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Posted by Todd McBride on April 14, 2015 Uncategorized

Flower Gift Ideas for Administrative Professionals Week

Administrative professionals weekDo you know how you’re going to mark the Administrative Professionals holiday for 2015? This year, Administrative Professionals Day is on Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015. Administrative Professionals Week runs from April 19 through April 25; it is always held the last full week in the month of April. Administrative Professionals Day and Week has a rich history that began back in the 1950s when there was an increased higher need for administrative professionals after the war effort of the 1940s.

Today, administrative professionals are appreciated for their daily contributions in the workplace. These individuals are a crucial driving force behind business success. Flowers are a great way to show your appreciation to the administrative professionals on your team. Here are some of the top flower ideas for Administrative Professionals Day/Week gift giving:

Bright and Cheerful

Nothing expresses gratitude quite like a bright, bold-colored floral bouquet. Consider an arrangement with the brightest flowers you can find; the Bold and Beautiful bouquet is overflowing with orange, red, yellow and purple blooms that include gerbera daisies, roses and much more. Bouquets that feature bright sunflowers, lilies and hydrangea are also great choices.

Spring Flowers

In late April, spring is in full swing, so why not surprise your staff with spring flowers to mark the season? Tulips have a joyful energy and embody the hope and promise of new beginnings. Other spring flowers include daffodils, lilac, and iris. Consider sending a mixed bouquet of the best that spring has to offer.

Green or Flowering Plants

Another excellent way to show appreciation for Administrative Professionals Day and Week is by giving potted green or flowering plants. Bamboo, jade, peace lily, African violet and dish gardens will all keep growing and blooming for months (or even years) after you give them.

Elegant Orchids

The orchid always makes a big statement, and your staff will know they are truly appreciated when you give them this elegant flower. There are a wide variety of orchid styles and colors to choose from, so there’s sure to be an orchid that’s perfect for each and every valued employee.

Administrative professionals week

Blooming Orchid Bud Vase

Administrative Professionals Week is a time to offer acknowledgement and appreciation to those who do so much for the success of business. Use these flower ideas to make a statement and help motivate your staff to new heights of productivity. Contact Billy Heroman’s Floral for more flower ideas and inspiration.