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4 Tips for Celebrating Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation Day comes around just once per year, and it falls on the first Friday of March. Do you know how you’re going to celebrate this year? While there are still a few weeks of winter left, you can raise your staff’s mood by showing them your gratitude on this special holiday. Here are four ideas for celebrating Employee Appreciation Day:

Purple & Gold Spirit Bouquet

1. Bold, Beautiful Arrangements

Flowers are a time-honored way of showing affection and appreciation, and there’s a wide range of choices. One of the most impactful ways you can get their attention and let them you know you care is with big, bright, bold, impactful blooms and arrangements. Some of the most joy-inspiring flowers include the sunflower, tulips, roses, stargazer lilies and Gerbera daisies. Combine a variety of flower shapes, styles and colors for a result that’s sure to make them smile.

2. Exotic Arrangements and Tropical Blooms

Flowers from warm, exotic climates are a great way to bring your staff some cheer during the home stretch of winter. What better way to make them smile than with bright orchids, birds of paradise, ginger and anthurium in sleek, gorgeous vases? Make an impact this Employee Appreciation Day with an arrangement of exotic, tropical flowers that they won’t soon forget.

3. Spring Classics

Kalanchoe Plant

As the winter months continue, there can seem to be no hope of spring in sight. That’s why giving a spring bouquet for Employee Appreciation Day can be the perfect gift. Spring flowers lift the spirits and make us smile. Consider sending an arrangement of colorful tulips, bright lilies, sunny sunflowers, radiant daisies or other wildflowers, and you’ll bring the promise and hope of spring right into your office.

4. The Luxury Flower Collection

Perhaps one or several of your employees have gone the extra mile this past year, showing you just how indispensable they are? When only the best will do, the Luxury Flower Collection can provide the perfect gift for Employee Appreciation Day. From lavender or pale pink roses to elegant orchids, these exquisite arrangements are the perfect gift for those valued employee who truly make a difference.

Your employees are the infrastructure of your business, helping it to succeed and thrive. Take the time this Employee Appreciation Day to show them your gratitude with these four flower ideas. Contact Billy Heroman’s for more great gift ideas or to place your order.