Decorating College Dorm Rooms

By Todd McBride on July 18, 2017 in Back to School. 0 Comments

college dorm rooms

The end of summer is fast approaching and college students everywhere are preparing to head off to school and their college dorm rooms. While you know you will miss them terribly while they’re away, you can be confident that they know you’re thinking about them with a thoughtful gift or reminder of home. Billy Heroman’s Flowers has a variety of gifts, plants and flowers to send your student off in style.Getting ready to go back to school, or away to school for the first time, is exciting and overwhelming all at once. Besides getting organized and prepared for classes, students begin to develop an idea of who they are and love to express it in a variety of ways. Their personality begins to shine through their clothing and style. Backpacks are one great way to show off personal style and stay organized at the same time.
college dorm rooms

Set them up for success with one of our many Vera Bradley backpacks, available in store. Bring your student into our shop to choose their favorite pattern, or surprise her with her perfect look.
college dorm roomsFor the Young Scholars: Although you aren’t ready to send them off to college yet, we also have adorable back-to-school items for your littler students. After all, they are excited about school as well!

Finally, consider sprucing up their college dorm rooms with a low-maintenance plant that will remind them that you care. Our Triple Bromeliad Plant is easy to care for and will last for months, serving as a special message from you to your student: you miss him and you’re proud of him. Would you prefer something different? You can choose from our collection of green plants or orchids, tropicals, or blooming plants.

college dorm rooms

Let your student know their college dorm room experience is important to you with a heart-felt gift. Whether in the Baton Rouge area or going away for school, we have special and unique gifts for this exciting time. Shop online or come into Billy Heroman’s Flowers today to find the perfect gift for your student.



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