Celebrate All Those You Love

By Todd McBride on January 14, 2017 in Flowers, Gift, Valentine's Day, Valentine's Day. 0 Comments

loveWhile gifts for our sweethearts get all the attention on Valentine’s Day, there are many others in our lives that deserve to be shown love, today and every day. In fact, statistics tell us that everyone from co-workers to pets will receive gifts on this special holiday. Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts has gifts that will bring smiles and warm the hearts of those special to you – no matter who they are!

After partners and spouses, the largest group that we purchase gifts for is our family. Imagine your Mom’s delight when she receives a lavish bouquet of seasonal flowers – there is no better way to tell her how much she means to you. Choose one of our gorgeous displays of roses, lilies, and hydrangea; or create an arrangement of her favorite blooms to be delivered right to her front door.  Here’s An Idea: These bouquets make thoughtful gifts for sisters, cousins, or best friends as well!
loveWhat young child or teenager doesn’t love a teddy bear, balloons, and candy? Add to their delight by having the arrangement sent to them special delivery! We have many balloon styles to choose from so that you can create your own bouquet. Who Else Would Love This? Your sweetheart would love seeing these balloons arrive at work!
lovePerhaps Mom would prefer a long-lasting blooming garden – as would your favorite teachers, co-workers, or friends. Keep In Mind: Green and blooming plants help to detoxify the air and encourage well-being. These make fantastic gifts for grandparents who may be in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. (Always check with the medical staff prior to sending any plants or flowers to a resident.)
loveOur extensive collection of Valentine’s flowers and gifts guarantees that you can celebrate all the love in your life, whether your loved ones are in Baton Rouge or across the country. This year, let them all know how amazing they are – with a Valentine’s Day delivery from Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts.



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