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Billy Heromans Flowers & Gifts

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The Flowers To Give During Rosh Hashanah

For those of of the Jewish faith or Jewish heritage, the New Year, or Rosh Hashanah, is quickly approaching on September 24. It is a time of enjoying apples and honey as a wish for a sweet new year while also making resolutions based upon the year past. Many families and friends enjoy getting together to celebrate the holiday and look forward to a year to come together.

There are few better ways to celebrate together than to give the gift of flowers. Flowers are appreciated because they symbolize life and happiness while also being a great way to bring a little of the beauty and light of nature inside for holiday. Here are some fantastic options to chose from when looking for the perfect flower arrangements and gift ideas.

Think fruity

Rosh Hashanah is traditionally a time to enjoy sweets, including fruits, chocolate, and honey. Consider bringing a fruit basket along with a small bouquet of flowers for a very culturally appropriate gift. For example, bring a small bouquet of sunflowers or daisies along with a fruit basket of seasonal fruits and chocolates will please everyone in attendance.

Flowers for the door

Keeping with the tradition of fruit, consider buying some door swag that will incorporate some gorgeous fall colors and also a bit of fall fruit. There are some excellent options that use orange, yellow, and reds to create a fall masterpiece that will let any passerby know about the joyous nature of those who live inside.


Those hosting a Rosh Hashanah meal will also be looking to incorporate flowers into a gorgeous centerpiece that accurately reflects the season and looks welcoming and beautiful for all who come to the table to eat. Consider an autumn bouquet for the centerpiece that brings in many of the rich colors associated with the season along with some popular flowers, such as daisies, sunflowers, and roses.

For another great centerpiece idea, look for an arrangement that has been placed inside a cornucopia. This horn has long been used to symbolize abundance and nourishment, which are wonderful symbols for this particular holiday. The horn might also serve as a reminder of the traditional shofar, the ram’s horn that is blown to symbolize the Jewish New Year in synagogues everywhere.

Rosh Hashanah is a holiday for remembering the year past and seeking a sweet year to come. The traditions that people use have been handed for generations, making them special and close to the hearts of the celebrants. Use some of the above ideas to begin finding some beautiful flowers and arrangements to celebrate the holiday with those who are important.