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Billy Heromans Flowers & Gifts

Posted by Todd McBride on July 2, 2014 Uncategorized

The Best Flowers for 4th of July!

Every year, Americans across the country gather together on the 4th of July in order to celebrate our independence. Whether you are heading to the beach house for fun in the sun, or you are hosting a quintessential 4th of July barbecue complete with fireworks at the end of the night, you will want to be sure to have the perfect red, white and blue floral arrangement on display.

What are the Best Flowers for the 4th of July?

  • Red roses with baby’s breath — There’s nothing more classic than a bouquet of red roses with baby’s breath, and since red is one of the most iconic and patriotic colors, this is the perfect choice. If you are purchasing this arrangement as a gift, you can be sure that the recipient will love these timeless blooms. If you simply want to treat yourself, these roses will bring a smile to your face for days.
  • White daisies with red carnations and purple statice — This mix of spring and summer blooms creates the perfect red, white and blue centerpiece. Send it to a loved one who might be spending the holiday in another part of the country, or purchase it in order to decorate your own home. This arrangement will fit in with the rest of the stars and stripes decor that you pick out for your party.
  • Sunflowers — While they may be a shade of golden yellow, these flowers evoke the feeling of summertime across the country. Sunflowers are an idyllic summer bloom, and they can add a classic and vintage touch to any 4th of July barbecue. Create centerpieces for the event or present the host with a special bouquet created with these flowers.

You might consider bringing a floral arrangement as a gift for the person who is hosting the 4th of July gathering that you are going to, or maybe you want to make your house feel a little more festive this year. Either way, fresh blooms that truly represent all that America has to offer are the best way to celebrate the holiday. Order your arrangement today so that you aren’t left behind without a patriotic arrangement that is destined to brighten up any type of event.