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Why You Should Bring Summer Flowers to The Perfect Picnic

Summer is the ideal time for outdoor activities, and everyone loves a summer picnic. If you’re invited to one, don’t make the mistake of arriving empty-handed; why not bring along a gorgeous bouquet of flowers?

The right flowers will show gratitude to your host and add to the fun, festive spirit of the occasion. Flower types should be chosen based on the type of picnic and the tastes and preferences of your host. The top summer flower choices for picnics and outdoors parties include:

Summer Daisies

Daisies have the sunny disposition that’s perfect for a picnic. A Simple Pleasure vase of white daisies will add classic country charm to any casual picnic setting. A Gerbera Daisy vase offers multi-colored daisies that everyone will enjoy, especially as an eye-catching centerpiece. For more formal events, large White Gerberas can add elegance and class to any summer gathering.

Artful Arrangements

Certain flower types, colors and combinations seem to epitomize summer. An artfully arranged bouquet can combine summer favorites to add beauty and distinctiveness to any picnic table. A Bold and Beautiful arrangement features a variety of brightly colored blooms in oranges, reds and purples to make a big statement at the picnic. Garden Greatness offers a more subdued look with beautiful blooms in pastel tones. You can browse a variety of other artful arrangements and bouquets at Billy Heroman’s.

Sunflower Glory

The sunflower is the quintessential summer flower, offering warmth, vibrance and radiance exceeded only by that of the sun. Its bold look and size will “wow” your hosts as well as the other guests, and there are a variety of sunflower arrangements to choose from.

Say it With Roses

The beautiful, iconic look and unmistakable gorgeous scent of roses will uplift any summer gathering. Roses are available in just about any color you can imagine, and Billy Heroman’s offers bouquets ranging from the simple to the highly elaborate and ornate. A Pink Elegance bouquet offers a more subdued look, and Billy’s Treasure combines roses with large, stunning lilies that are sure to turn heads.

Patriotic Colors

If you’re invited to a Memorial Day, Fourth of July or Labor Day picnic, consider bringing along a flower arrangement that shows respect for your country. A Patriotic Salute arrangement with red, white and blue flowers is bursting with pride in the U.S.A.

Whether it’s a patriotic barbecue, a casual picnic with family and friends, or an elegant outdoor dinner party, don’t arrive empty-handed. Honor the event and show appreciation to the host by bringing them a bouquet of lovely summer flowers.