blush bouquet

Blush dresses

Blush dresses

Add Natural Elements

Another popular trend for 2015, and one we hope is here to stay, is the use of natural elements in wedding décor. That includes whimsical accents like long curly willow branches, eucalyptus leaves or berries, and feathery ferns. Any type of natural accent works well in a wedding theme. Consider using lotus pods, cattails, or turning curly willow branches into a support for suspending flowers and votive candles.

Embrace Color

If you want advice about seasonal colors, look to the color gurus from Pantone. Pantone is the company that predicts yearly colors, but it also includes seasonal colors – including the best colors for wedding themes.

According to Bridal Guide, Pantone is calling its color theme for spring 2015 (one we think will extend into summer,) “En Plein Air.” That’s French for “in plain air.” The theme is very much based on the colors of water, but it goes beyond that to include some bright colors – an unexpected surprise. Bright colors include Strawberry ice – shades of pink, lavender, tangerine, and even custard-yellow. Bottom line – embrace color because it’s very trendy this year.

Don’t be afraid to choose bright colors like aquamarine for bridesmaids’ dresses. Incorporate color into your table settings. Be whimsical and wrap silverware in a lavender patterned napkin topped with a sprig of lavender. Tie the rolled-up napkin and the sprig of lavender with natural raffia.

Aquamarine bouquet

Aquamarine bouquet

Aquamarine dresses

Aquamarine dresses


Stargazer Lilies, the Perfect Wedding Flowers

shutterstock_171266801With it’s bold pink standing in stark contrast to the delicate white, the stargazer lily makes a beautiful display in your wedding flowers. The brilliant pink easily complements greens, blues and purples as you look to add a splash of color to your floral arrangements and bouquets. The large size of the flowers means they make a statement and can stand on their own with only a few of the flowers in each arrangement. Billy Heroman’s Flowers, Gifts and Plantscaping will help you build your wedding around these big, bold flowers as you look to add a little color to your event.

What Are Stargazer Lilies?

Stargazer lilies most often feature large petals that most often boast a deep fuchsia color that are tipped in a delicate white. The flowers can range in color from pure white to nearly pure pink, but the pink and white variety is the most popular and most widely recognized. These flowers also have a lovely scent that adds to their beauty.

Stargazer lilies are a relatively new hybrid in the lily family, and one that is shrouded in mystery. American lily grower Leslie Woodrull introduced the flower in 1978, and the flowers he used to cultivated it were not well recorded. Regardless, the flower has been embraced so fully that it feels as though it has been part of the lily family forever. Today, it is one of the most highly sought-after varieties of lilies, particularly for brides-to-be.

The stargazer lily gets its name from the way the flowers point towards the sky. The name evokes the sense of hope, optimism and possibility. It has been the symbol of perfection and mystery since it was introduced in 1978. It is also said to represent times of celebration, which is why it so often makes an appearance in wedding flowers.

1002421-12072732006Using the Stargazer in Your Wedding

The stargazer lily can be incorporated into just about nay wedding arrangement. While too large for a boutonnière or corsage, it can easily be incorporated into your wedding bouquet, Often just one or two of these lilies surrounded by roses and other flowers makes a bold bouquet statement.


The large size of the stargazer makes it an ideal flower for reception decor or ceremony decor. No matter where you wish to use it, the team at Billy Heroman’s will help you design your unique, custom arrangement. Let us help you incorporate the stargazer into your wedding plans!


Red Wedding Decor

thumbnail 4.59.56 PMIf you have decided that a red wedding or a wedding with a red color scheme is the right option for you and your spouse to be, one of your biggest problems is coming up with the right décor. There are certainly different directions you can go with your décor. Do you want a full red onslaught, or just a touch of color here and there? Here are a few ideas to help spark some creativity in you, your spouse and anyone involved in the planning process.


  • Red ribbon is a dramatic touch that you can use here and there to give a touch of class to your wedding venue. This is generally also very affordable. Browse Pinterest or Youtube to find out how to tie beautiful bows with little effort.
  • Decorating with flowers is a simple way to add color. Red is a great color because there are so many red flowers. Roses are a classic choice, of course. However, you can also find carnations, poinsettias, chrysanthemums, and many other options. Mixing red flowers in with white can keep it from being overwhelming.
  • Do not feel like you have to put red everywhere. Red is such a powerful color that sometimes just a touch is plenty. Make sure you do not detract from the wedding couple, especially if they are wearing red—you want them to stand out!
  • The Bouquet will often have a combination of red and something lighter and softer. However, this is ultimately the decision of the bride. Spend some time looking through options and choose one that captures your fancy.

As you can see, a red wedding does not have to be too big of a deal! It is just as easy to come up with the decorations and other accessories for this color scheme as any other is. Breathe deep and remember that you do not have to do it alone. If you are in or around Baton Rouge, call or contact us in Baton Rouge, contact us at Billy Heroman’s florist. We would love to help you plan your wedding—be it red, pink, white or yellow polka dotted!