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Posted by Todd McBride on December 9, 2014 | Last Updated: November 5, 2020 Uncategorized

How to Decorate for Hanukkah

Hanukkah is right around the corner, which means that now is the time to get decorating. Nothing helps bring out the festive spirit in people more than fresh flowers. Especially in the winter when many people are increasingly stuck inside and cannot see flowers and greenery outside, having some fresh flowers inside can help lift people’s spirits and put a smile on their faces. Since flowers come in such a wide range of colors as well, it is easy to find arrangements that match the traditional Hanukkah colors and symbols. Here are a few fantastic ways that families can add some gorgeous arrangements to their Hanukkah decorations this year.

Decorate the entrance to the home with some traditional Hanukkah colors

Welcome people to the home to celebrate a Hanukkah dinner by having some wonderful arrangements out near the main entrance to the home. Arrangements that use the traditional blues and whites can be perfect because they use the Hanukkah colors while also offering beauty and elegance. Consider also adding a little well placed green to the arrangement as well. This color will help to call to mind the cold winter weather yet beautiful scenery that the season is known for.


Small arrangements throughout the home

When people decorate their homes for holiday parties, it is common for them to adorn their main living spaces with various decorations so that no matter where people congregate, there are some gorgeous decorations to enjoy. Do the same thing with flowers. Look for something simple and elegant that can be placed on a variety of surfaces, including end tables in the living room, mantels over any fireplaces, or on the counter or islands in the kitchen. White roses will look lovely, and they can help call upon the traditional colors and themes used to celebrate Hanukkah.

The dining room centerpiece

Dinner is an important part of any celebration, but many Hanukkah parties will revolve around this essential meal. Dress up the dining room table with a centerpiece that speaks to the occasion. The story of Hanukkah revolves around candles, so many families find it particularly appropriate to include a few candles in the centerpiece. Look for one that also includes the whites, and if possible the blues, associated with Hanukkah. One that includes white along with symbols of winter, such as evergreen pine needles and pinecones, can also work well.

Hanukkah is quickly approaching and now is the time to start selecting flower arrangements for the holiday. Consider any of the above three suggestions and make the home look spectacular for the upcoming festivities.