Sapphires & Asters to Celebrate September Birthdays

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September birthdays

September birthdays are traditionally represented by sapphires (September’s birthstone) and asters (September’s birth flower). If you are considering sending a birthday bouquet to someone you love this month, let these elements inspire your creativity! The floral designers at Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts are always looking for gorgeous ways to celebrate life’s most special occasions – and this month is no different. 


September birthdays

      A Few Facts About Sapphires:

  • Dating back to ancient times, sapphires have often been associated with wisdom. Priests and kings wore sapphires when making important decisions and they were often seen in judicial proceedings.
  • Rulers in Ancient Persia believed the sky was blue because it was a reflection of sapphires throughout the Earth.
  • Giving sapphires as a gift symbolizes wisdom, truth and purity.Floral bouquets in sapphire blue can include blue delphinium, blue hydrangea, blue iris, forget-me-nots or orchids. You can also invoke the unique blue with a colored vase or blue-colored “gemstones” in the bottom of a clear vase.

    A Few Facts About Asters:
  • Mythology tells that asters, named with the Greek word for “star,” came into being when the goddess, Asterea cried because there were no more stars in the sky. Asters then grew for the first time, where her tears fell.
  • Asters represent patience, love, good luck and daintiness.

Asters are daisy-like blooms which feature a cluster of tiny yellow flowers in the center, with ray florets
surrounding. Asters come in a wide variety of colors and bloom in the late summer and early fall – meaning they
make lovely September birthday bouquets!

September birthdays

Billy’s Birthday Wishes, this gorgeous design featured above, celebrates September birthdays in style with bright blue hydrangea accenting Gerber daisies, roses, lilies, and sunflowers. The blue flowers and the blue-tinted vase are reminiscent of the beauty of September’s birthstone.

Birthdays are always a special time. In September, honor those born this month with asters or “Sapphire blue ” flowers. For more ideas, talk to the floral experts at Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts – we’re here to help! And don’t forget, we always offer same-day delivery to Baton Rouge and the surrounding area.



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