Sapphires & Asters to Celebrate September Birthdays

September birthdays

September birthdays are traditionally represented by sapphires (September’s birthstone) and asters (September’s birth flower). If you are considering sending a birthday bouquet to someone you love this month, let these elements inspire your creativity! The floral designers at Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts are always looking for gorgeous ways to celebrate life’s most special occasions – and this month is no different. 

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April Diamond Birthstone Arrangements

April birthdays have a very special representative in the diamond birthstone. This traditional gem expresses significant meaning for those born in April, symbolic of everlasting and dedicated love. From ancient times, the diamond has been thought to bring better relationships and an increase in inner strength to those who wear it. Although you won’t find diamonds at Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts, you can choose a beautiful bouquet of white and off-white flowers that will effectively represent the diamond birthstone well. Continue reading

Birthstones and Flowers

birthstonesBirthdays, celebrations, and flowers just go together. Each month of the year has its own birthstone, and each birthstone its own beauty. When designing colorful birthday bouquets for our friends and neighbors, birthstones offer the perfect inspiration. If you are looking for a bouquet that is out of the ordinary this year – whether for birthday celebrations or any other special event  – Billy Heroman’s Flowers is the best place to start.

The tradition of the birthstone is believed to have originated in ancient Jewish culture, as twelve colorful stones were used on the breastplate of the biblical priests. Continue reading

Sapphire Birthstone Bouquets

sapphire birthstone

When it comes to sending birthday bouquets, you can be inspired by many things. From the celebrant’s favorite flower to the official flower of the month, there are many meaningful ways to send your love at this special times. One of our favorite ways to create bouquets for birthdays is to be inspired by the birthstone; and in September, that means imagining floral representations of the sapphire. Sapphire birthstone arrangements are truly unique and memorable – just like the people receiving them. The floral designers at Billy Heroman’s would love to help you to honor all of the September birthday honorees with our gorgeous floral bouquets.

Sapphire birthstone Our Shades of Sapphire Birthday Bouquet is specially designed to depict the beauty of the September birthstone. Blue hydrangea is paired with white roses and the exotic look of blue thistle. Clear crystals and blue and white decorative elements finish off this extravagant design which highlights the brilliance of the sapphire birthstone.

Sapphires are called the “celestial stone” because since antiquity they have been thought to bring heavenly blessings down to those who owned one. It is a stone of wisdom, royalty, and divine favor. When looking to design a sapphire birthstone bouquet, you can use blue delphinium, blue orchids, hydrangea, and iris to create that striking look that only blue florals can create.

If you are looking for a memorable way to wish those you love a Happy September Birthday. look no further than Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts. We use the most beautiful seasonal flowers and accents to create floral designs sure to make their day – in the Baton Rouge and Port Allen area, as well as across the miles. Call us today!

August Birth Flower Bouquets

The symbolic use of birthstones is an ancient tradition that is still celebrated today. Many people gravitate towards their specific stone and incorporate it into their own personal jewelry even to this day. This custom has its roots thousands of years ago and in diverse cultures. From these gems being associated with each of the Biblical tribes to the mystical traditions aligning them with signs of the zodiac, precious gemstones have always been revered in various ways. Likewise, August’ s birthstone, the peridot, has been coveted for centuries. It’s exquisite lime green hue – which can range up to an olive shade based upon its iron content – has a unique color that inspires the birth flower bouquets at Billy’s Heroman’s Flowers this month.

The peridot is said to have magical powers and healing properties; both physical and emotional healing, such as mending relationships. We like to think that our flowers also have positive effects on their recipients – they express love and joy! These peridot-inspired blooms are striking and eye-catching. Our floral designers have created a distinctive design that embodies the spirit of this unique stone. The August Birthday Bouquet featured exotic green cymbidium orchids and green hydrangea, combined with yellow snapdragons for a masterpiece that is worthy of the peridot’s reputation for beauty.birth flower bouquets

Did You Know? The gladiolus is the official birth flower of August, but is rarely used in everyday bouquets. If you really want to make an impression, ask our floral designers about this dramatic flower!

We can’t forget to mention that the peridot is also believed to bring about good luck for a year – making it the perfect ambassador for birthday celebrations. For all your loved one’s August birthdays, combine the magical essence of the peridot and the striking aesthetic of fresh cut blooms, for a birthday bouquet they won’t soon forget. Leave it to the floral artists at Billy Heroman’s Flowers to create a spectacular arrangement that will bring gorgeous good wishes to everyone who receives it.

Why Give Green Flowers for May Birthdays

may birthdaysEvery month of the year has a birthstone assigned to it, and May is no exception. This month, the Emerald has the honor of being the celebratory gem of all your loved one’s birthdays. The iconic emerald signifies rebirth, youth, and good fortune; all beautiful representations of springtime in Baton Rouge!

Did You Know? Emeralds are recognized as one of only four recognized precious gems, along with diamonds, rubies, and sapphires.

may birthdaysThe emerald shines bright with a well recognized, vibrant green color that is known and loved worldwide. This month, how about giving the gift of flowers that pay their respect to this green gem? The cymbidium orchid is one of the most elegant and graceful green blooms, and this Green Orchid Cube is a modern take on the traditional orchid offering. Bear grass and black rock provide a fitting throne for these royal looking blooms, while the low glass container is appropriate for any home or office, and adds a touch of grace to any environment.

may birthdaysEmeralds are found in 29 countries across the globe, including in the United States. However, since discoveries have been exceptionally rare – and none in Baton Rouge – a green plant is another way to celebrate the Emerald honorees in style! Of course, we are all about the green here at Billy Heroman’s. If you would like to give a traditional green plant, we have a wide variety that will not only delight your May birthday recipients but will continue to remind them for months to come of how precious you consider your relationship with them.

Although giving emerald gemstones may not be in the cards this year, giving something spectacular from another of nature’s beautiful creations is a perfect way to show your friends and family how awesome they are. Come into Billy Heroman’s today to design an emerald bouquet as gorgeous as a priceless gem.

January Birthday Flowers

birthday flowers

2016 is officially underway, and we have some fantastic gift ideas for all of the January birthdays in your life.

One fantastic way to celebrate January birthdays is by sending a bouquet that is thematic of garnet, the month’s birthstone. Our Glow of Garnet bouquet features roses, tulips, hydrangea, and lilies arranged together in a cube with red decor. The symbolism of garnet makes this a perfect bouquet to give to a friend because it represents eternal friendship, loyalty and sincerity.

birthday flowers

Glow of Garnet

As the official birth flower of January, it is entirely appropriate to send carnations to all of your loved ones celebrating this month! Because of their many colors, carnations are exceptionally festive and make for cheerful and fun bouquets ready to brighten up the party. We should also note that the carnation is in charge of another “first” – as the flower chosen to represent first anniversaries, it holds a special place in honoring couples.


The significance of carnations doesn’t end with January birthdays – not even close! Carnations are also closely associated with both mothers and babies – pink carnations make up the classic Mother’s Day bouquet, and often appear in new baby arrangements as well. It makes sense, as a pink carnation signifies a mother’s pure love and affection. For both new arrivals and for the May holiday, carnations are the flowers of choice.

If you are looking for the perfect birthday flowers to honor or celebrate your loved ones’ birthdays;  Billy Heroman’s is your best choice in Baton Rouge. We have been sending flowers to all the events in your life for years. Call us today for the perfect bouquet, floral arrangement or gift choice. We look forward to a new year full of flowers.



Billy Heroman’s Asters

asterThe birth flower of September is the beautiful and diverse aster; it comes in a myriad of colors and varieties. Also known as starworts or star flower, the aster comes in over 600 species. And although it is most often used as a filler flower (similar to carnations), during this month, the star flower is given its chance to shine!


These lovely flowers have grown wild for thousands of years, but are also cultivated in gardens – they are wonderful cutting flowers for bouquets and arrangements. The bloom has some ambiguous meanings which almost seem to tell a sad story; the flower represents true love and fidelity, but also regret over a love relationship that has been lost. The aster’s star-like appearance also has given rise to some colorful stories. In Greek mythology, for instance, the aster originated from the tears of Virgo, also known as Astaea. As this goddess of purity and innocence cried over the sins of mortal men, her tears fell in the form of stardust, manifesting throughout the earth as asters.


If your friends or family members are celebrating this month, Billy Heroman’s has some lovely floral arrangements that showcase our star. Pink asters are surrounded by snapdragons, lilies and hydrangea in the Pink Garden Bowl, sure to please any young lady on her special day.



The aster is not only the birth flower of September, it is also associated with 20th wedding anniversaries. Our Mad About You bouquet will deliver the royal treatment your spouse deserves, with beautiful shades of regal purples and loyal blues. The asters gold center, made up of many tiny yellow blooms, adds just the right contrast to this stunning bouquet.



Birthdays, anniversaries or the subject of legends – the aster is a naturally beautiful bloom that adds color and contrast to any arrangement for any occasion. Stop into one of the three Baton Rouge Flower Shops today for ideas and inspiration. What better way to tell someone they are special, but to send them the stars!

How to Say Happy Birthday this Summer

summer birthdayIn France they wish a Joyeux Anniversaire.

In Thailand, they say Suk San Wan Keut.

In Ecuador, it is Feliz Dia del Santo.
But our favorite way to say ‘Happy Birthday’ is with flowers! Whether offering best wishes to a loved one or a business colleague, floral arrangements can be uniquely crafted to fit their personality and the festivities of the day.

summer birthday

Birthday Fireworks

Billy Heroman’s Birthday Fireworks may just be the quintessential birthday arrangement for anyone in your life. With carnations, roses, and so much more, this bouquet is a party in a vase – complete with Mylar balloon! Whether sending greetings to your best friend, your favorite sister or that nice neighbor – this arrangement is sure to make them smile.

Maybe you’d like to send a summer birthday greeting to a business colleague. Orchestrating Orchids sends just the right amount of sophistication along with your birthday wishes, and is a classy way to say ‘Happy Birthday’. This arrangement will brighten any office space while remaining quite professional.

If the summer birthday girl is the love of your life, roses are always a smart choice. Whether you choose our delicate and beautiful Rose Sorbet Bubble Bowl, or opt for the classic long stemmed red roses, these birthday bouquets will surely add the romance to the celebration. To add a sweet touch, try something from our gourmet collection and ensure their birthday is as special as they are.

Billy Heroman’s Flowers of Baton Rouge has all the floral arrangements, bouquets and gifts you need to say Happy Birthday in hundreds of creative ways. This year, give them something they will remember forever – and wish them a Happy Birthday from us!