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Posted by Todd McBride on November 3, 2015 Uncategorized

Billy Heroman’s Dahlia’s

dahliaThe dahlia flower is a study in diversity. Originally native to Mexico, the bloom actually grows well in cooler temperatures that offer a bit more moisture in the ground. Named after the 18th century botanist Anders Dahl, the dahlia has over 30 species and literally thousand of hybrid varieties. As far back as the 1500’s, the dahlia was used by indigenous peoples for medicinal and nutritional purposes. Although dahlia tubers are certainly edible, this usage has gone by the wayside. Today you are far more likely to find dahlias in gardens and floral arrangements than on a dinner plate.


The sheer range of size, appearance, color and shape make the dahlia fascinating; you may find a dahlia growing on a plant less than a foot tall, while others may be on a 6 foot stalk. They are also cultivated across the full color spectrum – from white to magenta to bronze gold. Some species are also known for their spectacular dual colored or patterned petals. From light to dark, shaded or bold – there is a dahlia for every bouquet. Dahlias can be so unique and beautiful that there are numerous associations and growing clubs dedicated solely to the flower; as well as nationwide competitions to see who can grow the most gorgeous dahlia.


The dahlia flower symbolically represents dignity and elegance; alternately, the dahlia also signifies a strong commitment of bond between two people. As such, the dahlia is a meaningful bloom to send for weddings or anniversaries, especially when you send in colors that also speak to these themes. As the dahlia also conveys good wishes for many happy years together, they make an ideal engagement floral bouquet as well.


If you are interested in exploring the many species of dahlia for any occasion, come into Billy Heroman’s and discuss your ideas with our expert florists. In Baton Rouge and across the country, dahlias make a striking statement – which dahlia will you choose? The possibilities for a stunning bouquet are limitless.