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Decorating Your Outdoor Space

This time of the year, we spend a lot of time outside. Whether we are lounging on the pool deck, dining at the picnic table, or holding a gathering on our lawn, we love to enjoy sunshine and nature. If you love the colors of flowering plants but don’t want to cultivate a garden, Billy Heroman’s is your one stop florist. We offer many options for beautifying your outdoor space with gorgeous blooms.



Endless Blooms Bougainvillea

Full Summer Blooms Bougainvillea

Start with Endless Blooms Bougainvillea , a floral arrangement that will add a tropical flair to your outdoor oasis. Available in several vibrant hues, they will provide a flowering backdrop well into the fall, making them a wonderful choice for decorating. If you prefer, you can also get these hardy flowers, which love the summer climate in a hanging basket. Suspend from porch railings, fences or garden hooks for a gorgeous accent to any home’s landscaping. Or perhaps you’d like to Make the Patio Pretty, with our pot of assorted annuals sure to brighten any dull corner of your space.

Make the Patio Pretty

If you like things a little more green or exotic, consider tropical foliage and blooms that are native to warm weather climates. Ferns are also especially well suited for outdoors in the summer months, as they are native to rain forests, and thus love humid, warm weather. Whether in a container or dish garden for an outdoor table or display; or in a potted arrangement – these plants make for lush, full arrangements that bring the tropical garden right onto your deck.

Blooming Tropical Paradise

If you are looking to transform your outdoor living space into a living garden, Billy Heroman’s has the ideas and expertise to help you create it. Visit us at one of our three Baton Rouge Flowershops and be inspired.