Billy Heroman’s Earth Day 2016

By Todd McBride on March 8, 2016 in Plants. 0 Comments

earth dayAs springtime approaches, so does one special day – it is so special, in fact, that it is celebrated twice. On March 20th of 2016, the Spring Equinox will be upon us; and since 1970, this day has also been known as an International Earth Day. Founder John McConnell was inspired to establish this day in order to unite globl citizens on issues of peace and stewardship for the earth. Similarly, on April 22nd, of 1970, Gaylord Nelson, a U.S.Senator known for his conservation efforts, established a day of educational initiatives for the environment, also named Earth Day. Although two distinct days with differing outreach efforts, over the years they have collectively raised awareness of the importance of preserving the world’s resources.

earth day

Green plants and trees are an essential component of our planet’s health; the benefits that afford the Earth can also be translated to our own homes and lives. During America’s growth and progress, countless trees and plants have been destroyed. However, plants play an extremely important role in our ecosystems, from improving the air quality to offering medicinal benefit. One popular initiaitve on Earth Day is planting trees; by surrounding yourself with green plants and cultivated trees, you can also ensure the same benefit in your personal space.


Flowers also have their own benefit – mostly they make people happy! It’s been a long, cold winter, and everyone is ready for a little spring, This Earth Day, you can show your loved ones how much you care about them – and about our environment – in one special gift.

earth day

Billy Heroman’s of Baton Rouge knows that plants and flowers are an integral part of our lives, whether we are aware of it or not. On Earth Day, give someone you love a green plant or floral bouquet – not only will it beautify their home or office, but it will provide benefits they cant see. Billy Heroman’s lives and breathes floral arrangements every day – and we would be happy to work with you to keep the planet green.




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