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Posted by Todd McBride on April 18, 2016 | Last Updated: April 26, 2016 Uncategorized

Billy Heroman’s Flowers- Administrative Professionals Day

administrative professionalsThere are many people in our lives that we appreciate and couldn’t do without. Sometimes, unfortunately, giving them the gratitude that they deserve can fall to the wayside in the busyness of our day. Every April there is an entire week set aside to encourage the administrative professionals in our organizations that are instrumental to our success. This year, National Administrative Professionals Day falls on Wednesday, April 27, and is the perfect time to show those coworkers how important they are to the company.

administrative professionalsCreated approximately 75 years ago during World War II, the observance was originally named National Secretaries Day. The reason for its genesis was to bring about appreciation of those already working in the field, as well as to encourage others to choose this career path. As time went on, the name was eventually changed to Administrative Professionals Day, to reflect the evolution of the modern workplace. A recent social media poll found that an overwhelming number of employees considered administrative personnel to be more influential to day-to-day operations than even those at the top – they have contact with everyone from customers to vendors, to executives; and know more about how the business works than anyone else.

administrative professionalsWith all their importance in keeping the business running smoothly every day, these indispensable employees deserve some recognition! A delivery of fresh flowers, green plants or gourmet snacks and treats is a great way to show that their efforts do not go unnoticed or unappreciated and that you consider them valuable assets to the team. If you haven’t thanked your team lately, April 27th is a very good time to do so.

administrative professionalsBilly Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts has a passion for helping you to celebrate the important people in your life. Give us a call, and let’s work together to make this National Administrative Professional’s Day one your employees will never forget.