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2010 Floral Trends

Teleflora caught this and we re-blogged it so you could see….

Floral Design by Michelle Perry-White
Photography by Ron Derhacopian
Text by Bruce Wright

from the 2010 issue of Flowers& magazine

Floral design – 2010 trends

The floral experts at Flowers& magazine (a magazine for the floral industry) have compiled an interesting and insightful combination of design trends for 2010.  We thought it was so interesting that we’re republishing those six trends here on Flower Blog! 

Trend 1 - Passion 

1. Passion – While passion usually runs high in the world of flowers, this year we think it will be even more pronounced with saturated colors in deep hues of red and purple – colors with names that sound passionate, like cassis, crushed berry and fuchsia.  Held in vessels made of metallics and clear glass, these colors really pop. 

Trend 2 - Gustavian bouquet 

2. Gustavian – This second trend borrows the name of a royal – King Gustav of Sweden – to describe a trend that is equal parts regal and Scandinavian in tone.  Using classical forms in a modern way, Gustavian bouquets are clean and fresh in tones of white, cream and blue while only incorporating a single color or type of flower in the bunch.  Vases or urns that are footed are particularly well-suited here. 

Trend 3 - Vintage Charm bouquet 

3. Vintage Charm – A yearning for happy memories of days gone by makes this trend timely in 2010.  Using well-loved (and well-used!) garden accessories like grandma’s watering can or a classic topiary form are a hallmark of this style.  Flowers in these arrangements are seen in primarily in pastel shades with a bright bloom or two for accent. 

Trend 4 - Global Connection Bouquet 

4. Global Connection – As the saying goes, the world gets smaller every day; this trend embraces that by bringing together a wide range of patterns and blooms from various locales in an eclectic, energetic style.  The color palette here is mostly earth and fire, shades of red, orange and yellow in the bouquet and a container of earthen-colors go brilliantly together. 

Trend 5 - Calculated Casual 

5. Calculated Casual – The comforts of home might show up in a greater emphasis on comfortable and easy-going design this year.  The range of light to warm yellows seen in these CalculatedCasual bouquets is friendly and cheerful yet not overly feminine or complicated. 

Trend 6 - Terra Firma Bouquet 

6. Terra Firma – The green movement is coming home – in a vase!  The environmental movement has unquestionably launched a unique design aesthetic of objects in cream, green and brown. These arrangements have that aesthetic at their base, quite literally in natural vessels and accessories, and then punch it up a little with a few vivid colors like amber and aubergine in blooms.