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Anniversary & Wedding Flowers

wedding flowers

June is the month to celebrate all things wedding – and who doesn’t love a wedding? Experts tell us that this month is the most popular month for these celebrations to take place, likely due to the temperate weather in many places of the United States. Just in case you were not aware that Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts is a premier provider of wedding flowers here in Baton Rouge, we’d like to share a few facts, photos and links that will help you to plan a gorgeous wedding – whether in June or any time of year!

According to the Calendar: While June is the most popular month to get married, August, May, and September are also often chosen. January, February & March are the least popular for weddings, although New Year’s Day and Valentine’s Day do see their fair share of nuptials.
wedding flowers Historically Speaking: The weather is likely not the only reason for June’s popularity. Ancient Romans determined that the month was the most auspicious to tie the knot as it was named after the goddess Juno, who watched over women – especially in matters of marriage and childbearing. Ancient Celtic cultures, observing their own traditions, paired young couples on May Day (May 1) and held mid-June wedding ceremonies.

wedding flowers Where to Find Billy Heroman’s Flowers: Ae you looking into your own wedding flowers? We invite you to visit our Wedding Site Photo Galleries for ideas and inspiration. You’ll also be able to find reviews from past brides on and Be sure to look through the gorgeous photos – we love what we do, and it shows!

Of course, a wedding this year means an anniversary next year – and we also have a beautiful collection of anniversary flowers  – whether carnations for your 1st, daffodils for your 10th,  roses for your 15th or lilies for your 30th – we’ve got all the flowers you need for every romantic occasion. Whether planning a wedding or giving a bouquet to tell them you would marry them all over again, give Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts a call. We’ve been delivering love across Baton Rouge for over 60 years.