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Posted by Todd McBride on August 17, 2015 Uncategorized

August Gladiolas

gladiolaIf you have some birthdays to celebrate this month, you may be looking for the perfect flower to send. If you decide to go the traditional route, choose the August birth flower – the gladiolus, although traditional, it is far from ordinary. This dramatic bloom belongs to the iris family, and is also referred to as the sword lily. It is no coincidence that the name of the flower sounds familiar – derived from the Latin gladius, the long stalk of blossoms with sharp leaves are named for their likeness to a Roman gladiator’s sword. With more than 255 different species, and heights ranging from two to five feet tall; this flower is every bit as impressive as its legacy.

Funnel-shaped flowers can be found in a wide spectrum of colors. Arranged in double rows along the long stem, the gladiolus blooms make a definite statement. The flowers are thought to represent many varied meanings. Integrity and moral strength are represented by its connection to gladiators. Those struggling with a secret love or new infatuation may send to the object of their desire, as the leaves were once thought to pierce the recipients heart with love. Of course, gladiolus is also a classic flower to use in a tribute floral arrangement, as it carries strong connotations of memories and remembrance.


Lemon Lime Love August Birthday Bouquet

Regardless of the situation, gladiolus are a classically beautiful and graceful flower to add to your arrangements. For August birthday gifts, speak to the experts at Billy Heroman’s to create a bouquet – add snapdragons,lilies and roses to the gladiola for a gorgeous country bouquet they will love. Gladiolus is a striking option for any occasion, so stop into one of our Baton Rouge area florists to send one of our beautiful arrangements or to create a meaningful bouquet of your own.