Outdoor Gardens for Butterflies & Bees

By Todd McBride on July 3, 2017 in Summer Flowers. 0 Comments

outdoor gardens

Summer is in full swing, and with the new season comes the expectation that insects of all sorts will visit your backyard or outdoor gardens. Some of these visitors are welcome – for instance, butterflies and bees create a lovely atmosphere that not only celebrates summer, but is important to our ecosystem. And as certain flowers will attract these insects more readily, we invite you to work with Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts to choose from an array of beautiful plants and flowers that are sure to be inviting.

Butterflies love fresh water, a sunny spot that’s shielded from the wind, and plenty of nectar. Certain flowers work well in these conditions, too, and contain the right ingredients to bring butterflies – or even caterpillars- to your landscape. Gardens full of milkweed, sunflowers, asters and goldenrod, for example, make great homes for caterpillars and the butterflies they will become.

outdoor gardens

Our Bright and Sunny arrangement of sunflowers and goldenrod, featured above, is sure to brighten any porch or patio, as we ll as to guarantee a few visits from butterflies.

Although you may not realize it, bees are another great summer insect to have around. Sadly, their population is on the decline – but we need their pollinating skills to help grow the food we eat everyday! You can support their recovery by including some of their favorite flowers in your gardens. Like the butterflies, bees love sunflowers, asters, and goldenrod, as well as clover, thistle, roses and snapdragons.

outdoor gardens

This gorgeous display of bright summer blooms (above) includes several bee-friendly varieties, including daisies, asters, and snapdragons. Even though bees are exceptionally helpful insects, they can obviously sting – so placement should be a bit more thoughtful. Experts tell us that a honeybee will not sting unless harassed or threatened. They are fascinating to watch, so keep a short distance away, and enjoy watching them work.

Another arrangement that will draw bees and butterflies alike is our Summer Garden design, pictured below. Bee-friendly solidaster (goldenrod) and daisies combine with sunflowers to create a multi-tasking butterfly garden.

outdoor gardens

Not So Friendly Insects: Mums, petunias and geraniums will help to repel unwanted insects, like roaches, beetles, fleas and ants, while the oils from herbs such as lemongrass, basil, mint and lavender will help to keep mosquitoes at bay.

Baton Rouge outdoor gardens can be not only beautiful, but functional – with some help from Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts. You won’t be disappointed, and the bees and butterflies will thank you!



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