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Posted by Todd McBride on February 24, 2016 Uncategorized

Flowers for National Floral Design Day

floral design dayFlowers have been a part of our lives since the beginning of recorded history. Egyptian ceramics were often painted with daisies. Japanese emperors sat on thrones made of chysanthemums. Carnations were used in Greek ceremonial crowns. For as long as their have been civilizations and cultures, flowers have reflected social, religious and cultural issues.


National Floral Design Day, a holiday that honors the art of floral design, is February 28th. The original concept was to commemorate a special birthday, that of Carl Rittner. Mr. Rittner was the founder of The Rittner’s School of Floral Design in Boston, over six decades ago. He is considered a pioneer, and is responsible for the training of thousands of students in floral art education.


The floral industry is a multi-billion dollar enterprise that contributes significantly to our economy. People love the beauty that flowers bring to their lives throughout the year, from Valentine’s Day to Mother’s Day to wedding days! On National Floral Design Day, we recognize the efforts of the floral professionals who go above and beyond to imagine and create stunning arrangements that showcase designs that are expressions of floral art.

floral design day

Like any work of art, floral designers consider color, shape and textures when creating an arrangement. Exotic flowers are often utilized, as they offer unique aesthetics and details. Further, natural accents such as leaves, twigs and berries will often add geometrical interest to the bouquets. These arrangements make wonderful additions to a home or office, as they are as decorative as they are gorgeous.


If you have a special friend who deserves a surprise, or a special occasion that deserves recognition – consider having the expert designers at Billy Heroman’s create a floral arrangement especially for the occasion. Give us a budget, a color scheme and a style, and we’ll give you a striking bouquet made just for you.