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Posted by Todd McBride on July 19, 2016 | Last Updated: July 29, 2016 Uncategorized

August Birth Flower Bouquets

The symbolic use of birthstones is an ancient tradition that is still celebrated today. Many people gravitate towards their specific stone and incorporate it into their own personal jewelry even to this day. This custom has its roots thousands of years ago and in diverse cultures. From these gems being associated with each of the Biblical tribes to the mystical traditions aligning them with signs of the zodiac, precious gemstones have always been revered in various ways. Likewise, August’ s birthstone, the peridot, has been coveted for centuries. It’s exquisite lime green hue – which can range up to an olive shade based upon its iron content – has a unique color that inspires the birth flower bouquets at Billy’s Heroman’s Flowers this month.

The peridot is said to have magical powers and healing properties; both physical and emotional healing, such as mending relationships. We like to think that our flowers also have positive effects on their recipients – they express love and joy! These peridot-inspired blooms are striking and eye-catching. Our floral designers have created a distinctive design that embodies the spirit of this unique stone. The August Birthday Bouquet featured exotic green cymbidium orchids and green hydrangea, combined with yellow snapdragons for a masterpiece that is worthy of the peridot’s reputation for beauty.birth flower bouquets

Did You Know? The gladiolus is the official birth flower of August, but is rarely used in everyday bouquets. If you really want to make an impression, ask our floral designers about this dramatic flower!

We can’t forget to mention that the peridot is also believed to bring about good luck for a year – making it the perfect ambassador for birthday celebrations. For all your loved one’s August birthdays, combine the magical essence of the peridot and the striking aesthetic of fresh cut blooms, for a birthday bouquet they won’t soon forget. Leave it to the floral artists at Billy Heroman’s Flowers to create a spectacular arrangement that will bring gorgeous good wishes to everyone who receives it.