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Billy Heromans Flowers & Gifts

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Who You Should Be Buying Flowers For During Back To School

Flowers increase happiness, reduce stress and look beautiful. That’s why they’re the perfect gift for a variety of recipients during the back to schools season.


A busy school year is about to begin. Flowers show your appreciation and gratitude to your children’s school teachers and even to your own favorite teachers from yesteryear. Arrange for a bouquet of bright sunflowers or blooming tulips to be delivered to the school, or give the teachers a potted plant they can care for, admire and use in the classroom all year.

Bus Drivers

They have a busy and important job safely transporting your children to school. Whether you arrange for delivery to the transportation office or hand deliver the bouquet when you pick your kids up at the bus stop, thank your children’s bus drivers with fresh floral arrangements.

Sports Coaches

If your children played a summer sport or plan to play in a sport this fall, thank the coaches. A bright and colorful bouquet shows your appreciation for all the hard work the coaches put into helping your children succeed as teammates and athletes.


Your children’s summer or school year babysitter works hard to entertain and care for your kids. Show your gratitude by giving him or her a delicate orchid or climbing vine. He or she can enjoy nurturing your children and the plant.


Preschoolers might feel left out on the first day of school as they watch their siblings leave on the bus without them. Even older kids can feel sad if a sibling is headed off to college. Surprise your little ones with daisies and hydrangeas or give them a live plant they can care for and call their own.

College Students

Although they’re young adults, college students sometimes feel homesick, and they always appreciate reminders of home. Send roses or a live colorful plant to the college students in your life as you remind them that they are loved.


Now that the busy summer is over and everyone’s in school, treat yourself to a breath of fresh air. A bright and beautiful bouquet or love plant brightens your kitchen table or office desk as you gear up for another school year.

This year’s back to school season gives you the perfect chance to show your appreciation, encouragement and love to the important people in your children’s lives. Prepare now to send beautiful floral bouquets or live plants to the people who support your children’s education and success.