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Father’s Day Gifts He Will Appreciate

There are over 71 million fathers in the United States, but none is so handsome, funny, adventurous, caring, or amazing as yours. On June 18, you have the opportunity to celebrate your special dad – and even though he may not seek out the fanfare and accolades, we still think he deserves them.

Statistics tell us that the most common places that people start looking for their Father’s Day gifts are clothing stores, electronics stores, and sporting goods stores. This year, how about surprising Dad with something completely unique and unexpected from Billy Heroman’s Flowers instead?We have gifts that may surprise you.

Okay, so maybe we still make him handle the grill on Father’s Day, but at least he can do so in style. These Wilton Armetale Grillers go from from grill, to table, to freezer. This grill-ware is dishwasher safe, won’t rust, keeps hot food hot longer and cold food cold longer — and are perfect for the outdoor grill master that your Dad is. Add our Bamboo Louisiana cutting board for a hometown touch. No matter which of these Father’s Day gifts you choose, you’ll be prepared for a summer filled with delicious food. (Check out the entire Wilton Armetale Grill collection here)

Speaking of delicious food, we know that Dad loves a great snack. So pull up a chair, and open up one of our amazing gourmet selections.

Green plants bring vibrancy into any space, and a beautiful green plant is not only a good gift, it is good for him! We have a collection of green plants, potted plants, blooming plants and orchids – each guaranteed to infuse color and life into any home or office.

This Father’s Day, don’t give up and get him another tie – get him something unexpected, from an unexpected place. Billy Heroman’s Flowers not only has the most gorgeous flowers in Baton Rouge, but we have some of the most sought-after gifts. Call us today, and schedule your Father’s Day delivery!