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3 Ways To Surprise Someone With Beautiful Flowers

Surprising someone with flowers can sometimes be a lot easier said than done. Not only do you need to order the flowers without that special someone suspecting what you’re up to, but you also need to keep them completely in the dark until that gorgeous bouquet actually arrives. There are a number of different ways in which you can surprise someone with beautiful flowers and make their day one that they’ll never forget.

1. The Type of Flowers is Part of the Surprise

When it comes to sending flowers, the actual “surprise” part of the big event falls into two distinct categories: the act of sending flowers in and of itself and the type of flowers that you choose to send. If you know that your significant other’s favorite flower is the red rose, for example, consider switching things up a bit and sending something that is equally beautiful but different. Ask us for┬árecommendations about what a particular type of person may or may not like. That way, even if he or she suspects that flowers are coming they’ll still be surprised by just what type of beautiful flowers they actually received.

2. Embrace Spontaneity

Being spontaneous when it comes to sending flowers means sending them more often than just on Valentine’s Day, Christmas or a birthday. If you want to truly catch someone off guard with flowers and have the best possible surprise, be sure to send them on a regular day that doesn’t have any special ties to your relationship. If you find out that your significant other is having a rough day at work in the morning, have flowers delivered in the afternoon to help turn that day around in the most beautiful way possible.

3. Pair Up Your Flowers With a Nice Gift

Adding an additional element onto the flower delivery is a great way to keep the event fresh and exciting, even if the person in question may suspect that something is up. Your girlfriend may suspect that she’s getting a bouquet of flowers around her birthday, for example. What she might not suspect is that it will also be coming with a box of her favorite types of chocolates or a stuffed teddy bear.

No matter what the surprise we can help it be the best yet, order from us at Billy Heromans!