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Billy Heromans Flowers & Gifts

Posted by Todd McBride on April 22, 2014 | Last Updated: June 30, 2014 Uncategorized

3 Tips for Admin Professional’s Day Gift Giving

Administrative Professional’s Day, also referred to as Admin Professional’s or Secretaries Day, is a secular holiday held each year in select countries around the world. In the US Admin Professional’s Day is held on April 23, yet it is an unofficial holiday. Other countries celebrating this holiday include Australia, France, New Zealand and South Africa. This Admin Professional’s Day make sure to give the appropriate gift in order to make the most of this celebratory occasion.

Equality in Gifting

Whether you are gifting flowers or candies, whatever gift you select should be given to each person who fits the category of admin professional or secretary. If you single out a select person in the office to receive a special gift, you will only create friction and unnecessary drama in the workplace. Make sure that if you are gifting to more than one person that either the value of the gifts are equal or you are gifting everyone the same gift.

Think Outside of the Cubicle

While it can seem reasonable enough to choose a gift for an admin professional that they can use or display in the office, try something different this year. Instead of an office worthy coffee mug or set of ink pens that will be used for writing office memos, give your professionals something exciting. Consider a bouquet of flowers featuring fruits and candies that they can enjoy with their colleagues. Another option is to gift season passes to a local water park, theater or other source of entertainment.

Keep it Clean

Avoid gifts that might give your admin professionals the wrong idea. Anything vulgar or what might be considered comedic to some but offensive to others should be avoided. It’s best not to embarrass your work mates by gifting out Admin Professional’s Day gifts that are tacky or goofy. Top suggestions for gifts that are clean include soap and lotion sets, baskets of breakfast treats, or gorgeous bouquets of fresh flowers.

By taking the time to select a meaningful gift for the admin professionals in your life, you show your appreciation for those office employees in your life. Make someone’s day special this Admin Professional’s Day with a fabulous gift.