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Posted by Todd McBride on November 17, 2017 Uncategorized

Festive Poinsettias for the Office

For many of us, the holiday season only officially begins when we’ve decorated the house and set up the tree. We transform our homes with garlands and lights, introducing some seasonal spirit to our daily lives. For most of us, it’s no different at the workplace. Out come the decorations, cheering up our desks and common areas and announcing to customers, clients and coworkers that the holidays are here.

At Billy Heroman’s Flowers, we love to combine our cherished decor with fresh new items unique to that year. And for us, there’s no better way to do that than with winter’s vibrant poinsettias.

What’s great about poinsettias is that they belong everywhere. At the workplace, for instance, they can be clustered together around a point of entry for a bold holiday statement or scattered throughout the space for a unified look throughout. Line them up on entry steps or on windowsills – they enjoy a little light – and watch as workplace morale perks right up. And these beauties can be embellished upon too, as with our 10″¬†Poinsettia Plant¬†.


Homegrown poinsettia plants delivered Baton Rouge, LA Flowers

Here we’ve added some evergreen and pine cone accents as well as some sparkle, which really catapults this classic poinsettia to gift-for-your-boss status. A jazzed up poinsettia looks great on a front desk or prominently displayed in a common area, where both employees and customers or clients can enjoy it.

With a little attention, poinsettias can last through the holiday, and even be coaxed to bloom again next year. We’re happy to deliver a bunch right to your workplace doorstep, and we’ll also bring a decorated tree, wreaths or garland, too.